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AAA vs Liberty Mutual

Here's what you need to know...
  • Both AAA and Liberty Mutual come from a robust history.
  • Both companies offer various, different, insurance policies.
  • Both AAA and LMG are growing and successful options from which to choose.

Is AAA or Liberty Mutual car insurance the best?

Since then, LMG has grown into an international mutual insurance conglomerate and is the 5th largest insurance company in the U.S.

A.M. Best Company gave LMG a rating of “A.” Liberty Mutual is licensed in all 50 states, and offers varying types of coverage from state to state. AAA, on the other hand, received a “B++,” and its coverage offerings vary with each of its individual regions.

While LMG is a global corporation, its three main subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Employees Insurance Company of Wausau
  • Liberty Mutual Life Assurance Company of Boston.

The top three subsidiaries of AAA are as follows:

  • AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Co.
  • AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Co.
  • AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Co. of N.J.

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Liberty Mutual vs. AAA


– Lines of Insurance

Both AAA and Liberty Mutual Group offer auto and homeowners insurance.

AAA also includes inland marine coverage and LMG offers a wide range of additional insurance policies, not excluding: personal injury insurance, life insurance for individuals or families, commercial property insurance, specialty risk insurance, and workers compensation for businesses.

The bulk of business for both AAA and Liberty Mutual is in insuring private automobiles.

– Financial Strength

AAA’s assets have been steadily climbing to a recent estimate of about $425 million with its total premiums around $234 million. Liberty Mutual has assets estimated at $78 billion.

Both companies have shown a steady and continuous growth over the last five years.

– Car Insurance Quotes

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