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HyreCar Car Rental (4 Considerations Before You Decide)

Do you want to drive for Uber or Lyft but don’t have a vehicle that meets the requirements? Do you have an extra car that is just sitting around without being used? If either of those sound like your situation, HyreCar may provide the perfect solution. HyreCar offers the option for drivers to rent a […]

Are U.S. roads deadly during the Stanley Cup Finals? (2018 Study)

Click here for rankings table and click here to view interactive graphics. Biscuits. Buckets. Sweaters. These words take on new meanings for hockey fans. Called Hurley back then, the game of hockey originated in Nova Scotia in the early 1800s. It has been called a “Canadian game…as Canadian as the Maple Leaf.” But today the […]

What is a Volunteer discount?

Some people volunteer with local organizations as a constructive way to spend their free time, and others are passionately concerned about specific causes or issues. Regardless of the reason why you have decided to spend some of your free time volunteering for an organization or charity, you should be aware that you can potentially save […]

What is a Non-Smoker/Non-Drinker discount?

Many people are aware that drinking and smoking are unhealthy behaviors in different ways, but you may not be aware that they can affect your car insurance expenses. Your car insurance premium is one of the most significant costs associated with driving, and you want to save money on car insurance in any way possible. […]

What is a Farm Vehicle discount?

Life on a farm can be simplistic and relaxed, but you still need to actively monitor your finances and live within a specific budget. One of the expenses that you may keep a close eye on is your auto insurance premium, and this is because your car insurance premium can be rather expensive in comparison […]

Is falling asleep at the wheel covered by car insurance?

Driving comes with risks. Once a vehicle pulls out on the road, the potential for being the victim of or causing an accident is a possibility. Accidents can even happen in one’s own driveway. Because of the risks inherent with operating a moving vehicle, smart drivers buy quality insurance policies. Comparing a series of quotes […]

Does a pacemaker affect auto insurance?

Health issues are unfortunately something that all of us are going to have to deal with at some point in our life. One very common thing that many people benefit from is that of a pacemaker. A pacemaker is a tiny device that assists our heart to keep it at a steady beat. When you […]

Does sleep apnea affect your car insurance?

Sleep disorders are something that can have a significant impact on your quality of life. These types of disorders can change virtually everything that you do, from going to work, attending school, social events, even just sitting on the couch and trying to watch a movie or television show. The vast majority of people will […]

Insurance for Shipping a Car Overseas

You may be traveling to a different country for work or holiday, and you may need to take your car with you. Most of the travelers would consider shipping their vehicles rather than flying them into the country of destination to save on the costs. The shipping officials require you to provide the necessary documents […]

Car Insurance for an Emergency Service Worker

Emergency service workers have their lives on the line every day to respond to a call or attend to an emergency. At times, you may have to use your personal vehicles to arrive at the emergency site. Therefore, it is important to get coverage for your private and the work vehicles properly to protect you […]

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