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10 Hilariously Bad Parking Fails

Share Tweet Pin +1We all dreaded the parallel parking portion of our driver’s exam, but for some people, even making it into the local grocery store parking lot without a catastrophe is a challenge. Check out these top five parking fails; some are actually impressive, while others are just plain sad, but they’ve all got […]

Should I buy new car replacement insurance?

Buying a new car is often a very exciting experience. The uniqueness associated with traveling around in a new car does make driving invigorating. Dreams, sadly, are too frequently shattered by reality. Even newly purchased vehicles can and do end up in serious accidents. Neither the hands of fate nor the negligence of a careless […]

Does car insurance cover interior damage?

We all take a lot of pride in what our car looks like, both inside and out. We clean the interior of our vehicles We try to keep it looking beautiful We refrain from scratching the LCD screens If the interior of your vehicle is damaged, though, how does car insurance factor in? When most […]

Does auto insurance cover an ambulance?

When an ambulance is called, it is generally because someone is hurt. Determining whether insurance covers the cost of the ambulance will depend on various factors. You need to determine fault You must find out whether anyone actually took the ambulance to the hospital You must understand what type of insurance you and the other […]

Does auto insurance cover rust?

Car bodies are made of metal. Since metal can easily rust when it’s exposed to cold and wet climates, cars can rust over time. While advances in the materials like carbon fiber, that are used in vehicle manufacturing have helped to combat this corrosion issue, no vehicle is completely immune to rust. There are a […]

Does insurance cover hydrolocked engine?

Driving in wet conditions can lead to a hydrolocked engine. Hydrolock could render the engine completely useless. If you can file an insurance claim, it will help you to get the repairs without having to pay out-of-pocket. Compare car insurance quotes by entering your zip code above. What is a hydrolocked engine and how does […]

Does auto insurance cover road debris?

As a driver, you are always faced with potential perils while you are behind the wheel. Think about everything that is happening around you as you are driving down a busy highway. You have cars all around you: to the left to the right in front behind You have the potential for objects to be […]

Does auto insurance cover bullet holes?

If you have bullet holes in your car, you will want to schedule repairs as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the bullet holes, you might have the following: a damaged car frame broken windows other damage Rather than dealing with all of the expenses on your own, you could potentially file a […]

Does car insurance cover air conditioning?

If your air conditioning breaks on your car, you will eventually need to get it repaired. The cost of the repairs can be expensive depending on the level of damage. Your first thought might be to file a claim with your car insurance. Unfortunately, insurance will often reject such claims because a typical air conditioning […]

Does auto insurance cover water leaks?

Your car might be built to withstand the sun, the wind, and everything the open highway might throw at it, but it’s not invincible. While moderate levels of rain won’t do much harm to your vehicle, heavy storms can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior and on mechanical components of your vehicle under the hood. […]

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