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Here's what you need to know...

  • There are numerous reasons for getting non-owners auto insurance
  • Although if you drive the same car regularly, you are not eligible for non-owners insurance
  • Non-owners insurance is not collision coverage; keep in mind damages to a vehicle will not be covered if you cause an accident
  • Overall, non-owners insurance is typically more expensive than a normal policy

Non-owners auto insurance can offer you two types of coverage. One type is the kind that has you named as the primary driver on a policy, but without a car associated with it. The other kind is when you are named on a policy for a car that you don’t own.

Not every car insurance company sells non-owners insurance, but it is common enough that you should have no problem getting a comparison for a non-owners policy online. Shopping around ensures that you get the lowest rate possible for your non-owner policy.

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When You Might Need a Non-Owners Policy

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Not everyone is going to need non-owners car insurance, even when you are driving someone else’s car. There are other more affordable options and, of course, there are some policies that cover any driver on a vehicle, making a non-owner policy unnecessary.

However, there are situations where a non-owners policy makes sense, such as the following:

  • For example, there are some states that don’t provide driver’s licenses unless they have proof of car insurance. If you don’t have a car, a non-owners policy helps to meet this requirement
  • Another reason that you might require a non-owners insurance policy is if you are renting a car for more than a couple of days and you don’t have your own car insurance to cover the liability costs. Car insurance sold by rental car companies can be very expensive and as such you may want to choose a non-owners policy just to save money
  • The most common situation where someone would need a non-owners policy is if you were borrowing someone else’s vehicle on a regular basis

Many car insurance policies do cover other non-named drivers on a policy; however, if you are driving that car regularly, then this coverage no longer applies to you.

The owner of the car you are borrowing has two options at this point. Either they can add you to their policy or you need to provide a policy of your own. If adding you to their policy will increase their insurance rates, then you should consider paying for that or simply buying a non-owner policy.

In some cases, the owner of the vehicle’s insurance company may require them to add any regular drivers to the vehicle policy, even if you have your own non-owners policy.

You and the person you are borrowing the car from need to understand the rules of their policy because if you don’t and you have an accident, their insurance may refuse to pay for any of the damages your non-owner policy doesn’t cover.

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What Non-Owners Covers

A non-owners policy is actually very limited. You cannot purchase a non-owners policy that covers collision or comprehensive damage, at least not at this time. Instead, a non-owners policy is a liability-only policy that provides you with the basic coverage required by the state you live in.

A non-owners policy does not cover damages to the vehicle that you are in if you cause an accident.

On the other hand, collision coverage does offer coverage for damages to the vehicle in an accident. If you are driving someone’s vehicle with any regularity, you need to ensure that his or her coverage will cover any additional damage that is caused to the vehicle if you cause an accident.

In addition, some rental car companies will not accept a non-owners policy as an option to cover their vehicles because they require the additional collision coverage.

Don’t buy a non-owners policy for a rental car until you are clear on what their requirements are for driving one of their vehicles.

What a Non-Owners Policy Costs


The cost of a non-owners policy is affected by many of the same factors that a regular insurance policy is affected by. If you are a poor driver, for example, then your rates will be higher than someone who is a safe driver. If you are older, then your rates will be lower than someone who is younger and so on.

However, non-owners insurance is a little more expensive than a regular policy overall because you are either not listing a specific car on the policy or you don’t own the car you are driving. Therefore, you don’t have the same safety investment as someone who owns a car.

Typically, you will find that a non-owners policy costs about 25 percent more than a regular insurance policy.

Of course, this will vary depending on some of the factors listed above.

To save money on your non-owners insurance policy, you will want to shop around and get some quotes.

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