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Eco Car Insurance-What Does Eco Car Insurance Mean?

Eco Car InsuranceIf you have been hearing about eco car insurance lately you may very well be wondering what it is. Our planet is in trouble, and more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of their own carbon footprint.

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For those of us who understand that what we do and what we buy makes an impact on our planet, the allure of green cars is enticing. However, you don’t want to be wooed into buying something just because a savvy marketer slaps an environmentally friendly sounding name on it. So take a couple of minutes to really understand what eco car insurance is and what it does for both you and the planet.

Eco Car Insurance: What It Is and What It Is Not

Every day we drive our cars (the car engine happens to be one of the biggest pollutants on the planet) and usually never give much thought to the harm we are causing. While exhaust fumes from our vehicles are bad for the planet, unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury (or health!) to be able to bike or walk to work every day. This is where eco friendly car insurance comes into play.

How does this process work? For the most part, you pay for normal car insurance coverage for your green car, but also pay slightly less because you are doing things that are good for the environment. Meanwhile, the car insurance company takes a percentage of their profits and puts it towards offsetting your carbon dioxide emissions.

You can start by signing up with an eco friendly car insurance company who helps erase your carbon footprint in a number of ways. Many of these companies will actually do something good for the environment, according to every mile saved, and pass the savings onto you. Some of these companies plant trees to help counteract harmful CO2 emissions as well.

The Relationship Between Trees and Cars in Eco Car Insurance

Trees absorb CO2 and convert it to oxygen; something every living thing can appreciate. Some companies donate money to companies in the green business such as those developing alternatives to harmful fuels. Other companies make a donation to green charities for every insurance policy that is purchased through them, some hoping to raise millions of dollars! Some claim to even do so much that they will offset 100% of your cars emissions, and at no additional cost to you!

Some eco friendly insurance companies are also helping to teach drivers ways they can become more green-friendly. They talk may recommend green driving actions like:

  • Driving at lower engine speeds to help lower fuel usage
  • Accelerating slowly to use less gas
  • Driving at a steady pace so there is less braking and speeding up over all
  • Turning your car off if it is left idling for more than two minutes
  • Use cruise control
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Turn off the AC
  • Remove roof racks in order to cut down on wind resistance

What about those discounts? Getting a discount on an eco policy can be done by something as simple as driving fewer miles each year. The insurance company likes this not only for the environment, but also because you are less likely to get into an accident the less often you drive. Every eco policy is different, so be sure to read the fine print carefully.

The Worst and Best Offenders for Eco Car Insurance

If you currently are driving any of the following vehicle, you will not be eligible for an eco friendly car insurance, as these are some of the earth’s worst offending vehicles:

  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Hummer H2
  • Mercedes-Benz GL320
  • Mercedes-Benz ML 320

Some of these cars would need close to 2,000 trees planted to offset just a single year of their emissions! If you are looking to make a switch then some of the top ranking fuel efficient cars include the:

Driving these environmentally friendly vehicles will help lower your premiums and help improve the air quality around us.

Besides finding a nice green car insurance policy, you probably want to be sure that your eco-friendly new car is completely covered and that you are getting a good deal. You can still comparison shop online for eco insurance. You can also call and comparison shop over the phone. Never go with the first deal offered, even the company does “plant a lot of trees.” There may be a company willing to do just as much and at a fraction of the cost…but you won’t know that until you take a chance and shop around!

Don’t be caught “riding dirty”—with dirty CO2 emissions that is! Get an eco friendly car and an eco friendly car insurance policy and do some good for the earth and the future of your children. It’s never too late to start battling the pollution around us.

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