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Review of The General Car Insurance

  • 11111
(24 Reviews)
Here's what you need to know...
  • The General insurance company online provides car insurance policies
  • The General specializes in providing coverage for high-risk drivers
  • The General offers insurance services to drivers all over the U.S.
To read a review of The General Auto Insurance Company, read the article below!

Starting in 1992, the insurance company has gained a strong reputation within the industry and has become known for very affordable auto insurance plans.

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Reviewing The General


The General Insurance Company is a subsidiary of PCG Holdings Corp, which has been in the insurance business for approximately 40 years.

This company provides insurance coverage for most people who apply as it is dedicated to serving people who have a less-than-perfect driving record.

Customers who have credit issues, moving violations or who have been involved in an accident are welcome to apply for coverage with this insurer.

Another feature that customers who choose The General can take advantage of is that the company offers low down payments. The General also offers a convenient monthly payment plan to its policyholders as well.

This company prides itself in providing insurance coverage at lower rates than its competition, even for customers who are considered at higher risk.

Discounts are available for several situations including the following:

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

The General Advantages

  • Online presence that allows company to offer quotes and answer inquiries instantly
  • Personal information is not required when requesting for quotes via company website
  • Online quotes are processed in minutes
  • Offers a 3-step online application process for clients involving request for quotation, buying of the policy, and printing of proof of insurance
  • Policies can be tailored to fit the needs of the vehicle owner
  • Well-trained agents that can answer all sorts of questions from prospective clients
  • Affordable plans that provide total coverage to car owners
  • Accepts minimal down payments to help defray monthly insurance costs
  • Attained remarkable stability through years of experience in the industry

The General Disadvantages

Pros and Cons sign

Pros and Cons sign

Most of the disadvantages listed within The General Car Insurance complaints are made by people who have bought the company’s insurance products.

A number of existing clients claim that the company failed to deliver its promised services on time.

There are even allegations that the company did not honor service agreements and vehicle damage estimates. Some plan holders accuse the company of padding hidden damages when making estimates.

The General Insurance complaints also include failure of the company agents to return client phone calls, unfriendly customer service representatives, and very few car insurance products to choose from.

The company has denied or downplayed the allegations, saying that these are all coming from competitors in the market.

There are numerous complaints about The General Insurance Company on sites like RipOff Report and Consumer Affairs.

Keep in mind that anyone can leave a review of The General on the Internet. Some of the information might be dramatized or maybe a consumer is in the wrong, and they simply want to take it out on their insurance provider.

Should you buy The General auto insurance?

To make the best choice in auto insurance coverage, you should compare several insurance companies before finally signing up with one.

If you do pick The General, make sure you look thoroughly over The General Automobile Insurance Services Inc Reviews.

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24 Reviews for Review of The General Car Insurance

  1. Billy Blanton says:

    This insurance is INEPT!!!! I cancelled with the General and they charged me a 10% fee for leaving them. talk about a bunch of bull. They must be starving and needing the money so they can continue running ads and ripping people off. Be Warn!!!

  2. jay says:

    I paid for 12 months of insurance up front. 2 days after joining and paying in full they send “exciting news” that they changed their name to “The General”. This was signed by “Randy Parker – President CEO”.

    Well, a little over 4 months after joining and paying I get this email saying to complete the underwriting of my auto insurance application they need more info….HELLO? I paid over 4 months ago!! I call in immediately as it says they will possibly cancel my policy which is utter bull#$%@.

    I call and all they wanted was me to login to their stupid online “my policy” so they can track me. I figured that was over. NOPE. A couple days later they emailed that I needed to pay them $105 in addition to the $500 I already gave them???? I called in and they fixed it and said I would owe nothing. Then a month later i get ANOTHER email saying I owe them $105. WTF is going on here.

    I pay you and you leave me alone until next year. PRETTY EASY. I WILL GO BACK TO ESURANCE or most likely to State Farm. Even though getting insurance online is easy and convenient it is BEST to go in and have a quality company talk with you about your expectations.

  3. Glenn Davis says:
    • 11111

    Is there a zero?

    I purchased insurance from The General and within a few days decided to give the car to my granddaughter. After placing the car in her name I called and was told to fax in a cancellation request which I did within minutes. Two days later I called to learn my cancellation request was “in underwriting”. Three days later I received an email wanting my “promised payment”. I called immediately and I was told my cancellation request was still “in underwriting” and that I will be charged a 10% penalty plus $10 for early cancellation.

    So, a week of insurance with The General will cost nearly $80. Lesson learned.

    I am going to contact the Insurance Commission and file a complaint but I expect little or nothing.

  4. Andrea Payne says:
    • 11111

    I purchased a policy for a vehicle I was preparing to buy. Less than 2 hours later, it became evident that I was not going to be able to purchase the car. I called The General and was told that all I had to do was fax a letter stating the reason for the cancellation and I would receive a refund. That was 13 days ago.

    I called three days ago and was told I would get a call back in 2 hours. The rep seemed quite annoyed that I was requesting a refund and I pointed out that they had put forth absolutely no risk, had provided no services, and I was just asking for my money back. Then she said I wouldn’t get all my money back and that they would keep an “administrative fee.” I asked her how much and she couldn’t tell me.

    Needless to say, I still don’t have my refund and I never got a callback. STAY AWAY – THESE PEOPLE ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF!!!

  5. Ruth Tormey says:

    This company… Your bill due date changes every month. I have had them for over 3 years and due to misinformation given to me by an agent who by the way is rude… or the website not working and can’t log into it. I was told to call on Saturday, Nov 2 to renew my policy. I called and guess what they were closed.

    Now they tell me that my policy has lapsed the state of Nevada will charge me a fine of over $500.00 for not having insurance. They are going to review the call I had with the agent and call me back by the end of the day today.. This is unreal.. How can a policy Due Nov 9 be up for renewal on Oct 30??

    They expect me to pay them for insurance this month along with a fine from NV DMV out of their minds. What a ripoff.. I have sent a complaint to the Nevada division of Insurance today and on my way to make a formal complaint to them in person on this insurance company.

    I warn you all to do the same what they tell you and what they do are totally different…

  6. Paul Vanlerberg says:
    • 11111

    Wanted basic insurance with a sr22. Was quoted at about $48 and signed up on the 25th of October. Asked about the sr22 on the 29th of October and was told my policy did not include one and it would cost $62 per month if I got a sr22 (which costs a one-time fee of $10 with anyone else.)

    I told them to cancel right away, they didn’t cancel until the 1st of November and they charged me for the full month. I was told $23 was for early cancellation and the rest was for the 4 or 7 days I had their insurance (depending on whether you count when I asked them to cancel or when I finally got them to after 4 contacts.).

    VERY poor customer service. Was told several different stories by several different employees and finally talked to a supervisor and she said that they should have charged me more and basically told me they were keeping my money and I couldn’t do anything about it.

    DO NOT waste your time and money here. I really wish I had not.

  7. Lorraine Anderson says:
    • 11111

    BE WARNED THIS COMPANY IS. NO GOOD.They don’t feel like they need to keep their customers by providing honest customer service because they just need to keep running T.V. commercials . THEY ENGAGE IN LEGAL THEFT AND GET. AWAY. WITH. IT.

  8. Charles says:

    I have Allstate; my car was in an accident with a vehicle insured by the “GENERAL” which was a fault! The claim representative from the general finally returned my call 3 days after I left a message. I provided all the requested information waited another 5 days. No action from the general.

    This young lady was the most unprofessional person that I have ever had the pleasure of talking. So I ask Allstate to handle the claim. In three days I had a check and a new vehicle. The General Representative calls a week later and asked me if they could send someone to look at my accident vehicle what a joke.

    All YOU General customers good luck with that trash company.

  9. Joanne Lowe says:
    • 11111

    This is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with in my 40 years of having auto insurance.

    I had an accident on December 12, 2013, that was a total loss. This should not have taken long for a check to be sent to my bank paying off my car. Well, an entire month went by without a settlement and then they took my only transportation a rental car.

    I told them this was a problem since I would not have transportation to and from work and wanted to know what the hold up was and the answer I got was that they were really busy. I ask for them to extend the rental no go on that. Finally in the fifth weeks after the accident, I get a call giving me the payoff amount as did the bank. The bank was told they would receive a payment it was going out that day.

    Seven weeks later the bank has still not been paid. I have now found a car and the bank is willing to loan me the money but The General has not paid off the loan yet so there is another hold-up. Can’t buy the car till the loan is paid in full.

    This is the worst company do not get insurance from them you will be sorry.

  10. Heather B from Ocala, fl says:
    • 11111

    My domestic partner was paying over $2800 a yr, I switched him to my policy with Geico, that also has my 18 yr old and we pay @1500 a yr for all three with comprehensive and collision and 25/50/25 coverage. They just quoted me @1500 with a clean driving record. It’s worth paying more short term with a real insurance company.

  11. Archer Scott says:
    • 11111

    I’ve had coverage from a number of insurance companies over the past 40 years and have been more satisfied with the services of some than of others. By far, this company (THE GENERAL) is the worst of them all.

    They tried to force me to add my grandson to my policy because his driver’s license has my address on it, although he does not live with me any longer. Worst yet, they added him to my policy, charged me for it, then turned it over to collections when I refused to pay the additional premium and cancelled the policy.

    I am preparing a letter to the Texas Insurance Commission and I highly recommend that others with complaints to write the Insurance Commission in their state. This company needs to be FORCED OUT of the insurance business because they are nothing more than a RIPOFF. So let the complaints roll and hopefully justice will be served.

  12. Gezeta Bajjo says:
    • 11111

    They false advertise, make statements that are false, and overcharge rates for auto insurance. Buyer beware of these people. They need to be out of business.

  13. Not even one star. Please save your time and your money and do NOT even click on website. This is rip-off, plain and simple. Go to a real company.

  14. Matthew says:
    • 11111

    I wouldn’t even give this company a 1-star rating… They don’t deserve it… First thing I noticed is that at the beginning of every month I would receive a cancellation notice… Every month…. At the beginning, even before my insurance payment was due…

    After looking around I found CHEAPER and better insurance through my bank and had no issues getting that started (took 5 minutes vs. 2 hours). After that, I requested a cancellation they charged me an “early cancellation fee”….

    Just be warned this company is not worth the time

  15. Linzie says:

    It has been almost 2 months that we have been dealing with a hit and run accident with the driver insured through the General. It’s no surprise reading the above reviews. Crooked, rude, dishonest company.

    I’ve spoken with several people on the phone at The General and they have ALL been rude! Claims reps don’t answer their phones, it takes days to get a callback and their story keeps changing. Worst business I’ve ever dealt with!

  16. Liz Miles says:
    • 11111

    If I could leave NEGATIVE STARS, I absolutely would. The General Insurance is the WORST I’ve had in my 35 years of driving. I, like an idiot, was with them for 17 years and maybe made 4 claims the entire time — none of which were determined to be my fault but resulted from other drivers or things hitting my car.

    I recently made a claim for damages caused by a deer that lunged in front of my van and caused substantial damage to the front end of my vehicle. Essentially my $500 deductible became an $1340 deductible due to additional charges I was forced to incur because of numerous delays by The General in processing my claim, their incompetent, rude staff & the disreputable third party appraisal companies they use. AND I was WITHOUT MY CAR FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS because of their inability to provide the services that I paid them in full for, for over a decade and a half!

    After immediately reporting the incident, filing a police report and doing everything required of me, I was told by my incompetent adjustor, Shereen Kat, that The General would send an appraiser in 48 hours to my mechanic’s to do an estimate and start the claims process.

    48 hours go by and no appraiser and no phone call from adjustor. 72 hours goes by and I have to call the adjuster who said that the appraiser hasn’t uploaded their estimate yet and to just be patient. 5 days go by and I have to call adjustor again who seems annoyed with my persistence.

    I explain to her that I have a rental car and would like to have my claim processed promptly to avoid more & more rental car expenses. 2 weeks go by and no appraiser. Call adjustor again to request that The General pay for my rental car expense only to be told that my policy does not cover that.

    I explained that the expense is due to The General’s failure to send out an appraiser to assess the damage. She refused to offer any concessions or take any responsibility for the delay and even asked me if I wanted to add the rental car coverage in the future.

    I wouldn’t need that coverage if The General fulfilled their obligation to get an appraiser out within 48 hours! After a lot of back & forth with the adjustor, she puts me on hold to call the appraiser company and comes back to tell me that my request was not in their system which is why no one had come out. She expected me to be understanding and explained that it wasn’t The General’s fault as it is a third-party appraisal company that f%#@*& up.

    She couldn’t grasp that this third party company hired by them IS STILL THEIR RESPONSIBILITY and doesn’t release them from the responsibility to get an appraiser out to provide an estimate of damages within the timeframe they quoted me over & over again.

    Finally, an appraiser shows up to provide a completely inaccurate estimate for only surface body damage & cosmetic repairs & doesn’t include the mechanical damage.

    My mechanic tore down my car to properly assess the actual damages incurred within the engine which were significantly more than The General’s appraiser’s estimate indicated. A supplement estimate now had to be sent to The General from my mechanic and the waiting game for an appraiser started all over again.

    Before any work on my car could begin, the appraiser had to come out again to review the mechanic’s estimate — AND ANOTHER 2 WEEKS WENT BY BEFORE AN APPRAISER WOULD SHOW! So basically, 4 weeks went by before The General would approve any repairs and this cost me approximately $700 in rental car charges. My $500 deductible became a $1200 deductible when it was all said & done.

    And then when I decided to cancel my policy with them, I was told that I would be charged a 10% cancellation fee and would lose a “Policy Fee” of $60 which, apparently, they say is “earned” and nonrefundable (neither of these terms is disclosed anywhere on their website or in my policy, FYI).


    And remember, you get what you pay for. They may be cheap but in the long run, they’ll cost you way more in time, money & peace of mind. CROOKS!

  17. Penny says:
    • 11111

    This company is about as unprofessional as they come. My son’s car was parked and one of their clients backed into his car. The damage has totaled the car even though its only about $2500 in damages.

    They called my husband’s phone and left a message, instead of my son’s phone, which they have that number, and they asked him to call them to let them know whether he was going to turn the car over or take less money.

    He has left 4 messages and sent at least 3-4 emails. They are the most pathetic company I have ever seen. He is still waiting to hear from them so they can send him the appropriate information and he can deal with his car, which he has to keep because he owes more on it than they are willing to pay. He has to fix it himself.

    I wouldn’t call them for insurance if they were the only one on the planet.

  18. Stacey Kuklentz says:

    Most unprofessional, incompetent, inadequate company. Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!

    I’ve been calling there since August 12, 2015, when my husband’s truck was hit right by our house by one of their insurers. Claim Rep never calls back, I’ve spoken to supervisors, they gave a rental car, ran out never told us. Damages to the truck were over $5000 and it’s totaled and they are jerking us around. How do you stay in business?

    How do you treat people like this? Lies after Lies.

  19. Enas says:

    Your article was excellent and erudite.

  20. Loren Bethea says:
    • 11111

    If I could rate it lower than a 1 I would! This company is a rip-off! My son Zach had a few too many tickets for Nationwide to cover him so he called “The General” to see if they would cover him.

    After a telephone interview, they said he could get coverage and it would $354 per month plus a processing fee. He filled out the paperwork online and gave them his debit card # to pay for the amount they asked for and was told he was approved and covered.

    16 days later, we get a letter from them saying he was DENIED ongoing coverage and as of the end of his 30 days, he would be without insurance again. We asked to have the processing fee returned since they told us he would be approved, they said No.

    THEN…3 months later, we get a bill from them for $143. No explanation as to what it’s for just that we owe it. We called and got no answer from The G as to what this was for but just that “we owed it”…they couldn’t tell us why, though!

    We fought paying it and they turned him over to a collection agency! We tried to talk to them about it also to no avail. They just said, “if you don’t pay it, it will go on his credit bureau”. We ended up paying just to avoid a collection on his CBI but I will badmouth The General forever. WHAT A RIPOFF COMPANY!!

  21. April says:
    • 11111

    The General doesn’t even deserve to be a company. The insurance adjusters are uneducated on the laws of the road. I recently filed a claim with the general after one of their insured hit my daughter and I head-on making an unprotected left-hand turn when we were headed straight and had the right of way. Paul Krogmier was assigned to my claim and has proven to be just like every other insurance shark.

    Although a police report states I am not at fault and his insured was cited when I was not, he still decided to put me 75% responsible and is refusing to cover any damages or medical bills. I now have to take my case to small claims court after spending over a month sending Paul every possible piece of evidence and him still refusing to change his decision.

    This seems like a company that will do whatever possible to screw people out of what is rightfully owed to them. I feel sorry for anyone else who has fallen victim to The General’s devious responsibility avoidance.

  22. Roger says:

    Was involved in a hit and run involving a vehicle insured by the general. Driver was not the owner and left the scene. Contacted the General and explained the situation. A representative called back and said her insurance was valid and they would send an adjuster to assess the damage.

    I explained it was safe to drive with no headlights or signal. I explained I needed a rental and have it repaired as it was my daily driver. The agent informed the good news was the policy was still valid and would cover the accident, however, the insurance policy is only good up to $5,000 to repair someone else’s car. She said she would get back to me within a day or two.. three days had passed and I called back never getting a return call from her.

    After spending 30 minutes on hold, being passed around to three departments I finally got talked to an agent who informed me they would have to investigate the matter and try and find out who the driver was that ran away. When I asked how long this would take, a few days, a month or how long he said he didn’t know but it would probably be quite a while. When I asked about the vehicle repair damages only covering up to $5,000 he said that was correct.

    I’ve been informed I’d check with the insurance commissioner in my state they would have to conform to the $25,000 modem, not $5000. The agent then acknowledged this was correct. I told him I couldn’t wait for months the past by but they’re investigating it would either contact a lawyer or subrogate this claim to my insurance.

    I would not recommend this insurance company to anyone they are only looking to get out of paying any money on claims I can only imagine what their customers go through.

  23. Yaya says:

    I cancel my insurance through a call ? to the general. They cancel my insurance that same day and then they told me I would have a refund days later. I got an email saying that I owe them 600. Some of the worst insurance I have ever been on, and now I guess I’m going to have a collection fee because you can’t talk to them.

    they’re rude and just to make you happy they’ll tell you that will give you the refund and then again they’ll send you the email saying you owe them. so, no matter what you do you have to pay them if not they send you to collections.

  24. cheryl waggoner says:
    • 11111

    Worst company ever! Bunch of thieves and liars.

    Gave me insurance then tripled my rate claiming I was at fault for 2 accidents. I sent documentation proving otherwise 3 times and got a letter claiming they were canceling my insurance for too many at faults. So, I got a different (better) insurance at a lesser rate without the hassle.

    3 months later they send me a bill claiming they reinstated my account without my permission or consent. Have now been fighting with them for 4 months telling them I’m not paying for something I never requested.


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