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Hertz Rental Car Insurance-The Truth About Hertz Rental Car Insurance

Hertz Rental Car Insurance-The Truth About Hertz Rental Car InsuranceThe Hertz Rental Car Insurance Company is a rental car company headquartered in U.S. It is considered the largest car rental company in the world. Look for a Hertz rental and other car insurance quotes by entering your zip code now!

The Hertz Company has over 8,200 locations spread across 146 countries. This massive company had humble beginning. It was founded by Walter L. Jacobs in 1918, who started small with a single operation based in Chicago. Read on for more info about the company’s past and present.

The Origins of Hertz and its Rental Car Insurance

The founder originally rented out about a dozen Model T Ford cars to the locals back in 1918. It wasn’t until John D. Hertz bought the company that the company truly started to take off. The company is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange under HTZ.

When you rent from Hertz, you will notice that the company has five categories of cars:

  • The Green collection is made up of cars known to be environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. Some of these cars might include the Ford Fusion, the Toyota Corolla and the Smart Fortwo.
  • The Fun collection includes cars with more luxurious features. These include models like the Jeep Wrangler, the Mustang convertible and the Corvette convertible. These cars have nice features like Sirius radio, CD players, V6 engines and power mirrors.
  • The Prestige collection has luxury vehicles with outstanding features for executive travelers. These cars have navigational systems, loaded features, V8 engines, sunroofs. Some of the top models in this category include the Infiniti QX56, the Mercedes E Class and the Lincoln Navigator 4WD.
  • The company also has a separate category for convertibles, including cars by Chevy, Chrysler and Nissan, as well as SUVs and minivans by Ford, GMC and Yukon.
  • The company also has a class of commercial vans and trucks for rental.

Hertz Rental Car Insurance Requirements

When renting from Hertz, you must meet minimum requirements related to age, credit rating and insurance. The Hertz Company requires renters to have a debit card so that funds can be directly withdrawn from the account to cover costs. When you rent from Hertz, you will be asked to buy an insurance policy along with your rental.

Hertz will tell you that it’s unwise to drive without some form of insurance, and so it’s only reasonable that you will sign up for their insurance policy. While it is true that driving a rental car without insurance is a disastrous move, they are not being entirely forthright with this proposal.

The truth of the matter is that your current liability auto insurance policy probably does cover car rentals. This is not true in every single case, but in the majority of Hertz rental cases, buying an additional liability policy is not necessary.

The Hertz Company will also ask that you buy some sort of “waiver policy”, which is an insurance policy that protects you against any minor damage the vehicle sustains. This is your call. If the vehicle is returned to the company and there is noticeable damage anywhere on the interior and exterior, you will be billed for these damages. If you buy the waiver policy then most minor damages will be ignored. In any event, make sure that you take detailed notes about how the car looked before you rented it, so you don’t end up paying for someone else’s carelessness.

Tips for Dealing with Hertz and Rental Car Insurance Policies

Ultimately, you are not fully protected from a waiver policy. If you total the car, you will still have to pay for it regardless of any sort of waiver policy. It’s little wonder that many renters prefer to buy their own comprehensive insurance policy for the car. You have the right to shop around for a superior insurance policy than the one offered by Hertz. The company won’t be happy that you know this, but will have to go along with the law.

You can find rental car insurance from a variety of companies online. These companies are willing to insure your rental car against any and all damages (within reason). Hertz does have one thing going for it: a brand name. It’s not always easy to trust smaller insurance companies. Before you sign up with any third party insurance company, make sure you research the brand name and read customer reviews.

Another options is to take the rental car insurance your credit card offers; this has a different set of benefits and limitations.

The Hertz Company has proven itself reliable over the course of a century. However, their insurance policies are not necessarily the best option for you. These policies are often times overpriced compared to what third party insurance providers offer. Shop around for your car insurance before making a decision.

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