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  • Depending on your state of residence, there are numerous discounts available to you according to your eligibility
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Drivers who are struggling in today’s economy may be interested in Progressive Car Insurance discounts. The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies offers standard and non-standard car insurance.

Progressive Direct Insurance Company was formed in 1937 as Progressive Mutual and expanded to include 67 subsidiaries, in addition to the mutual insurer in 1965.

Today, Progressive is capable of underwriting all types of driver coverage for underserved drivers. Flexible payment options make it easier to maintain coverage than ever before.

In addition to making your coverage affordable, this company offers incentives for your business. Your request for a car insurance quote also gives you information about the discounts for which you qualify.

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Discounts Available with Progressive Car Insurance


Many insurance competitors offer some of the same discounts; however, it is the whole package that makes your policy exclusive to your needs.

Just to mention some of the standard discounts, they may include:

  • Advanced premium payments
  • Multi policy
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Club affiliations
  • Good driver

When you pay your premiums in advance, you will receive a discount whether you pay for the whole year or for several months in advance.

You are also eligible for a multi-policy discount if you insure your home and car with Progressive.

Individuals and businesses with multiple vehicles will receive discounts as well. This is especially helpful for small transportation businesses with fleets.

Your AAA and AARP membership entitles you to a club and organization discount and, if you are a good driver, you have your pick of insurers.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Non-standard discounts are becoming more common to many insurers as a way to attract good drivers or an increased number of drivers.

Some of the newer discounts are as follows:

  • Accident forgiveness
  • E-sign
  • Decreasing deductible
  • Snapshot

These discounts are fairly new to the industry and Progressive, and they have proven to be effective. If you encounter your first accident, Progressive will not penalize you by raising your rates.

If you sign for your policy online, the company will issue an immediate $50 discount as a way to encourage more drivers to use the company website.

Different insurers use different names for the decreasing deductible savings. For every 12 months you go without an accident, your deductible will decrease.


Good drivers can take advantage of the Snapshot program by enrolling online when you request your quote.

Progressive representatives will send out a device that you install in your car and take pictures of you as you drive (hopefully, using good driving habits). After thirty days, you could be entitled to as much as 30 percent off your premiums.

Loyalty Rewards Offered by Progressive Car Insurance


When you initiate your Progressive policy, you are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Reward program. You do not have to do anything, nor does it cost you anything extra.

The longer you are a Progressive policyholder, the more discounts for which you become eligible.

Current policyholders may also qualify for Loyalty Rewards.

You may log into your Progressive online policy to determine your eligibility.

High-Risk Drivers Can Also Get Discounts from Progressive

As a high-risk driver, you can surely use all the discounts that are available. High-risk drivers are also considered non-standard drivers.

These drivers may have SR22, multiple offenses, or credit blemishes. It may be hard to afford the astronomical premiums required by this group of drivers.

Progressive accommodates the high-risk group with the flexibility of various payment options. Instead of paying one lump monthly sum, you can make bi-monthly payments.

You may even be able to make your down payment in increments, as well as negotiate your rate.

Progressive Offers Discounts on Other Types of Vehicles

  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Segways
  • Snowmobiles

You can go on the company’s website to get quotes on these vehicles. Reviews and other information may encourage you to choose Progressive Direct as your family’s car insurance company.

If you want to see how Progressive’s car insurance rates compare to rates from other providers in your area, just enter your zip code into the box below!

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