Can’t Afford Car Insurance? [Get Help with Car Insurance Payments]

If you can't afford your car insurance payment then compare rates, increase your deductible, ask about discounts, and consider places that help with car insurance (government or non-profit). If you can't afford auto insurance coverage and need help paying your car insurance this month then compare cheap rate quotes now and consider a switch!

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If you need money to pay for car insurance then you are not alone. The average person would prefer not to spend their hard-earned paycheck on auto insurance bills and sometimes one just can’t afford car insurance coverage. Read this guide to get help with car insurance payments and find affordable car insurance coverage. While this is not an expense that you look forward to paying, it is an expense that you must budget for if you want to be a responsible driver and if you want to stay legal.

In virtually every state, you are required by law to carry liability coverage, personal injury coverage, or both. Failing to carry the state-mandated coverage when you own a vehicle registered for personal use can land you in some serious trouble with law enforcement, the courts and even with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Start comparing car insurance rates now by using our FREE tool below!

Owning a car comes with several different obligations. One of the financial obligations is that you will maintain your insurance so that you have financial protection and others can be compensated when you cause damages. Not having the budget to pay for your insurance premiums is not an acceptable excuse to let your coverage go. You may not be able to afford your current policy, but there is a good chance that you can find new discounts, value-priced plans, or basic cover that will fall into your limited budget. If you would like tips on how you can find insurance that you can afford, read this guide.

What should I do if I can’t afford car insurance?

If you can’t afford to insure your car then take the following steps to get help with your car insurance payments online:

  • Compare rates
  • Ask for insurance discounts
  • Increase your deductible

There are many other money saving car insurance tips to follow, so if you are willing to do your homework, then you can find affordable car insurance rates.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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How can I reduce the cost of my car insurance?

Shopping online for car insurance quotes provides consumers with an extensive array of insurance products and services. You can reduce the cost of your car insurance by shopping around and comparing quotes from many companies.

However, it is their responsibility to identify which among them suits their needs. Most online insurance comparison websites simply ask for the insurance type needed and the zip code. Consumers can then obtain quotes from different insurance companies in the area.

While convenient, finding quotes online does have some limitations.

The initial quotes may not be applicable to everyone. This is because consumers provide limited information.

They may have to send queries directly to the insurance company to get more detailed and more specific quotes.

Aside from the ease and convenience of comparing insurance prices online, consumers may discover smaller insurers. They often give the best deals on insurance products. Some of these small companies also offer affordable rates to compete with more established companies.

Can you delay a car insurance payment?

You can defer car insurance payments, you can delay car insurance payments, and you can even cancel car insurance payments, but whatever you do, do not drive without insurance. Speak to your auto insurance provider to learn what options you have, but know that most states have some form of car insurance payment grace period if you pay late.

What happens if you don’t pay your car insurance on time?

Many state have car insurance payment grace periods so that you policy is not canceled if you pay your car insurance late. However, don’t take advantage of this and pay beyond the grace period or your coverage may be canceled.

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Are there places that help with car insurance payments?

Depending upon where you live, there might be low income car insurance that can help with auto insurance payments. One example in the State of New Jersey is the Dollar A Day Car Insurance Program.

How to Find Affordable Car Insurance

Find the cheapest car insurance by comparing multiple quotes online. You can get quotes from top insurance companies and save up to $859.

  • Comparing multiple quotes will help you find the most affordable car insurance
  • You should never choose a policy solely based on price
  • First-hand accounts from your friends and family can help you make the right decision

Who offers the cheapest car insurance? Car owners always look for the cheapest and most practical way to get insurance for their vehicles. Since there are so many insurance companies today, it is quite difficult to choose the best one, and many people end up paying more than they expect.

This is because consumers go shopping for car insurance without proper preparation. Insurance policies can be quite tricky, and consumers should know what they are signing up for.

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Here are some easy ways to get cheap car insurance quotes.

Learn The Basics

Customers who are looking for the cheapest auto insurance rates should familiarize themselves with the terminology used by the insurance industry.

Deductibles and coverage limits are among the most commonly used terms, but consumers may not fully understand what these mean. It is important that people understand these concepts so that they can easily find the most suitable car insurance policies.

Some policies may appear cheap, but may not provide the necessary coverage.

Some plans may appear expensive, but they can actually be reasonable when the extras are taken into consideration. By knowing the basics, people can search for quotes online without getting sidetracked by confusing terminology.

Understanding these things also helps with security. With the right knowledge, people can avoid car insurance fraud. This will also guide them in assessing and identifying their specific needs.

Most importantly, they will have a clearer picture of what they should look for in reliable and affordable car insurance.

When getting quotes, consumers are obliged to provide information.

By taking time to study insurance requirements, consumers can prepare the data that they will be asked for. This saves them a lot of time when getting quotes.

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Get Multiple Quotes

Since there are so many insurance companies, it is best that consumers get quotes from multiple companies. This allows them to compare quotes and find the cheapest ones available. Only getting one or two quotes may limit a person’s options.

Consumers should get as many quotes as they can. They should also ask insurance companies about available options for improving coverage or reducing the cost. It is important that they give extra attention to policy commitments and exclusions.

By doing so, they can commit to the best car insurance policy for them, and may even discover benefits they can get from one company that are not available elsewhere.

Seek Recommendations

There is nothing more reliable than asking friends or co-workers about their car insurance.

It is best that consumers ask for recommendations from those who have first-hand experience with a particular insurance company or policy. This will allow them to have a better understanding of the pros and cons of individual companies.

Recommendations can narrow down the list of prospective insurance companies.

After obtaining recommendations, consumers should take time checking the background of each company. They can go to comparison websites and confirm which policy is the most affordable.

Comparison websites can provide multiple quotes from recommended insurance companies. This gives consumers the opportunity to weigh their options and determine which ones give them excellent coverage at a desirable price.

There are many ways that consumers can lower their insurance.

However, finding good policies is quite difficult, especially without the right knowledge. Quotes obtained online may not be fixed, but they give figures that are close to actual rates.

Some insurance comparison sites are only price-based. Consumers should check to make sure that policies with very low monthly premiums provide adequate coverage.

Some insurance comparison sites also offer quotes from selected insurance companies. With this, consumers should check the list of companies covered by comparison sites.

They may need to use other comparison sites to find companies that are not included on the list.

Consumers should also be careful when using comparison sites that are sponsored by insurance companies. People should avoid these sources. They often give out biased quotes and information to promote a particular company.

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What are the consequences of driving without insurance?

If the fact that auto insurance is a requirement is not convincing enough to keep your cover active, you might want to learn some of the consequences of driving without insurance. The penalties for driving uninsured will vary from state to state, but many of the indirect consequences are the same.

The money you might save in eliminating a small monthly payment will be spent to pay court fees, fines, and more.

All states will punish drivers when they are caught violating the vehicle code, but the severity of the punishment depends on how strict the courts are and your criminal record. Since so many states are buckling down to combat rising rates of uninsured drivers, the fines are greater than ever.

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What are the assessed penalties for driving uninsured?

  • Fine between $100 and $1,000 for first offense
  • Fine between $500 and $1,500 for second offense
  • Vehicle impounded for up to 30 days
  • Storage and impound fees
  • Suspension of license plates
  • Suspension of driver license for multiple offenders
  • Payment of reinstatement fees
  • Requirement to file an SR-22
  • Jail time of up to 6 months

What are some indirect consequences of driving uninsured?

The direct penalties for driving without insurance, but many often overlook the indirect impact just one infraction can lead to. By choosing not to insure your vehicle, you will be required to appear in court. Since appearing is a requirement, you will miss work and lose income. Add in the fact that you will be assessed a fine and may have to live without a car while your vehicle is impounded, and you can see where the inconvenience will lie. If the courts order that your license or plates must be suspended, you may have to turn to public transportation as you try to get everything in order with your already restricted budget.

How to Find Car Insurance That You can Afford

With the electronic insurance verification systems that have been developed, you can be penalized for being uninsured even when you are not caught. This means that any cancellation can lead to financially devastating fines that are difficult for low-income drivers to pay. The only way to really avoid being penalized is to find coverage that you can afford to pay month in and month out. Here are some tips on saving money off of your premiums so that you are not forced to drive uninsured:

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How to Lower Premiums for Physical Damage or Eliminate It

Physical Damage Coverage may not be required by the state, but it is required by lenders and lessors when the vehicle is financed. If you were to completely eliminate comprehensive coverage and collision coverage from a vehicle that has an additional insured, the company is going to force-placed insurance so that it only protects the lender’s interests. This raises the cost of your loan, affects principal, and will cost you more in the long run.

You can raise your deductibles to lower your premiums when you are required to carry physical damage. Typically, raising your collision deductible will save you the most amount of money because the premiums for this cover are high. If you are not required to have full cover and your vehicle does not hold much value, erasing it from your policy could be the answer to affordability.

Should you combine your policies?

If there is more than one car in your home or if you have another line of insurance with another company, combining your insurance can save. Almost all companies offer multi-car and multi-policy discounts that can save you between 15 and 40% off of many of your coverage options. You need auto insurance and you need property insurance, so why not save?

How to Find a More Affordable Car

The answer might be all in the car. If you have an unsafe car or a car that has a high-risk claims record, you may need to go car shopping. Pricing the cost of car insurance before you begin to car shop can really help you dwindle your rates down. Look into some of the cheapest cars to insure to get a jump start.

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How to Exclude a High-Risk Driver

If there is a high-risk driver in your home, your premiums may be high because of the risk that they present. If you can’t afford car insurance after an accident then that being classified as a high risk driver might be increasing your rates. The same thing goes for someone else on your policy. If this driver does not operate your car, you can exclude them and they will not be rated. Just be sure that they really do not drive your car because claims will not be covered.

No one wants to be select the most basic policy, but this is always an option. Before doing this, it is wise to begin comparison shopping so that you can find a company that will really offer you affordable cover. Comparison shopping is like window shopping in the marketplace, and it is the best way to save. Start comparing car insurance now by entering your zip code in our FREE tool below!

How to Check to See If Your Car Insurance Plan is Affordable

  • Low cost auto insurance policies should include extra services for very little extra cost
  • Sometimes a better rate can be found with a competing insurance carrier
  • Customer service is important when considering an insurance company
  • Rates and benefits are constantly changing, so stay informed

Most consumers like to believe that they’re currently covered by a great, affordable insurance plan. No one likes to think that they’re being ripped off or that they’re paying more than the person next to them on the highway for the same coverage.

The problem with these beliefs is that most consumers have only one frame of reference for how much they’re paying.

But there are a few telltale signs that consumers can employ to determine whether even that “lowest” policy cost is really worth the money or whether they should investigate alternative car insurance options.

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Can you shop for extras?

Customers who have chosen not to buy state-mandated minimum coverage should check into the extra services that come with their policy’s more robust coverage.

Companies who truly appreciate helping consumers and offering added value to insurance plans will often offer things like:

  • Rental car coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Compensation for hotels

If those services are missing from the policy but the actual coverage remains, then it’s likely that the company is simply overcharging for its services.

Of course, it is not a firm guarantee that the company could offer the same coverage for less or more coverage for the current price, but it is a sign to the consumer that some comprising and contrasting among other insurance agencies should be done pretty soon.

How to Determine Whether or Not Competing Car Insurance Companies Offer Better Rates

When consumers chose their car insurance plan, they likely did so because it was the most affordable one on the market. They probably compared insurance rates and determined that they would get the best price, coverage, and service from the company that now insures their vehicles.

Customers should always be comparing prices between their current company and their insurer’s competitors.

This should be done perhaps every month or every two months to stay aware of any changes that might benefit a consumer’s bottom line and result in better coverage for virtually no change in overall cost.

The best way to check into the rates of competing insurance companies is to simply open a web browser and navigate to an online insurance quote comparison tool like the one on this page. These tools are a relatively new feature of internet car insurance shopping.

They collect consumer information as it relates to their vehicles, their driving record, and their current residence and submit that information to every major issuance company across the country.

The quotes that are returned should be examined for discounts, whether they be multi-car discounts or safe driver discounts, good student discounts, etc.

Every insurance company applies their discounts differently, and each company has a slightly different policy or program for consumers who qualify for each discount.

Because consumers, their driving records, and their life stations vary over time, discounts might ebb and flow which can provide a better price with a different insurance company.

Should you research customer service?

A policy might be affordable, but that does not mean its representatives and agents need to be unreachable. A good policy with an affordable price tag should be paired with a vast network of agents who can be on the scene of an accident in just a few minutes.

A good policy should also be paired with helpful customer service representatives and easy online account access that simplifies the vehicle ownership reality. The best ones even have phone applications for easier service.

Remember that a policy is only as good as the people who help put it into action during an emergency or a tense moment.

If a consumer’s coverage is affordable but unusable, it is not beneficial at all and the consumer would be well-advised to seek an online insurance quote comparison.

When checking into a new company, always use the combination of an online insurance quote comparison tool, and online consumer reviews and reports from companies such as A.M. Best to determine whether or not the “bang” is worth the buck.

If it is not, even the lowest possible car insurance premium will be of no use if a driver is stranded, injured, and placed on hold.

Be Informed and Alert

Consumers need to be aware that the insurance industry is based on risk and finance; both of these markets change on a near-daily basis and as they do, car insurance rates and levels of affordability change with them.

It’s important to be informed and alert, always comparing rates, and ready to switch companies as soon as a better rate and better coverage can be achieved without breaking the bank.

With a little smart shopping and a discerning mind, sometimes even the most affordable coverage rates can be outdone by a new company, policy, and scenario of deductibles and add-on roadside services.

Use our car insurance comparison tool to enter your ZIP code and receive FREE car insurance quotes.

How to find quality budget car insurance

Find the best budget car insurance by comparing quotes and coverage from multiple companies online. The average car insurance rates are $79.58/month but depending on whether you need low income car insurance or some other type of coverage, your rates will differ.

  • Budget car insurance is made feasible via an insurance company’s own unique product pricing structure
  • Budget car insurance covers the areas of the car that are more costly to replace in the event of an accident
  • Know the factors that impact the ability to obtain budget car insurance
  • Compare several companies and their policy rates before choosing one to be your insurance provider

Budget car insurance provides sufficient protection for your vehicle at a cost that will fit nicely into your budget, making it an affordable option. Along with the price advantage, payment plans can generally be set up to suit just about every individual’s own financial needs.

This specific type of insurance protection for your truck, car, or van will most likely give you all that you need in the way of insurance coverage.

Get free online car insurance quotes with just your zip code now!

How to Compare Budget Car Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for budget car insurance, you will most likely come across several car insurance companies that purport to have the best prices in the business. This type of search is common because auto insurance is considered a necessity for all drivers.

Just about everyone who has shopped for car insurance has found a perplexing maze of cut-rate proposals and fine print due to various auto insurance companies offering identical policies.

However, if budget car insurance is truly important to you and your financial well-being, and you have no time for playing games that include hidden costs, then you must do initial research.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not comprehend how important it really is to have auto insurance. They erroneously think of it as something you only do when you purchase a new vehicle.

However, owning auto insurance is imperative to saving you and the rest of your family from undue anxiety, worry, and stress caused by auto accidents or other incidents.

Accidents can occur even if you have an exemplary driving record, especially since other drivers on the road may not have as good of a driving record as your own.

Auto insurance will help to protect you the policy holder as well as the other people in your family in the event of an accident.

Although the search for budget car insurance is not a difficult job, you should shop both online and in your area.

Which factors have a strong impact on car insurance rates?

  • Moving Violations  Any moving violations, recent or ancient history, can have a strong impact on auto insurance premiums. Moving violations include running stop signs and red lights, illegal turns, speeding, and failure to yield. Such infractions will affect both your search and the quotes you receive.
  • Credit Rating/Credit History – In today’s world, many auto insurance firms will consider your credit score before offering you car insurance coverage. A bad credit score will raise your premiums while a higher credit score will keep it lower.
  • Vehicle Type – The type of vehicle you drive affects your premiums. For example, newer, faster, and more expensive cars demand higher premiums, while a used, smaller, slower vehicle will call for lower premiums. If you are looking for budget car insurance, avoid the former vehicle type.
  • Your Residence – Your location also matters when you are purchasing budget car insurance. For example, if you live in a rural setting, you have a lower chance of being a victim of auto theft, vandalism, etc. Additionally, where you park your vehicle can affect your insurance premium.

The dynamics listed above are only a few of the factors that might have a bearing on your insurance rates when you are hunting for budget car insurance.

Be sure to confirm with your auto insurance company to get the additional factors that determine insurance rates.

If you shop online, you can also make such inquiries by clicking “Help” or “Contact Us” to be certain that you get the very best deal that you possibly can.

If you’re thinking “I can’t afford car insurance”, then you will be unable to legally drive. Driving without insurance can lead to serious legal consequences in the event of an accident, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time in some states.

However, there are some other ways to save on car insurance if you have a tight budget. When shopping around, get quotes from as many different insurance companies as you can to find the lowest premium before making a final decision. You will notice drastic changes in insurance costs for similar coverage.

On a budget? Need to find car insurance that you can afford? Car insurance can be affordable! Compare car insurance quotes by entering your zip code now!


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