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  • Because it is classified as a high-risk, luxury vehicle, safety features can greatly impact car insurance rates for a Cadillac STS
  • Factors that are beyond the consumer’s control such as age and gender will also affect car insurance premiums
  • Consumers can make sure they have a good driving record and credit score in an effort to lower their car insurance rates
  • Always compare several insurance providers before deciding on one from which to purchase coverage

Maybe you’ve been saving for years for that luxury car you always wanted. Or you just inherited a bunch of money and want to treat yourself with something classy. Whatever your reason, you decide to buy a Cadillac STS.

After making this decision, one question you should consider is how much would car insurance cost for a Cadillac STS. Before you insurance for it, however, you should review the basics of buying car insurance.

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How does safety impact the car insurance rate for a Cadillac STS?

If you purchase a Cadillac STS, you will want to make sure you live in a safe area. As with all Cadillacs, the STS is a high-end car that is more likely to get stolen or vandalized.

Because of this potential for theft, the STS is a high-risk vehicle, which will result in higher rates.

There are ways you can try to lower these rates. Insurance companies will give you discounts for every safety measure you take to protect your car.

  • Whenever possible, lock your Cadillac STS in a garage when you’re not using it.
  • Install safety devices to protect your car when you can’t. Car alarms and anti-theft devices are great additions.
  • Buy a smart key, which senses when the key is away from the car and locks the car automatically.

Adding these can lower your insurance rates dramatically.

What uncontrollable variables affect the car insurance premium on my Cadillac STS?


There are a few things you can’t control that will affect your insurance rates.

– Age is important to insurers

If you are a driver younger than 25, insurance companies believe you don’t have enough experience to be a safe driver so they’ll charge you more for car insurance.

The same is true for people over 55, but this price increase is due to the fact that older people have slower reflexes. People between 25 and 55 will get the lowest insurance rates.

– Women tend to be safer drivers than men

Men are less likely to wear seat belts and more likely to get into accidents. Because of this, women will be offered lower insurance rates than men.

– Your neighborhood affects your car insurance

If you live in an unsafe area that is known for theft and vandalism without a place to store your Cadillac securely, you will be charged more for insurance.

Conversely, living in a safe neighborhood where the Cadillac STS is locked up when not in use will earn you lower rates.

– Insurers charge single people more than married couples

Car insurance companies believe married men and women will be less likely to participate in risky activities. Also, husbands and wives usually have their own cars, and thus, have more than one policy with their insurance company.

Most insurers reward people who have multiple policies with discounts.

These last two factors obviously are things you can change, but most people won’t move or change their marriage status just to decrease their insurance rates.

What controllable variables impact the car insurance premiums of my Cadillac STS?

Many factors insurance agents use to calculate the insurance rates for your Cadillac STS are under your control.

It is good to have a good driving record because then your insurer will give you lower rates. If you have moving violations, such as a speeding or a DUI record, your insurance rates could be affected for up to three years.

The good part is that if you keep your driving record clean, your insurer might lower your rates after some time.

Similarly, you need a good credit report in order to buy the cheapest insurance for your Cadillac STS. Having good credit shows insurance companies you are responsible, and they can trust you to pay your bills.

If your credit isn’t great when you buy an insurance policy, you can work on making it better and then ask for lower insurance rates.

There are many levels of coverage you can purchase. If you buy your Cadillac STS with a loan, the lender will probably require you to have comprehensive coverage, which will cover the other party and his car as well as you and your car if you’re in an accident.

However, if you own your car and feel you could cover any medical and/or repair bills that might result from an accident, you can buy liability insurance.

This covers the other person and her vehicle but not you which makes it a cheaper coverage.

How does shopping around affect my Cadillac STS car insurance rates?

Portrait of call center worker accompanied by her team. Smiling customer support operator at work. Help and support concept

As with buying all other types of insurance, shop around and get quotes from a bunch of different companies. Most insurers offer free online quotes but be sure to enter the same information on each site in order to ensure accurate comparisons.

End your search by calling the most likely insurers and haggle to get the cheapest policy available.

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