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House and Car Insurance – Combined Policies Benefit You

By combining house and car insurance policies, you may find discounted rates that make your monthly premiums a lot more manageable. A bulk of people’s income goes to insurance today and because of this, they are constantly looking for cheaper insurance policies, an action that is sometimes detrimental to the buyer.

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There is an easy way to find good, cheap house insurance and affordable auto insurance. Look for insurance companies that offer combined house and car insurance coverage.

Buy House and Car Insurance Instead of Going Without

Insurance is an expensive purchase, especially now when the economy is so bad. Most people buy car insurance because it is illegal to drive without it. But when it comes to other types of insurance, some people try to save their dollars by not getting policies.

One such example is home insurance. The likelihood of a disaster happening seems low; so people save on their monthly bill by not buying it. But if disaster strikes, they could be facing extremely high bills, such as the need to rebuild or buy a new house, which could amount to much more than their monthly premiums. On top of this, they may not have a place to live.

House insurance might be expensive, but the expense is worth it in the unlikely event that you will need to make a claim. And there is a way you can save money on it. By purchasing your house insurance at the same company as you buy car insurance, you can expect to receive big discounts on both.

Buying your home and car insurance with the same insurer could save you a lot of money because many insurance companies offer discounts to people who have multiple policies with them. So, if you are choosing to forgo house insurance because of its price, look into buying a house and car insurance policy.

Don’t Buy House and Car Insurance Policies Just to Save Money

When looking for insurance policies, it is tempting to sacrifice better policies to pay less. It is important to resist this temptation because it negates the point of buying insurance. Cheap house insurance could mean bad service.

If your house gets destroyed in a fire, you need an adjustor to come right away to approve your claim, which doesn’t always happen with cheap insurance. You want to get cheap house and car insurance, but you also want a policy that will protect you if you need it.

Benefits of Combining House and Car Insurance

Many people have a home insurance policy with a separate insurer for their car insurance. Having insurance policies with multiple companies is more expensive. If you work with more than one company, you have several different deductibles and premiums. These bills most likely will amount to a lot more than if you bought all your policies from one insurance company; you could be paying hundreds and thousands more than necessary. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Time: Combining your house and car insurance will save you time as well as money. Instead of getting multiple bills and having to either write out checks or enter your credit car number on companies’ websites, you can pay one bill. Also, because you only have one plan, you only have one renewal date you have to remember. These to things will lower your stress level because you have less on your mind.
  • Simplicity: Having your house and car insurance policies at two different companies can also often be confusing because each has its own procedures. By consolidating your insurance policies with one insurer, you have less to keep track of and will be able to better understand your plan.

The single drawback to this approach is if you seeking highly specialized coverage such as insurance for a classic car or a home in a high risk area. In these cases, you might be better off working with a dedicated company that only works with those needs.

How do insurers benefit from offering combined house and car insurance policies?

Insurance companies offer deep discounts for combined insurance policies because the more you insure with them, the longer you probably will stay with them. It costs the companies money to continually lose clients and process new ones.

Also, because you have house and car insurance with them, they are getting more money from you and so can justify giving you discounts. Companies actually tell their sales departments to encourage people to by house and car insurance together, as well as many other types of insurance.

Beginning and Ending Your Search for House and Car Insurance

Before buying house and car insurance, you should shop around to get a policy to cover all your needs at the best price. Most insurance companies offer free quotes online and all you have to do is fill out a form.

These forms can be time consuming and unless you fill them out with exactly the same information, you won’t get an accurate comparison. But there’s an easier way to search for the best house and car insurance combined policy. Many websites will search for house and car insurance at multiple companies and you’ll only have to fill out one form. You are on one right now and can use it to start your search today.

When you start searching, rule out insurers that don’t provide combination house and car insurance. Once you weeded those out, ask each company what sort of coverage and discounts they offer. If one company is more expensive than another, tell the insurer with the higher quote about the lower quote and ask them if they will match it. Many will.

When you’re almost done comparing house and car insurance policies and are about ready to buy a one from a certain company, pause for a while. Haggle with the agents to see if any will give you a lower price. Then go to your current company and see if they will match the best quote you’ve found. If they won’t, sign the policy with the new insurance company, but not before reading it to confirm that it includes everything discussed.

Getting quotes for combined house and car insurance can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but in the end can save you lots of money. Make this job easier.

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