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What is SR 22 car insurance?

SR 22 Car Insurance FormWhat exactly is SR 22 auto insurance coverage? How can one go about purchasing SR 22 car insurance? Is it possible to find cheap SR 22 car insurance rates? Read on to learn all of the details of SR 22 car insurance policies and then enter your zip to find both SR 22 car insurance quotes and all types of car insurance quotes to compare!

An SR 22 is proof of financial responsibility that is required by most states when a driver is charged with a qualifying crime. Examples include driving without insurance, driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving with a suspended license, or receiving an excessive amount of traffic tickets in a short time. The SR 22 specifies the amount of car insurance that must be held by the driver.

Once it is determined by the court that a driver will need to furnish an SR 22, the court itself or the state’s department of motor vehicles will notify the driver. If the driver has not done so already, it is incumbent upon him to purchase insurance that fulfills, at the very last, the minimum requirements of the state. It is also necessary to fill out and submit written documentation in the form of the SR 22. Car insurance providers will usually provide this service to the customers that require it.

Why is the SR 22 Necessary?

The SR 22 is a paper trail that endeavors to protect the roads and other drivers from the dangers posed by uninsured and/or reckless drivers. In most cases, the SR 22 must be filed when a driver gets behind the wheel after a suspension. It must be maintained for a set amount of time, with 3 years being the guideline set by most states. Though there are a few exceptions, the SR 22 must follow a driver even if he moves to another state. The levels of liability coverage enforced by the state that originally required the SR 22 filing must be continued even if the driver moves to a state with lower liability requirements.

At What Point Does the SR 22 Expire?

A driver must be covered at the state’s minimum liability insurance levels for the pre-determined amount of time (which is, as indicated above, usually 3 years) before the SR 22 expires. Providing that all the conditions have been met, the insurance company will file the appropriate paperwork to officially outline the driver’s SR 22 commitment. The company will do so by submitting an SR 26 form to the state, thus completing the process that frees the driver from such strict government oversight.

If, however, insurance coverage lapses at any point during which the SR 22 is in effect, the driver will face the imminent suspension of his or her license.

Which States Require the SR 22?

All states except Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania require a SR 22 filing for problem drivers that fit state criteria.

What Will the SR 22 Cost Me?

In addition to the higher premiums that are assessed to the kind of risky drivers forced to file an SR 22, those in possession of this requirement will most often be subjected to a filing fee as well. $25 is the usual amount of this one time fee, but it is higher in some states. If another SR 22 must be filed due to a lapse in insurance coverage, the fee will be applied again.

How Can I File an SR 22?

The first step to filing an SR 22 is purchasing car insurance, if you have not done so already. An online quote comparison tool like ours will allow you to type in all your personal information and to make a notation about your need for a SR 22 or Certificate of Responsibility. You will immediately receive quotes from a wide variety of insurers.

While your premiums are guaranteed to be higher because of your less-than-stellar driving history, you can minimize the financial damage by searching for the best rates out there. Other information you will be asked for include the make and model of your vehicle, where you live, and the names and ages of any additional drivers listed on your policy.

Typing in all this information one time will get you results from many car insurance companies. With this information at your disposal, you will be able to make a smart decision about how best to protect yourself and other drivers when on the road.

Once you select the ideal car insurance provider for your circumstances, that company will most likely be the one to file your SR 22 form for you. Don’t delay in finding the car insurance company that will get you on your way safely and legally.

Finding online SR 22 car insurance quotes via the quote comparison tool couldn’t be easier, and the results are some of the clearest and most comprehensive available. Compare quotes today!

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