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Discounts for Safety Features in Car Insurance

What-car-features-affect-car-insurance-ratesYou can receive car insurance discounts if your vehicle has certain car safety features. The discounts vary by company, but it is always a good idea to ask your insurance agent if your car’s features qualify.

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Be sure and write down all of your car’s safety features before you obtain your final insurance quote. This way you can be sure and mention all of those small details that can save you money!

Safety Restraints

An obvious safety feature that will earn you a discount is safety restraints. Safety restraints are commonly referred to as seatbelts. Safety restraints have been proven to save lives and reduce injuries in car accidents.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights are something else to mention when comparing car insurance rates. Insurance companies will often give you money off of your premium if you have automatic daytime running lights. Daytime running lights enhance visibility during daylight hours.

Brakes and Traction

discounts for safety featuresAnti-lock brakes are another safety feature that qualifies you for a discount on your car insurance policy. Anti-lock brakes are important because they allow the car to stop safely during rain or snow, or on unpaved roads. Although you may still slide, you will be able to maintain control of your vehicle.

Traction and stability control, also known as ECS or electronic stability control, works similarly to the anti-lock braking system in that it helps the car maintain traction in a skid. The system is also regarded as a safety feature that can lower your insurance premium.

Air Bags

Air bags are another safety feature that will provide a discount on your car insurance. Car manufacturers now equip their vehicles with front and side air bags. The air bags work to prevent injury to individuals in serious front impact crashes.

Anti-Theft Devices

Car insurance companies are concerned with risk. Risk is what raises your premiums, so if you have a car with an anti-theft device, you are going to pay a lower premium.

If something can hinder a car from being stolen, the insurance company is going to reward you for having that on the vehicle.

Night Vision

New cars are coming out with dashboards that provide night vision to drivers. This is just another way to improve the safety of drivers. It is also another way you can save money on your car insurance if your car comes equipped with a night vision system.

Drowsy Driver Warning System

car insurance safety features discountsHigh-end car manufacturers are starting to implement drowsy driver warning systems in their vehicles. The warning will help prevent accidents caused by sleepy drivers. If you have the detection system installed in your vehicle, you might be eligible for a discount from your insurance company.

Another form of a drowsy driver warning system is the lane departure warning system. This system works similarly to the one above except it notifies the driver when he or she is moving out of the lane without a turn signal. The theory is that if you have not put on your signal, you must be falling asleep.

The safety feature goal of the lane departure warning system is still the same: to prevent an accident due to fatigue.

The lane departure warning system may also qualify for a discount on your insurance policy.


Headrests are another safety feature that can save you money on your car insurance. Headrests that move during an accident can help prevent whiplash. Car manufacturers are constantly improving headrests in order to offer the most protection to the driver or passenger’s neck and head.

Car Safety Rating

The car safety rating will either help or hurt you when it comes to car insurance. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety rates vehicles on how they hold up in a car crash and how the crash test dummies respond in a car accident. The results provide a rating that your insurance company will use to calculate an insurance features affect car insurance rates

Often, the size of the car and type of vehicle will affect the safety rating. Smaller cars are often considered to be more dangerous than larger one. Cars with powerful engines that are more likely to be driven fast are also thought of as more dangerous.

When looking to purchase a car, you should always get a quote on the vehicle to determine if your insurance is going to increase or not.

You should also inquire about all of the safety features so that you can mention this when obtaining a quote.

How can I find out which cars offer the best safety features?

discounts for safety features - car insuranceIf you are looking for the best features in terms of crash safety, then you will want to visit the IIHS website. On this site you can find virtually any make or model of vehicle and you can review its safety data. Unfortunately, what you won’t find is in-depth information on each vehicle; just the facts about it.

If you are looking for more detailed information, there are two sources that you can use. The first is Kelly Blue Book. Kelly Blue Book rates vehicles on a number of factors, including safety. What’s more, it will provide you with the cost value of the vehicle.

Another source that you should consider is Consumer Reports. While you will have to pay an annual fee to see the information found here, Consumer Reports offers unbiased reviews of most late model vehicles as well as their safety features. It also offers reviews on those safety features being tested in real-world situations.

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