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Who Needs Auto Insurance?

Here's what you need to know...
  • Every driver needs car insurance
  • Every car needs to have its own policy
  • It is the responsibility of the person who needs car insurance to make sure he is properly insured before driving

If you are wondering who needs car insurance the answer is fairly simple. With only a few exceptions, every driver needs car insurance.

The basic rule of thumb for who needs car insurance is if you drive a car you need car insurance. However, there may be some circumstances where you do not need car insurance.

If your car is going to be garaged for a season while you don’t drive, then you may be able to get seasonal relief from your car insurance company. The same is true if you are planning on traveling and not driving during your extended visit elsewhere.

Some drivers do not bother getting car insurance if they don’t own a car. However, if you are going to drive someone else’s car you may need your own car insurance; or non-owner’s car insurance. If you don’t have a driver’s license but want to buy a car then you need car insurance for whoever is going to drive the car.

There are a variety of reasons why you may not need car insurance.

Regardless, if you are going to drive a car then you best be sure to either have your own car insurance or make certain you are covered under someone else’s policy. Driving without insurance is illegal and can be very costly if there is an accident.

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Who needs car insurance when you own your own car?

AdobeStock_86115954-1600x1600If you own your own car and you are a licensed driver, then chances are you need to have car insurance. One of the few exceptions to this is if you are covered by someone else’s policy.

For instance, you may be covered under your parent’s car insurance policy or under a spouse’s policy.

However, if your car is not listed as the insured car and that is the car you are driving then you need to get a policy for that car. Car insurance typically goes with the car as opposed to with the driver.

This means that if you are insured under your husband’s car insurance policy for his car but not for your own car, then you are covered when you drive your husband’s car.

You will not be covered when you drive your own car. Every car needs to have its own policy, so if you own a car it is your responsibility to make sure you have the car insurance you need.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Who needs car insurance when you don’t have a car?

If you are a licensed driver but you do not own your own car, then you may not need your own car insurance policy.

If you are driving a car regularly, however, you need to be sure your name is listed as an insured person on the policy. This avoids any complications and questions that may arise in an accident as to who is covered under that policy.

For instance, if you drive your mom’s car to work every day but you are not listed on your mom’s car insurance policy, then you may not be covered if there is an accident.

However, if your mom’s policy specifically names you as a driver on the car then there is no question as to your benefits when you submit a claim.

Who needs car insurance if you’re not driving anyway?

dollarphotoclub_89006357-1600x1600Some licensed drivers simply cannot afford a car and do not drive. Other licensed drivers may not drive for a host of reasons, such as traveling abroad for several months or choosing to garage their car and bike to work during the summer season.

Whatever reason you’re not driving, it is important to make sure you are covered by some form of insurance when you do decide to drive.

It is possible that if you are only driving on occasion and you are a mature driver (over twenty-five years of age or so) then you are automatically covered on someone else’s policy.

However, it’s never a good idea to make an assumption when it comes to car insurance so it’s important to check the policy beforehand.

For times when your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, your car insurance is an unnecessary expense. Be sure to suspend or cancel your car insurance policy in these cases in order to cancel the premiums.

You will not be able to get your driving privileges reinstated without securing car insurance when the time comes.

The person who needs car insurance after getting a DUI will need specialized car insurance. In these cases, the insurance company will have to send an SR22 form to the DMV as proof of your insurance before you can legally resume driving.

If you are driving, you need car insurance. It is the responsibility of the person who needs car insurance to make sure he is properly insured before driving.

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