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Under 25 Car Insurance

Under 25 Car InsuranceFor those under 25, car insurance shopping is one of the first lessons that joining society as a young adult isn’t necessarily easy or cheap. Many newly minted ‘adults’ will learn the harsh reality about being a grown up and having to pay for the risk their peer group creates.

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Let’s review ways to obtain the lowest possible rates for young drivers. One of the best ways to do that is to shop quotes from insurance companies on-line.

For Drivers Under 25, Car Insurance Rates Can be Lowered

While insurance requirements can be a rude awakening and feel like a scam to novices in the high stakes game of calculating the cost of risk, there are ways to minimize the pain. Planning and behavior can play a huge role in reducing the cost of Under 25 Car Insurance and some areas to consider are:

  • Driver training
  • Driving record
  • Location
  • Type of driving
  • Marital status
  • Family status
  • The car
  • Security systems

For those under 25, car insurance costs less if you attend acertified driver training courses. Training exhibits a heightened desire to be a good driver and provides evidence to the insurance company of greater knowledge about driving .Statistics, which are the guiding light for insurance companies, show that training leads to safer driving.

Nothing says more about what a driver will do than what they have already done. Too many young drivers don’t learn the importance of this truism until they are forced to buy their first policy on their own. A clean driving record, meaning no tickets or other infractions, will have a tremendously positive effect on insurance rates.

Insurance rates are higher in Manhattan than they are in Stanley, North Dakota. The fewer cars there are to aim at, the better the odds are that drivers will miss each other. Insurance companies like that and they are willing to give a discount for it. Just as we see in real estate, location does matter.

Where, When and Why You Drive

Another area that can have a bearing on cost is the type of driving to be done. Occasional driving for pleasure is going to be less expensive than using the car to commute back and forth to work or school. As a word of caution, don’t fudge on this issue. Should there be a serious accident, insurance companies will investigate an insured’s driving habits to see if what they claimed coincides with the facts.

In addition to the type of driving, the amount of driving will influence insurance rates. The less mileage driven, the lower your rates will be. Probability shows that the more miles driven, the greater the likelihood of an accident.

Who You Are Impacts Auto Insurance Rates

The first battle cry of ‘not fair’ usually comes with the fact that married couples generally pay less for insurance than their single counterparts. The lesson here is that fair does not always mean equal. Another reality of life is that typically, greater responsibility leads to greater caution and insurance companies like cautious people. This is not a call to action to go out and get married at seventeen to get lower insurance rates.

Staying with the theme, having a child can positively impact Under 25 Car Insurance rates. Even more than getting married, having children drives home the idea that this young adult is not living just for themselves. Insurance companies know the sobering impact that taking responsilibity for another human life has on most new parents. They anticipate a more cautious approach to driving, and risk aversion is worth money.

What You Drive Under 25: Car Insurance Rate and Car Type

Under 25 Car Insurance is heavily influenced by the vehicle a person chooses to purchase and insure. simply, the type of car you drive impacts car insurance rates.It provides the insurance company with a strong indicator of the way that person plans to drive. An example would be the difference between insuring a Corvette and a Honda Civic. In addition insurance companies will look at:

  • Horsepower
  • Vehicle weight
  • Crash history
  • Theft history
  • Historical repair costs

Making a wise choice in the vehicle to be insured can seriously impact the cost of insurance.

In choosing a vehicle, it is prudent to have some kind of security system to prevent theft. Insurance companies provide discounts for anti-theft systems and if the car does not come with one, after market systems are usually eligible.

As we can see, it is not all bad news for drivers under 25. Car insurance costs can be successfully reduced by making wise choices. Be informed about those choices.

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