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Celebrity Car Accidents – The 10 Craziest Celebrity Car Accidents

As if it isn’t a big deal when we regular folks get into car accidents, imagine what it must be like to be a celebrity and deal with a fender bender. You might as well have Ronald McDonald jump out of the car with a bag o’ burgers, shouting “HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK WHO JUST WRECKED HIS PORSCHE!”

Ronald McDonald in Police Car

Even clowns make mistakes.

Without further ado, here are our top ten celebrity car accidents.

10. Tom Brady Causes Every Boston Reporter to Drop What They’re Doing

The week heading into the 2010 NFL season, Brady was involved in an accident where a driver ran a red light and hit his Audi sedan. Every reporter in New England pretty much dropped whatever news story they were working on, to cover this event of great national importance.

Tom Brady Car Accident

News Editor: “I don’t care what story you’re working on, Tom Brady’s hair may have seriously been damaged!”

9. Shia Lebouf’s F150

The star of Indiana Jones and Transformers somehow rolled his truck at an intersection, reportedly after having a few drinky drinks. Hey Lebouf, why don’t you start doing all your own stunts? That’s what Tom Cruise does.

Shia Lebouf Car Accident

Lebouf does his best to cry, and it’s much more convincing than his performance in Transformers 2.

8. George Michael’s Fashionable Rear-Ender

This is what happens when you drive 100 mph, then try to avoid rear-ending someone in your Range Rover. It seems like Michael has a lot of problems with recklessness and motor vehicles — it’s amazing he’s still allowed to drive. And sing. (Sorry, it had to be said.)

George Michael Car Accident

Careless whisper.

7. Michael Phelps Crashes an SUV

Phelps was involved in an accident with a Cadillac SUV in Baltimore, causing the other driver to go to the hospital for minor injuries. After winning pretty much ever medal ever invented for swimming, there’s one award he had to give up: “World’s Safest Driver.”

Michael Phelps Car Accident

Phelps explains to officers how to do a proper butterfly stroke.

6. Usain Bolt Wrecks BMW M3

The fastest runner in the world, Bolt can accelerate himself to a consistent 27 mph, making him the world record holder in the 100-meter dash. The only problem is that he apparently loses control when surfaces are less than optimal.

Usain Bolt Car Accident

Not so fast.

5. Comedian Eddie Griffin Wrecks Ferrari

While driving his million-dollar Ferrari to a charity event, Griffin crashed the car’s delicate body into a wall. Judging by this picture below, this must have been a rental, because he doesn’t seem too worked up about the crash.

Eddie Griffin Car Accident

“I wreck with pride.”

4. Lindsay Lohan Tries to Escape Paparazzi… and Fails

Lindsay Lohan hates the paparazzi so much that she’s got to try to escape them in a fast, expensive car. Unfortunately, life isn’t like the movies, and you can’t always get away. Case in point: a wrecked Mercedes Benz.

Lindsey Lohan Car Accident

What a shame.

3. Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Hits Commercial Truck with Bentley

It’s one thing to rear-end a large truck. But when you do it in a really expensive car, in front of the paparazzi, because you’re Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, and then get away with it, even though you’re drunk, even after getting pulled over by the police, is another thing. Whew!

2. Billy Joel Crashes Into House

The Piano Man was on his way to get a pizza in the Hamptons, hit a wet slick on the road, then crashed into a house. Although Joel has been known to be a terrible driver, you’ve got to admit that houses are big, and hard to miss.

Billy Joel Car Accident

You may be right … he may be crazy.

1. Tiger Woods Crashes After Having Too Many “Sides”

Normally, consuming side dishes can make a person full, but Tiger’s side dishes resulted in a vicious (supposed) attack by his now ex-wife, and a wrecked car. Although there was no footage from the accident, leave it to Taiwan to develop a real-life simulation of the incident.

This might be a great action sequence for the end of Tiger’s golf video game.

Now that you have finished reading through this list of the worst celebrity car accidents why not make sure that your car insurance coverage is up to date and that you aren’t paying more than you should? After all, all of us non-celebrities want to save a little money right? Just enter your zip code in for a free car insurance quote comparison now!

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