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Can I cancel my car insurance if I pay monthly?

Share Tweet Pin +1If you have found a new, cheaper car insurance policy via a comparison tool, you may be wondering if you can cancel your current policy if you pay monthly. The short answer is yes. You can absolutely cancel your current car insurance policy and purchase your new policy, but you need to […]

Can I cancel my car insurance after an accident?

Share Tweet Pin +1As a child, you quickly learn the importance of having auto insurance when you’re playing the ever popular game called Life. This game shows and proves that you never know when you’re going to get into an accident. If you draw the card saying you’ve had an accident, you better hope that […]

Can you change your car insurance plan mid-year?

Share Tweet Pin +1Is it time to tell your car insurance company good-bye? Switching car insurance can save you money and provide you with better customer service, but you may be hesitant to switch in the middle of your current car insurance policy period. In reality, you shouldn’t be worried. Switching car insurance companies is […]

Can you cancel your car insurance before it starts?

Share Tweet Pin +1With insurance, you are not locked into a long-term contract. Insurance companies allow you to cancel your car insurance at any time. Before you cancel your insurance it is best to check your insurance company‚Äôs policy on cancellation. There may be penalties or administrative fees associated canceling your policy before your renewal. […]

How to Write a Cancellation Letter for Car Insurance Policy

Share Tweet Pin +1People may choose to cancel their car insurance policy for many reasons, such as the following: getting rid of the car not being able to drive it they have found better rates with another company This is especially true if you have moved to a different neighborhood. You may discover lower insurance […]

How can I tell when my car insurance runs out?

Share Tweet Pin +1Knowing the exact dates of your auto insurance coverage is very important in preventing a lapse in coverage because you could have an auto accident after that time or be cited for not having the required auto insurance coverage. If you cannot find your auto insurance expiration date in your auto insurance […]

What happens when your car insurance is cancelled?

Share Tweet Pin +1 When a car insurance company decides to cancel your policy, it can pose as a major inconvenience to your everyday lifestyle. It is important to be aware of the implications cancelled car insurance may have on you and your family. Find out the reasons why car insurance can be cancelled and […]

Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

Share Tweet Pin +1When you decide that it is time to buy insurance with a new carrier, it is only natural to assume that you will receive a refund when you cancel your existing policy. If you have paid your premiums in advance, you are not obligated to keep your policy active for the entire […]

How can I suspend my car insurance?

Share Tweet Pin +1There may come a time where you will simply have no need for car insurance for a short period of time. You do have the option to cancel the coverage entirely, but it often makes more sense just to put your coverage on hold until you are in a position where you […]

Can I cancel my car insurance early?

Share Tweet Pin +1If you are unhappy with the service you received from your auto insurance agent or you are not impressed with your carrier’s departmental procedures when you file a claim, it is not unusual to think about canceling your policy. Before you jump at the opportunity to pick up the phone and cut […]

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