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Who is cheaper? Allstate or State Farm

If you are asking yourself if Allstate is cheaper than State Farm when it comes to your car insurance, it is best to determine this answer for yourself. When you pose this question online, you are sure to get a mixed bag of advice and experiences. Both are major car insurance companies with exceptional records with insurance rating companies.

You, too, can get online car insurance rates for comparison by simply entering your ZIP code here for starters!

Is Allstate cheaper than State Farm?

Car insurance is a personal necessity required by your state if you are a driver. In today’s economy, the fight is on to determine who can offer the best services at the cheapest rate. Some major carriers seem to believe the answer is in the different plans and discounts programs.

Your car insurance base rate is determined by your profile, which includes a list of factors such as your location. Your credit history and driving records are also included in this list of determining factors. When you consider the drivers in your household, you may clutch your chest as it suddenly occurs to you that you will soon have two or three teen drivers in the home.

What types of car insurance plans are offered by State Farm?

State Farm is said to be the Number One car insurance company in the country. Wherever you live, State Farm has a plan to suit your car insurance needs based on state requirements. This company is licensed to conduct business in all 50 states.

cheap auto insurance - allstate vs statefarmAlthough car insurance is not required in all 50 states, you may need the other lines of service that State Farm offers. Drivers throughout the country utilize common types of coverage such as:

Many people include medical payment, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement as inclusions as well.

What types of car insurance plans are offered by Allstate?

Allstate breaks your coverage options down by state. An example would be the requirements in Virginia, which do not include medical expenses or uninsured or underinsured motorist protection. Virginia requires those that may not be able to obtain immediate car insurance coverage to pay an uninsured motorist fee of $500.

Drivers in Connecticut are required to carry uninsured motorist bodily injury protection. They also have the Graduated Driver Licensing law, which includes teen driver restrictions. Insurers like Allstate and State Farm are required to assist in the enforcement of these laws.

What discount programs are offered by State Farm?

allstate vs statefarm insuranceThere seems to be a discount war in progress with car insurance companies and these giants are two of its main participants. Some of the discounts offered by State Farm are as follows:

  • Steer Clear Discount Program
  • Senior Discounts
  • Good Driver Discounts
  • Multiple Cars
  • Multiple Lines

The Steer Clear discount program is designed for your teens, but you can take advantage of the many discounts for the adults in the home as well. For a full list of discounts you can consult the company website or follow the links provided.

What discount programs are offered by Allstate?

Allstate has its own slant on discounts. They offer more than 40 of them, which include examples such as:

  • Vehicle Equipment Discounts
  • Safe Driver
  • Early Signing
  • Good Student

These discounts are not exclusive to Allstate, as many insurers offer the same discounts under different names. The vehicle equipment discounts offered by Allstate are for airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other factory safety equipment. Security systems are good for another discount.

It is usually the amount of the discount that makes the difference between what is offered at Allstate versus what is offered at State Farm.

If you have teen drivers in the home, that good student discount will certainly come in handy for your family. If you renew your policy before it expires, you become eligible for an early signing discount.

statefarm or allstate - who has cheaper insuranceWhat do online reviews say about Allstate and State Farm?

People online offer the real feedback as to whether there is a difference in the rates offer by Farm and Allstate. One reviewer was specific in stating that Allstate is about 25% cheaper than State Farm. State Farm customers of 15 years received a lesser quote from Allstate, but found customer service to be slow in responding. The reviewer wondered whether he would be compromising service for a lesser rate. Are you willing your make that sacrifice?

You can be the judge of which online car insurance quotes are cheaper by entering your ZIP code in the search tool below!

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