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Who’s Covered on My Car Insurance

Who’s Covered on My Car InsuranceAnswering the Question: Who’s covered on my car insurance?

There are a lot of different reasons why you need to know who’s covered on your car insurance. Perhaps a neighbor without car insurance wants to borrow your car, or it’s your sister whose car has broken down. Before you let anyone into your vehicle, you need to know who is covered under your policy.

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Insurance companies vary as to who is actually covered on your car insurance. Many car insurance companies require you to list anyone who will ever drive your vehicle on your car insurance. If someone who isn’t on that list drives your vehicle and causes an accident, then your insurance won’t cover it.

Other insurance companies cover anyone who drives your vehicle as long as they aren’t regular drivers. If you have someone who drives your vehicle more than 5 to 10 times a month, then you need to add them to your insurance policy. The reason for this is if they cause an accident and the insurance company discovers that they are a primary or a secondary driver, they may refuse to pay your claim.

If the person who you are allowing to borrow your car has their own insurance, it’s possible that their insurance policy covers them while driving your vehicle. That is the case with many insurance policies. However, if they drive your car regularly, it is possible that their insurance, if they learn of this fact, will not cover them when they drive your car.

How can I tell who’s covered on my car insurance?

When you buy an insurance policy, you will provide a list of drivers for your vehicle to your insurance company. Your rates will be affected by the quality of driver you add to your list. For example, if you add your 16 year old son, then expect your rates to increase.

If you want to know who is covered on your policy, then you need to go to your declarations page. The declarations page will list the drivers who can drive your vehicle. In addition, it will let you know if your coverage covers any driver as well as if you are covered if you drive someone else’s vehicle.

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If your policy doesn’t cover other drivers and they don’t have their own insurance, then you should not let them drive your vehicle. Most insurance companies make allowances for emergencies, such as if you have to be rushed to the hospital.

You can call your insurance company and discuss adding someone temporarily to your insurance policy. The fees for this can range from a one time fee to changing the entire cost of your policy. Make sure you know what this entails before you actually make a change to your policy.

Are there any restrictions on who’s covered on my car insurance?

Generally, you will find that you have complete freedom about who is covered on your car insurance. You can add or take off whomever you want virtually whenever you want.

As mentioned above, the people you add onto your insurance policy will affect your insurance rates. If you have a friend or family member who wants to be added to your policy and they have a bad driving record and are considered a high risk driver, you need to either refuse or ask them to pay the difference on your insurance policy.

Your insurance company may refuse to insurance specific individuals that you want to add to your policy. These include someone with multiple insurance claims, multiple accidents, speeding tickets, or DUI/DWI convictions. It is likely that you wouldn’t want someone with a bad driving record driving your vehicle anyway.

How much can my rates be affected by who’s covered on my car insurance?

Really, it depends on who you are adding to your insurance as to how much your rates will be affected. If you add someone older with a perfect driving record, then your rates won’t be affected at all.

Your rates are most affected by who the primary driver on your vehicle is. However, you will still see some changes when you add secondary drivers with bumps on their driving records.

If you already have car insurance and your rates increase a lot when you add additional drivers to your policy, then you need to shop around for other alternative. You may not have to pay as much as your current insurance company is quoting you.

If you are in the market for car insurance, then using a quote tool is the fastest and easiest way for you to find the lowest rates.

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