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Suspended License Affecting Car Insurance Rates

suspended license auto insurance ratesThere are many things that can affect someone’s car insurance rates. Things like car accidents, getting pulled over for speeding, and being convicted of a DUI are all situations that would raise a person’s car insurance cost.

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Sometimes a person will have their driver’s license suspended if they have misused their car in some way. Someone that repeatedly ignores the rules of the road, is convicted of a DUI or DWI, or has been involved in many accidents that are their fault–like a hit-and-run accident–can have their driver’s license suspended.

The Effects of Having a Suspended Driver’s License

There are many things that affect the driver when they have a suspended driver’s license. On the surface it might just seem like the driver is unable to drive until the suspension is lifted, but most people do not realize how much not being able to drive affects their life, until they are no longer able to drive.

The obvious situations where not being able to drive would be the most felt is driving to work, driving kids to school or other activities, and not being able to go to visit friends and family. However, there are other less obvious situations that not everyone thinks of at first.

Driving to the grocery store, running errands, going shopping, attending religious services, and having the ability to assist the people in their lives would all be things that someone with a suspended driver’s license would not be able to legally do.

How Having a Suspended Drivers License Affects Other People

Beyond not being able to drive legally on their own, a person with a suspended license instantly becomes a burden to their friends and family, who could then become responsible for driving that person around. Public transportation might be an option for some, but someone who lives in a small town or some other place that does not have a significant public transportation system would have to rely solely on the other drivers in their lives.

rates after a suspended license

If the suspended driver decides to ignore the suspension of their license and drive anyway, they are putting themselves at a great risk. If the driver is caught driving with a suspended license they could have their suspension lengthened, lose their driver’s license permanently, and, in extreme situations, even go to jail.

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The Hurdles after a Driver’s License Is Reinstated

After a driver that has had their license suspended for an extended period of time gets their license back, they might think that the hard part of the whole ordeal is over. However, often the trouble has just begun.

rates after a suspended licenseWhen the driver consults their car insurance provider they will most likely see that their car insurance rates have been increased significantly. If the driver tries to find a lower car insurance rate with another provider, they will probably find it difficult. Having car insurance is necessary and often a driver has to show proof that they have car insurance lined up to get their suspended license back in the first place.

The suspended license will beĀ shown on the driving history, and that will affect their car insurance rates for years. There are many things a driver can do to try and get lower car insurance rates even with a suspended license on their record.

The first is to not be satisfied to stay with the car insurance provider they had before their license was suspended. It is very important for the driver to find car insurance quotes from multiple providers to see if there is a lower rate out there.

Once the driver finds a car insurance provider willing to give them a lower rate, it might be in the driver’s best interest to attend a defensive driving course. Most car insurance providers already give a discount to their policyholders that have taken such a course so they might be willing to extend a discount to the driver with a suspended license on their record. A driver that is willing to take such a course is showing their car insurance provider that they are taking the steps necessary to become a more responsible driver.

The most important thing working in the driver’s favor is time.

obtaining insurance after suspension

The longer a driver that has had a suspended license goes without having any other violations on their driving record, the better. After some time with no more incidents their car insurance provider might be more willing to reduce their car insurance rate.

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