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The insurance business is very competitive these days, and that situation can be a good thing for consumers. It is easy to find out a lot of information about different insurers before you trust a company with your financial security.


GEICO and AAA are two popular companies that you might want to consider.

No matter which company you go with, it’s best to always compare rates before purchasing. Simply enter your ZIP code into the above FREE tool now!

Compare GEICO vs AAA Car Insurance Services

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is more famous as an auto club. They also offer their members auto insurance.

GEICO used to only sell coverage to government employees, but started selling to all consumers a few decades ago.

You do have to be a AAA member to purchase their auto insurance. That membership does provide some extra benefits that might be attractive to many vehicle owners. For example, you get roadside assistance and a variety of discounts at hotels, restaurants, and attractions. If you do have an accident, it will be convenient to know that you have good roadside assistance.

GEICO is known as a direct, no-frills company with competitive rates. However, you can also choose to add roadside assistance to your policy with this company for an extra charge. This includes services like towing and changing a flat tire, but it does not include all of the other member discounts.

Is AAA or GEICO More Financially Secure?

aaa vs geicoEverybody wants to do business with a financially stable company that has plenty of funds to pay claims. A.M. Best is a company that rates insurers by their financial security. Both companies have very good ratings, but GEICO has been ranked slightly higher.

  • AAA Financial Rating: A+ Superior
  • GEICO Financial Rating: A++

Customer Rankings of GEICO vs AAA Insurance

Of course, most consumers do not spend much time thinking about the financial ratings of their insurers. This is particularly true of such large and established companies as AAA and GEICO.

Most vehicle owners want to know if it is easy to purchase a policy and make a claim. J.D. Powers surveys consumers and publishes the results of these surveys.

When it comes to rating their experience purchasing a policy, customers gave AAA 3 out of 5 stars.

Customers gave GEICO only 2 out of 5 stars. Customers who had to make an insurance claim gave both companies the same rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Your own experience could depend upon many factors like the agent you happen to speak with or how complicated your coverage needs are.

What’s more affordable, GEICO or AAA?

Since your own premium will depend upon dozens of factors, it is impossible to know which insurer will offer you a better rate until you compare price quotes.

car insurance costs - geico vs aaa

You cannot rely upon the experiences of your neighbors or coworkers. They will have different driving records and vehicles than you do.

These days it is fairly easy to compare multiple insurance quotes so you can get the best price and coverage. Just enter your ZIP code into the FREE tool below to get started!

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