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Here's what you need to know...

  • The Dodge Dakota averages $1,300 per year in car insurance premiums
  • The truck is no longer being made, so people interested in purchasing this vehicle will have to buy used
  • Adding safety features and anti-theft devices to your Dakota would be a wise investment

You can expect to pay around $1,300 per year in car insurance costs for a Dodge Dakota.

Bear in mind that the average will change based on the year and specifics of the car you are insuring. This article will review those, and factors like safety features and your personal driving history.

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When considering the cost of ownership and the cost of car insurance for a Dodge Dakota, that are a lot of factors–some you can control, and others you just have to live with. Get a number of rate quotes before you settle on any policy.

What are the specs and history of the Dodge Dakota?


The Dodge Dakota is a mid-size pickup truck by Dodge, which is part of Chrysler Ram. It was first introduced in the year 1986 and continued until 2009 under Chrysler management.

This award-nominated truck has received some stellar reviews, particularly for its features; it was the first V8 truck, and also had rack and pinion steering, which was an entirely new concept for non-luxury trucks.

Size-wise, this is a truck that is larger than a compact, but smaller than a full-size pickup truck like the Chevy Silverado.

It has the handling and the gas efficiency of an economy truck, but has greater space and capacity like a full-size vehicle.

Since 2009, Fiat has partnered with Chrysler and Dodge, giving this Italian-based company 20% ownership of Chrysler vehicles.

The partnership has brought about smaller and more gas efficient vehicles in the U.S. The last of the Dodge Dakotas were made in 2011. The series is now discontinued.

There have been three generations of the Dodge Dakota.

The first trucks made had straight-4 and V6 engines while the second generation introduced Magnum and PowerTech V6s and V8s. The third and final generation has the most features, including a longer and wider body, and with options for a V8 High Output engine.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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What current features affect car insurance cost for the Dodge Dakota?

This mid-size pickup starts at $23,000. The best way to tell how much insurance premiums would be for this vehicle is to first analyze its features.

The 2010 Dakota is loaded with features, including a maximum payload (up to 1,800 pounds), a 4.7 liter V8 engine, and a 7,000-pound tow capacity. When it comes to crash-test scores, the results are encouraging.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the truck a five-star rating for front and side collisions and The Institute of Highway Safety gives the truck a “good” rating (the highest possible) for frontal offset and side impact crashes.

The truck received the lowest scores for rear crash protection, particularly in trucks that did not have a special front-seat lumbar adjustment.

Most sources agree that the Dakota is not any worse than other trucks out on the market. Unfortunately, most Dodge Dakotas do not have any theft prevention devices pre-installed.

There are some models that have optional components, but these will cost you. Nevertheless, having some sort of security system installed could reduce your insurance rates.

It is not considered one of the top 10 most stolen vehicles, despite its lack of security features. However, its lack of safety features is your biggest concern.

How do I impact the car insurance cost for my Dodge Dakota?

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The last piece of the puzzle is you.

The insurance company must analyze your driving history, demographics, and regional location and determine the risk involved.

Factors that could bring your insurance premiums up include a poor credit history, multiple accidents or collisions on your record, and a home location or job route that is notorious for claims.

You may be able to discount your insurance premiums by shopping around for different car insurance companies, installing security devices, avoiding troublesome areas and attending a defensive driving class.

Most importantly, avoid collisions, traffic tickets and making claims. Full coverage is recommended due to the expense of this vehicle, especially if you are still paying on it.

If you are a young driver, you will have to pay more.

It is recommended that younger drivers look for a multi-driver policy along with household family members to reduce rates. Older drivers sometimes have to pay more as well, though statistically, older drivers take fewer risks than younger drivers, even if their vision or judgment is impaired.

Women are also statistically safer drivers than men.

Demographical information may not seem fair, but in the end, this data helps insurance companies create a “default” or a “standard” to work by and compare with each individual customer.

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