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Here's what you need to know...

  • It is illegal to use a false address to receive cheaper car insurance rates
  • If your insurance carrier finds that you falsified information on your policy, they will likely cancel your policy immediately
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for a variety of reasons

Is it legal to use a different address on your car insurance application so that you can get cheaper auto insurance? Faced with the rising costs of car insurance, more and more people seek out ways to save money and still maintain coverage.

While most people will go the traditional routes of altering coverage — learning about discounts and shopping around — still others will take more unconventional routes to save money.

There are people who, upon learning that their location influences their car insurance rates, will use a different address to get cheaper car insurance. But is this legal?

In a word, no!

Read on to learn some of the specifics of why you should not use a different address when applying for auto insurance, and then be sure to enter your zip code to compare car insurance quotes from many top companies today!

Why it’s Wrong to Use a Different Address for Cheaper Car Insurance

When you are eliciting quotes for car insurance, it may at times be tempting to answer certain questions a little less than accurately.

Most people know what triggers will end up earning them higher car insurance rates, and they want to avoid them.

However, most of those people are also smart enough to realize that insurers will access their driving record to find out exactly how many tickets and accidents they were involved in and when. Therefore, lying is useless.

Using a different address just to get cheaper car insurance is also likely to fail because insurers check things out thoroughly when issuing car insurance.

Much of the checking, however, is actually done after you have paid at least a portion of your premium and your policy is in force.

What makes it illegal to use a different address to get car insurance is the fact that you are entering into a legal contract under false pretenses.

Any incorrect information that you provide to the insurer jeopardizes the legal contract you have between you and the company and can mean nullification of the coverage.

Therefore, it is critical to give your real address and answer all questions completely truthfully when purchasing car insurance.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Call for FREE quotes: (855) 425-8122

The Consequences of Using a Different Address to Save on Auto Insurance

If you are caught using a different address to get cheaper car insurance — and you will be caught sooner or later — you will face multiple consequences.

While it is very unlikely that you will be charged with insurance fraud, the possibility does exist.

What is most likely to happen is that your policy will be canceled retroactively to the beginning. It will be as if you never had that car insurance policy at all.

If you have suffered losses during that time, there will be no claims payout.

If claims were indeed paid out on your behalf, the insurer will bill you for the amount.

You may even be sued if you refuse to pay.

Furthermore, without a car insurance policy in place, you will need to get busy finding car insurance so you can comply with minimum state requirements for insurance and any requirements for coverage that a lender may have if your vehicle is financed.

However, having a recent policy canceled for any reason is a big red flag for other insurers.

You are very likely to find it difficult to find coverage, especially at a good price. Because of your deception, you are now deemed high-risk and have the auto insurance premiums to go along with the title.

Legal Ways to Find Cheaper Car Insurance

There are many different ways for you to get cheaper car insurance.

The most obvious way is to shop around carefully, get as many quotes as possible from different insurers, and compare them to find the best deal.

Guidelines and rates vary from company to company. That’s why shopping around is so important.

You should also look at adjusting your coverage. If your vehicle is older and is no longer financed, you may want to consider removing comprehensive and collision coverage, which will save you significantly on your yearly premiums.

If you do not want to eliminate these types of coverage, or can’t because your vehicle is still financed, you should instead raise the deductibles to save on premiums.

Just be sure the amount is one that you can cover out-of-pocket if needed.

When shopping for coverage, be sure to ask about discounts. When you have narrowed your choices of insurers down, contact them to find out about the discounts they offer. Most offer standard discounts for:

  • payment in full
  • insuring your home and car with the same company
  • putting a low number of miles per year on your vehicle

There are also unusual discounts such as ones for being a member of certain groups, subscribing to a certain magazine and more. It always pays to ask.

When you want to get started on the quest for cheaper car insurance, the best place to begin is with our free online quote tool.

It allows you to get multiple car insurance quotes so you can quickly and easily start comparing the different options and prices available to you.

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