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Cost of Auto Insurance for a BMW 3 Series

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BMW 3 SeriesDo you know how much car insurance for a BMW 3 Series is? Well, did you know that choosing to buy a new BMW 3-series could save you more in insurance costs than buying a used BMW 3-series? Many people wonder what the differences between used BMW insurance costs, and the cost of insurance on a new BMW. Either way, we are here to help you with the decision!

Read on to learn all about BMW car insurance and especially BMW 3 Series car insurance costs so you can find out approximately how much you will pay for auto insurance coverage on your BMW.

Of course, rates can vary greatly from one area of the country to another and from one driver to the next so be sure to enter your ZIP code above for FREE a quote comparison.

Factors Affecting Rates

Do you ever wonder, “How much is car insurance for a BMW?” Specific BMW car insurance quotes greatly rely on the driver, type of vehicle, location where the vehicle will be driven, and for what purpose the vehicle will be driven. In order to find a BMW 3 series insurance cost, you will have to do your research. Luckily, we offer a FREE comparison tool and would love to do the work for you!

Questions arise like:

  • car insurance bmw 3 seriesDoes the driver have a history of accidents and law infringement?
  • Is the vehicle designed for racing?
  • What is the overall vehicle type history?
  • Is vehicle garage kept?
  • What is the safety record of the geographic area?
  • Is the vehicle driven daily?
  • Is the vehicle driven for company use?

As always, it is highly recommended to shop around in order to find the BMW insurance rates and plans that best matches the needs of the owner.

European Autos and Car Insurance Rates

Historically, American consumers have shied away from purchasing vehicles manufactured in Europe for three primary reasons. A major concern has been the cost and difficulty in finding replacement parts. Second, the purchase price of the vehicle has reflected the import tariffs and the general cost of shipping a vehicle from a European plant to a sales lot somewhere in the interior of the United States. For this reason the cost of owning a BMW 3 series could be affected by car insurance!

These first two reasons culminate into a third fear that the cost of insurance would be unreasonably high. And, while this made perfect sense 30 years ago, our new global economy has enabled products like the BMW 3-series to match the affordability of its American competition.

Specifically with the cost of insurance for a BMW 3-series, the German auto manufacturers have been at the forefront in developing safety technologies which have a tremendous impact in the reduction of insurance rates.

bmw 3 series rates for auto insurance

BMW 3 Series Safety Ratings

In its previous test of the BMW 3-series, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2009 model its “Top Safety Pick” designation. This vehicle earned top scores in all of the IIHS’s crash tests. It received a 5-star rating for side impact crashes. And, it received 4-star ratings for driver and passenger front impact crashes.

Obtaining score’s like these allow for the cost of insuring a BMW 3-series to become more favorable, as car insurance companies will note less risk of significant medical costs associated with passengers inside the vehicle.

As mentioned, BMW has been at the forefront in developing technologies to increase passenger safety and decrease the likelihood of tragedy during accidents. These safety features could lower the cost of insurance on a BMW 3 Series. The BMW 3-series includes:

  • rates for auto insurance for bmw 3 seriesFour-wheel anti lock disc brakes
  • Full-length side curtain airbags and run-flat tires
  • A feature unique to BMWs is a system that wipes the brake rotors dry when the windshield wipers are in use.
  • A brake assist feature also automatically primes the brakes. Whenever the driver releases the accelerator, the brake pads are pulled closer to the wheels.
  • Standard driver and passenger airbags (the passenger air bag turns off when no person is present)
  • Safety cage roll bar technology further reduces the risk of significant injury or death to occupants in case of an accident in which the vehicle is flipped or becomes turned onto its side. The cost of insuring a BMW 3-series will be less than insuring a vehicle that does not have these features.

In addition, new BMW 3-series have an exceptional vehicle alarm system that significantly reduces the chance of theft.

Having theft protection devices further reduces risk to the insurance company and thus reduces the cost of insuring the vehicle.

Car Insurance Quotes for BMW 3 Series

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