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Saint Paul Rates for Car Insurance

If you are moving to Saint Paul or have lived there for many years, don’t take for granted the need to shop around when it comes to Saint Paul car insurance. The auto insurance rates will be different than you’re used to if you’ve moved. There are always new laws and surprises around each corner as you shop and compare prices. When you use our FREE ZIP code comparison tool to find quotes, it will instantly compare all of the leading companies in your area for FREE!

Saint Paul History

Saint Paul, Minnesota is home to about 285,000 people. The greater area, called the ‘Twin Cities’ which includes Minneapolis and the surrounding area boasts a population of about 3.5 million inhabitants. Saint Paul sits on the northern banks of the Mississippi river. Many years ago, it was a center for trade and more than 1,000 steamboats were serviced there. People from everywhere used Saint Paul as a gateway to the Minnesota frontier or the Dakota Territory.

saint paul car insuranceThe Weather

Saint Paul has a continental climate. The winters are very cold and the summers are hot and humid. The city has a diverse ethnicity and, in particular, is home to many people of the Hmong race that is originally from Southeast Asia. Saint Paul is rich in media and culture and has a literacy rate above the national average.

Zip Codes Matter

Be aware that your zip code as well as your age and marital status will have an effect on your policy and rate. Take your time and make sure you get accurate quotes that are tailored to your profile. Don’t go with the first quote. Once you have enough knowledge about the market and the going rates, you’ll be in a better position to make a decision. We’ve listed some information below that we hope will be helpful in your hunt for Saint Paul car insurance. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE search to start out! We will then compare auto insurance companies INSTANTLY!

Make Note of Specific Information

Saint Paul Car insurance agents will be glad to help you sign up for a policy. However, you must be careful to make sure you find the right deal before you sign up. Most agents focus on just a few policies from just a few companies. There are just too many details to remember.

In addition, there are incentives, such as commission, that drive agents to sign people up for policies of certain types or from a certain company.

The insurance policy you get may bring a smile to the agent’s face, but may not be such a great deal for you. Remember to compare the different discounts between the companies!

Stringent Requirements

rates for auto insuranceSaint Paul is in the state of Minnesota; therefore, its minimum requirements for car insurance are the same as those for the state. Saint Paul car insurance will require a bit more coverage than many other places in the USA. An individual is required to have:

Liability Insurance

Insurance Types Defined

The car insurance coverage is for the policy holder named on the policy and any relatives living in the same home. This includes spouse and children. If a driver uses your car with your permission, they are covered by your policy if not covered by another policy.

The ‘Personal Injury Protection’ is also called ‘No fault Coverage‘. As is stated in the policy, it can cover medical expenses and lost wages as well as replacement services.

Liability is there to cover claims from another vehicle and damage caused when it was your fault.

Underinsured coverage will cover you when it is another driver’s fault, but their liability insurance is insufficient. Finally, uninsured will cover your medical expenses when it is the other driver’s fault, but your Personal Injury Protection has been exhausted.

Specific Numbers for Saint Paul

Both ‘Collision’ Insurance and ‘Comprehensive’ are optional in the state of Minnesota and when purchasing Saint Paul car insurance. The minimums for each of the four types of Minnesota car insurance are:

Liability Insurance:

  • $30,000 to cover 1 person
  • $60,000 to cover 2 or more persons
  • $10,000 to cover injury to property including the other person’s vehicle

car insurance - saint paulPersonal Injury Protection:

  • $40,000


  • $25,000 to cover 1 person
  • $50,000 to cover 2 or more persons


  • $25,000 to cover 1 person
  • $50,000 to cover 2 or more persons

When an Accident Occurs

If you are involved in an car insurance accident, you should:

  • Write down the pertinent information about the other driver: Name, Insurance Company, Policy Number and
  • License Plate Number
  • Write down the names and addresses and phone numbers of witnesses to the accident – this is stressed.
  • Contact your agent or the number on your policy for dealing with claims.
  • Call the insurance company of the other driver if you want to file a claim against them.

The Points Add Up

The right to have Saint Paul car insurance and be covered is not guaranteed to those with too many violations. The state uses a point system and tickets as well as committing a felony with your vehicle can put enough points on your record to prevent you from being able to have your insurance policy renewed.

Dangers on the Road

auto insurance - st paulFatal accidents for St. Paul, Minnesota in 2009:

  • There were 10 Fatal accidents
  • There were 16 Vehicles involved
  • There were 8 with Drunken Drivers at fault
  • A total of 10 Fatalities occurred

Fatal accidents for Minnesota in 2009:

  • There were 70 Fatal accidents
  • There were 110 Vehicles involved
  • There were 26 with Drunken Drivers at Fault
  • A total of 76 Fatalities occurred

Take Careful Notes

There are many more companies than listed above, but this will give you a start. Remember when dealing with these companies that they usually cater to certain groups. If you are not in those groups, they may not be able to offer you good coverage or a good deal.

When choosing a Saint Paul car insurance company, be sure to take notes and do some comparison shopping.

The numbers can quickly get confusing – especially with Minnesota car insurance – and you may forget the prices and coverage stated. Even if your policy is supposed to be a simple one, the quotes will not be so simple to remember.

Car Insurance Providers

There are several national insurance companies and most of them are licensed to operate in the state of Minnesota. Here are few of them: AAA Insurance, Allstate Insurance, American Family Insurance, GEICO, Farmers Insurance, and more.

The Cost of Insurance

The average monthly rate for car insurance nationwide was $146 in February of 2010. In Minnesota, it was 2 dollars higher at $148 per month. Here are some other average costs for Minnesota coverage:

  • Avg. Liability about $410 annually
  • Avg. Collision Coverage Cost about $195 annually
  • Avg. Comprehensive Coverage Cost about $158 annually
  • Avg. Combined Premium Cost about $763 annually

Know the Factors

The following factors as well as others are influential on the rate you are quoted: Age, Credit Rating, Driving Record, Marital Status, Gender, Grades, Type of Vehicle, Zip Code.

coverage for st paulMake Comparisons on Saint Paul Car Insurance

Did you know that married people usually pay more than single people? If you are in school, your grades can have an effect on your policy price. Despite the fact that you may be a very careful driver, if you live in a zip code that has high claims, you will also have to pay more.

The amount of time you spend driving and the distance you go can also matter. The type of car you have will also have an impact on your insurance rates.

If you drive one of the top stolen cars in the country, this will surely affect your insurance premium if you decide to insure against theft.

Get Several Quotes

Saint Paul car insurance can be a relatively easy choice and a successful project if you are careful to be a diligent shopper. Be sure to write the quotes you are given and take the time to get several quotes so you have enough to compare.

The first quote you get will probably not be the best one for you.

Only after you have the experience to ask the right questions and confirm that the quote is taking your specific qualities into account, can you feel confident to make the decision before you. Once you make the right decision, the worrying is over and you can drive carefully, but with confidence.

Compare car insurance quotes by entering your ZIP code and allowing us to compare!

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