How much is insurance for a Dodge Challenger?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • The average cost for annual insurance coverage on the Dodge Challenger is $1,000
  • Your cost for insurance will vary depending on which type of Challenger you have
  • If you are considering purchasing a Dodge Challenger, compare insurance rates before you make any final decisions

The average cost of insurance for the Dodge Challenger is a little over $1,000 per year. Of course, that is just an estimate as there are many different factors that will affect your specific rate.

Comparing quotes online will tell you exactly how much the cost of car insurance for the Dodge Challenger is.

The Dodge Challenger was introduced as a muscle car in 1970. The wheelbase was stretched two inches more than its Barracuda based platform to give it a larger interior.

Available as both a hardtop and convertible, different versions allowed for different packages including leather interior or optional dual 440 engines.

Although the Dodge Challenger ended its career as a muscle car in 1974, today it is remade as a classic car that can be insured for approximately $1,000 per year.

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Dodge Challenger History

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Muscle cars were marked as meatier than sports cars with their beefed-up V-8 engines. The Dodge Challenger initially came out with a 383 engine but offered a dual 440 engine option. A 426 Hemi was also available for buyers who chose it for an additional $1,200.

Approximately 73,000 versions of the 1970 Dodge Challengers were produced.

In 1971, the Dodge Challenger was introduced with a couple of minor cosmetic changes. Additionally, government regulations caused the 383 engine to be produced at 300 bhp.

Due to a hefty decrease in sales, only approximately 29,000 Challengers came off of the manufacturing line that year.

1972 brought a whole new look to the front end of the Dodge Challenger, but convertibles were dropped as were the Hemi engines. The 340 engine was fell to 240 bhp. 1972 production netted only about 28,000 cars.

1973 saw the continued reduction in bhp emissions, with 150 bhp in the 318 being the largest muscle offered by the Dodge Challenger.

To compensate, Dodge introduced a new 360 V8 that had a 245hp. This move may have saved the declining sales of the Challenger as production was increased to approximately 32,600 cars. The Dodge Challenger entered its final year of production in 1974. Only 16,000 cars were produced with two different engine options.

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The New Dodge Challenger

Although the Dodge Challenger stopped being produced in 1974, Dodge reintroduced the Challenger as a classic model remake in 2008. The first concept car for the new Dodge Challenger was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006.

The remake is a high reproduction of the original model, down to the detailing, headlights, and shape, although the front bumper and fog lights were slightly redesigned. The standard engine for the 2008 Dodge Challenger was the 5.7L Hemi.

The Dodge Challenger Concept Car was featured with the original classic color Challenger orange and a black interior. It could go 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds with the 6.1L Hemi engine. The top speed was rated at 174 miles per hour with a range of 300 miles.

Insuring the Dodge Challenger

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Whether you have a rare Dodge Challenger original or a new Dodge Challenger classic, you will need to have some type of insurance on it. Every state has different requirements for the legal minimum liability and or personal injury protection (PIP) requirements.

You will need to carry the legal minimum to drive your car. The price to insure a Dodge Challenger could range drastically depending on your needs. How much more additional optional coverage you want to select depends on some factors.

Take the time to check out state laws and compare Dodge Challenger insurance quotes, which can save you tons in the long run.

Finding the average insurance costs for a Dodge Challenger is certainly important, but what is critical is finding how much car insurance costs for your Dodge Challenger.

Just like Texas insurance rates can vary dramatically from those found in California, you will want to shop around to find out exactly how much the insurance costs will be for your Challenger.

You should also know that the 2016 Dodge Challenger insurance rates might end up being quite a bit different.

This is because rates change over time; so, to make sure that you are getting the best deal on Challenger insurance, you need to start shopping around!

Choosing the Right Insurance

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If your car is financed or leased, you will need to carry collision and comprehensive insurance as a requirement from your lender. If you own the car outright, it is up to you to insure your car for this type of coverage.

Collision will cover your car in the event you are at fault for an accident while liability will only cover the other party’s car.

Comprehensive will take care of many of other incidentals, such as fire and theft. When deciding on the amount of coverage, it is best to go by the average insurance for a Dodge Challenger that your company suggests, which will ensure that your car is properly covered.

Some car insurance companies offer insurance for specialty vehicles that are only intended for joyriding and are not driven by more than a certain amount of miles annually, such as 7,500 miles per year.

If you own a rare classic Dodge Challenger, you probably only drive your car for special occasions. However, if you own a Dodge Challenger classic remake, you may be using it as your primary vehicle.

Either way, you still need a Dodge Challenger car insurance policy to protect your vehicle. The amount of coverage you select will depend on your vehicle use as well as how much insurance coverage you can afford to protect your financial assets.

If you want to buy car insurance on a Dodge Challenger, you must shop around and compare rates from multiple insurers. Don’t settle for just the first low-priced rate quote that you see. Often, taking the extra time will pay off handsomely with even cheaper rates.

Don’t settle for just the first low-priced rate quote that you see. Often, taking the extra time will pay off handsomely with even cheaper rates.

Variations in Car Insurance

Insurance coverage for a Dodge Challenger varies from state to state. Some states are historically more expensive than others based on a variety of statistics. Where you live, and the state income average can impact your base rate insurance.

Your personal driving record coupled with your age will then affect the base rate.

The type of car you drive also makes a big difference in your car insurance premiums. Insurance for the Dodge Challenger usually ranges from $400 to $600 every six months, totaling approximately $1,000 per year.

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