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Here's what you need to know...

  • AAA is an established, reputable organization that operates through regional member clubs
  • The clubs typically offer flexible payment options and a variety of discounts
  • AAA club members have the ability to upgrade their insurance packages

AAA was founded on March 4, 1902.  AAA is a non-profit organization whose clubs, including the Automobile Club of Southern California, have offered low-priced emergency roadside assistance for years.

AAA was formed because there was a lack of well-maintained roads for vehicles.

As you consider purchasing car insurance through an AAA club, you should be aware of some benefits and options offered.

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AAA Club Car Insurance Policy Terms & Payment Options

One of the benefits of buying auto insurance from an AAA club is that you will likely be offered a 12-month policy for a set premium price.  Most other insurance providers offer only a 6-month policy.

AAA clubs also generally offer different payment options so you can pay on flexible terms.

AAA Club Auto Insurance Discounts

When you buy auto insurance from an AAA club, you can receive a variety of discounts.  Typically, you will receive the greatest discount when you buy more than just one policy.

  • Auto and Home and Life – You can save up to 19.4 % off your auto policy and up to 20% off your homeowner’s policy.
  • Auto Policy and Homeowner’s Policy – You can save up to 15.6%.
  • Auto Policy and Condo Policy – You can save up to 7.5%.
  • Auto Policy and Renters – You can save up to 3.7%.

AAA Club Car Insurance Coverage

Before you commit to buying an auto insurance policy from an AAA club, you should evaluate policies from other auto insurance providers.

If you need other insurance along with auto insurance, it would be best to ask for a quote including all of your insurance needs so you can compare it with what you are currently paying.

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