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What To Do If Someone Steals Your Car

what to do if someone steals your carDo you know what to do if your car is stolen? Having a vehicle stolen is very disconcerting. Of course, we all carry car insurance for just such a possibility; however, no one ever really thinks it will actually happen to them. Yet the number of vehicles stolen in the United States every day is surprisingly high. In certain metropolitan areas, the rates are staggering. Therefore it is important to know what happens if your car actually is stolen.

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Your First Response to Car Theft

If you suspect that your car has been stolen, you will need to call 911 and report it to the police. However, before you do so, be sure that you are confident in the fact that it has indeed been stolen. Check to make sure another key holder, like a spouse, hasn’t taken it without your knowledge.

If you are in a parking lot, be sure you haven’t just forgotten where your vehicle was parked. Don’t laugh, this happens a lot!

If you happen to actually witness your car being stolen, do not interrupt the thieves as they may be armed and dangerous. Immediately report the incident while it is ongoing but be sure to take notice of as many details as possible. Describe the suspects and the direction in which they were going. Take note of any other vehicle involved, including make, model, color and possibly even the tag number.

It is important to be able to give the police as much information as possible about your missing vehicle. You should automatically know the make, model, year, color and tag number of your own vehicle. You should be able to describe anything that sets it apart like decals, bumper stickers, dents, scratches or other defining features. The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number should be easy for you to find also, as the police will indeed require it. Having such information written down in your wallet is a good practice. While you are making your report you will also need to let the police know about any personal effects you had left in the car.

what to do when your car is stolen

The Immediate Role of Insurance in Car Theft

If you have car insurance with comprehensive coverage on it, the next thing you will want to do is contact your insurer and let them know that your vehicle has been stolen. You will need to provide them with a case number as provided by the police.

If you have replacement car rental coverage, your insurance will cover the cost of a rental car for a period of time so that you can continue to meet your regular obligations, while waiting to find out if your car has been recovered. You may or may not have a waiting period before you are eligible for this coverage, depending on your insurer. Be sure to ask your insurer about what to expect.

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Car Recovery and Insurance Claims after the Fact

If indeed your car is recovered, you will probably need to make a claim for either theft or damage or both. Vehicles are often damaged during a theft. If parts of the car are stolen or damaged you will have to make a claim on your car insurance. However, for any personal effects that were stolen from the vehicle you will need to make a claim against your homeowners insurance or tenant insurance policy.

my car was stolen - now whatNo matter which types of claims you make, they will be subject to a deductible that you agreed to when you took out your insurance. Because many people raise deductibles in order to save money, you may find that your payout is insufficient to cover your expenses. Contact your car insurance company and make sure you know your stolen car insurance payout

Another shocker for many people is that the amount of coverage you have on your car is dependent on the value of the car, not the amount remaining on a car loan you may have. If you do not carry gap coverage to make up the difference in the case of a total loss, you may be without a vehicle and yet still making the payments on it. The Kelley Blue Book is an excellent resource to find out the value of your stolen car.

Before you take any steps in replacing your car, be sure that your insurance claim is underway. You should also find out how much you should expect to get, so that you can have a realistic idea of your budget.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

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