Garage Car Insurance – Is Your Car in a Garage? Car Insurance for Garage Kept Vehicles

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Parking your car in a private garage will lower car insurance premiums
  • Cars are safer from theft, vandalism, and weather when they are in a garage
  • If your car is in a parking garage or a repair garage, you should check to see what the garage’s insurance policy covers and decide if you need to expand your coverage

If you keep your car in a locked garage, car insurance can be substantially lower than if your car was left unprotected at night.

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When you buy a car insurance policy, one of the questions that may be asked of you is where your car is stored.

If you park your car in your locked garage, you will get a lower premium than if you routinely park your car on a public street.

In a completely different scenario, when your car is in an auto body repair shop garage, you should inquire if the shop has garage car insurance.

If not, check with your insurance agent to see if you have your own coverage in case something happens. If you only have liability you won’t be covered, but if you have comprehensive you should be okay.

Park in a Private Garage: Insurance Premiums Drop


The reason your car insurance premiums drop if your car is stored in a private garage is because there is a reduced risk of harm. Here are some examples:

  • Cars that are parked on public streets have a greater chance of being broken into or vandalized.
  • Cars that are in a garage have a lower risk of being stolen.
  • Another reason garage-kept cars pay a lower price in premium is that if a car is sheltered in a garage during a storm, it stands a lesser chance of sustaining any kind of damage. Cars left out in the open during a hailstorm can be left with hundreds of dents. Lightning and windstorms can also harm a car parked outside.

If you do not have your own garage in which to keep your car, you may be able to use someone else’s garage and pay rent to keep your car there.

The insurance company will lower your premiums whether the garage belongs to you or someone else. The key is to keep the car in any private garage.

If you belong to a condominium or other complex that has a public parking garage, that still counts as your car being garage-kept and you will see a reduction in your car insurance premiums.

You may also be able to qualify for a lower car insurance rate if your car is kept within a gated estate.

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Keeping Your Car in a Public Garage

Cars that are parked in public garages that are intended for parking vehicles are usually covered by the car owner’s insurance. The garage structure itself should be insured by the garage owner.

It is a good idea to find out if the garage is insured in case something happens to the garage that results in damage to your vehicle.

The garage owner has nothing to do with negligent driving. However, if the garage is structurally unsound or a storm damages it and something falls on your car and harms it, then the garage owner may be held responsible.

Any body shop or automotive repair shop also needs to carry proper garage related commercial car insurance. As with all insurance, there are various levels of insurance to buy, so the garage you are using may not have complete coverage.

It is possible they have coverage for all autos but they may also only have coverage for autos that are on consignment. See the section below for different types of garage car insurance.

Symbols for Garage Car Insurance


Whether you are a dealer or a car shop, you need to have adequate coverage for the cars that are left in your responsibility. Depending on your type of business, the type of car insurance you need can vary.

  • Symbol 21 – Is complete coverage which covers any auto.
  • Symbol 22 – This covers all cars that are owned.
  • Symbol 23 – Only covers private passenger cars
  • Symbol 24 – Will cover all cars that are not private passenger cars.
  • Symbol 25 – This car insurance will cover cars as far as no-fault laws are concerned
  • Symbol 26 – Covers cars as they relate to uninsured motorist laws
  • Symbol 27 – For very specific cars, you can buy this insurance
  • Symbol 28 – Only applies to cars for hire
  • Symbol 29 – Will cover those cars not owned by the garage
  • Symbol 30 – Protects clients’ cars that are left for servicing or repair
  • Symbol 31 – Any cars that are on consignment should be covered this

As a client, even if you leave your car there for storage you are protected by symbol 30 car insurance.

It is always a good idea to make sure your car has sufficient coverage before leaving it at any garage. Car insurance is available to protect your car regardless of where it is kept, although it is cheaper if your car is kept in a garage.

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