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BMW Car Insurance Rates

If you’re interested in purchasing a BMW, a comparison of prices and features is necessary before closing the deal. Knowing a bit about the brand can help you decide. BMW is based in Germany and is one of the world’s most respected automakers, known for their luxury cars and SUVs. The initials BMW stand for […]

What are the newest hybrid cars for 2012?

Everyone is trying to save a little bit of money on gas these days. With prices pushing $4 a gallon, getting more miles out of each tank of gas is important. Every little bit helps during times of economic hardship. One way that drivers can get better gas mileage is to switch to a hybrid […]

2012 New Cars

When it comes to new cars trends for 2012, advertisers seem to be sounding the alarm as to what’s the next best thing in the auto industry. During the Super Bowl 2012 commercials, eight of the top ten advertisements were for new cars. Auto enthusiasts received an eyeful of what is expected for the coming year. Trends […]

How Much Car Insurance Costs for a BMW M3

The BMW M3 comes in three different swoon-worthy styles: Sedan Coupe Convertible Each has a different average insurance rate. The sedan is the least expensive to insure with an average 12-month premium of $1,693, while the convertible model is the most expensive at $1,952 for a 12-month insurance policy. To get a free look at […]

BMW or Mercedes?

In the showdown between BMW and Mercedes Benz, who emerges as the winner? From sales to car insurance rates—who would you crown the champ? Check out the graphic below and decide for yourself. Then be sure to enter your zip code above to compare FREE car insurance rates for BMW, Mercedes, and all types of […]

Watch 10 Videos of Awesome Cars Being Built

Unless you want to build your own car most of us don’t think about how cars are built, until we get in an accident that requires auto insurance. Still, many amazing cars get constructed in equally amazing ways. Some are built by hand, and some require an army of robots. You may not realize that […]

Insurance Costs for the Most Famous Hollywood Movie Cars

They never get billing in the credits, but tricked-out cars are often movie characters in their own right — especially cars that go really fast or are crucial to the plot. Could you imagine how much some of these incredibly sweet Hollywood movie cars would cost to insure? To find out, we exhaustively researched how […]

BMW Car Insurance Costs

If you own a BMW, your car insurance rates will be higher than if you own a cheap, second-hand vehicle. Like sports cars, luxury cars come with higher insurance premiums. Get online car insurance quotes from multiple companies with just your zip code! This is because such vehicles are often at higher risk of theft […]

The 10 Craziest Celebrity Car Accidents

As if it isn’t a big deal when we regular folks get into car accidents, imagine what it must be like to be a celebrity and deal with a fender bender! The lack of privacy and cause for controversy would be quite overwhelming. You might as well have Ronald McDonald jump out of the car […]

Car Insurance Costs for a BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series cars are known for their performance, luxury, and quality of engineering. So, what does that mean for you when it comes time to get a BMW 5 Series auto insurance policy? There are many different ways to answer that question, along with a multitude of factors that are considered by insurance […]

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