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Tag Archives: Ferrari

How much is car insurance for a Bugatti Veyron?

Car lovers around the world are constantly intrigued by faster, more powerful vehicles. Bugatti and Hennessey claim the fastest cars in the world, but others are on their aerodynamic tails. Modern engineering offers spectacular starts, life-saving stops, and the aerodynamics to keep the car on the ground even as it reaches gravity-defying speeds. Though these […]

Most Expensive Car Crash in History

Everyone has seen or been part of a car accident. However, how many people could say that and then add “it was the most expensive car crash ever!”? One of the most expensive car crashes occurred on the Chugoko Expressway in Japan on Monday, December 5th. Reports state that there were only very minor injuries, and no […]

Car Insurance Costs for the Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is a top-of-the-line sports car unsuitable for the garage of the average middle-class American. Needless to say, driving a high-priced vehicle means you can expect insurance rates to be thousands of dollars annually. Remember that insurance companies base their premiums on a number of factors that are combined to calculate their risk. […]

Top Celebrity Cars

What are some of the priciest celebrity cars? Which of the celebrities’ cars shown below would YOU most want to drive? Check out the graphic and celebrity car pictures below and then be sure to save yourself some money on your car insurance, even if you aren’t cruising around in a Ferrari or a Bentley. […]

Insurance Costs for the Most Famous Hollywood Movie Cars

They never get billing in the credits, but tricked-out cars are often movie characters in their own right — especially cars that go really fast or are crucial to the plot. Could you imagine how much some of these incredibly sweet Hollywood movie cars would cost to insure? To find out, we exhaustively researched how […]

Exotic Car Insurance Coverage for Your Unique Vehicle

Car insurance can be customized to offer special protection to unique vehicles. Cars labeled “exotic” cost more than the average car and often drive faster than the average car. These are specimens that are limited in number. This article details the definition of an exotic car and the recommended coverage options. Enter your zip code […]

The 10 Craziest Celebrity Car Accidents

As if it isn’t a big deal when we regular folks get into car accidents, imagine what it must be like to be a celebrity and deal with a fender bender! The lack of privacy and cause for controversy would be quite overwhelming. You might as well have Ronald McDonald jump out of the car […]

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