10 Easy Steps to Get State Farm Car Insurance Quotes Online (Pictures)

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Here's what you need to know...
  • State Farm insures more homes and cars than any other insurance provider in America
  • Getting car insurance quotes from State Farm is simple and easy using their online tool
  • Comparing direct quotes from insurance providers and using quote comparison sites like ours can help you make sure you get the best deal on car insurance

When shopping around for car insurance, it only makes sense to start with quotes from some of the most popular providers. State Farm provides over 45 million auto insurance policies throughout America and insures more homes and cars than any other insurance providers in the country.

State Farm promises to be there “like a good neighbor,” so it’s worth checking out whether their policies are the right match for you. Check out this easy guide and walk with us through the process of getting your next car insurance quote from State Farm.

You can also start comparing coverage from several providers by entering your zip code above!

Step #1 — Ask About State Farm

Who is State Farm, exactly? You may have seen one of their commercials or had them suggested by a family member or friend. If you asked someone about car insurance companies in the US, State Farm would probably be in the top three. As it turns out, they’re actually the largest auto insurance provider in America.

But what does that mean for you? You may think it makes them extremely trustworthy, or you might be skeptical that they’ll be too commercialized and lack the personalized attention and care you can get from a small, local provider.

Some online research is the best way to get a feel for State Farm before you request a quote.

Check out their About Us page. You can read their story and learn how they rose from humble beginnings in 1922 to dominate the market after almost a century in business.

You can read news from State Farm and learn what their latest developments are, and, uniquely, read about their community involvements to learn how they try their best to live “like a good neighbor.”

You can also check out their auto insurance policies and learn about how they handle coverage. If you like what you see, it’s time to request a quote.

Step #2 — Enter Your Zip Code

Head over to State Farm’s website and enter your zip code. This is the first step toward getting connected with your local State Farm office.

Auto insurance will be selected by default, but if you’re interested in bundling or an umbrella policy, you can request separate quotes by repeating the process and choosing from the variety of other insurance policies offered through State Farm like life, homeowners, and small business insurance.

Talking to an agent from your nearest agency (who you’ll be connected with early-on in the quote process) will help you learn whether or not State Farm is a good fit for more than just your auto insurance coverage.

Step #3 — Enter Your Information

State Farm asks your first and last names, date of birth and home address. Enter the information in the boxes provided and click “Next” to proceed.

Step #4 — Agree to the Privacy Policy

Before you proceed, take a look at State Farm’s privacy policy and make sure you agree to their terms and conditions. You can click on the “Notice of Privacy Policy” and learn about State Farm’s privacy principles, how they use the customer information they collect, and how that information is used.

Step #5 — Get Your Car Info Ready


You’ll need to add information about your car’s make and model. Doing so will help State Farm present you with the best variety of coverage options based off your state’s requirements and your car’s value; insuring two or more cars can qualify you for a multi-car discount with State Farm that can help you save up to 20 percent on your policy.

Joining the Drive Safe & Save program with your car’s OnStar technology can save you up to 50 percent on your insurance rates!

Step #6 — Determine Your Car’s Make and Model

The type of car you drive impacts how much you’ll pay for car insurance; if you don’t know the exact model of your car, you can select “Don’t see your body style?” and State Farm will either offer alternative options or put you in touch with an agent who can help you get the most accurate figure.

You could, alternatively, enter your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This 17-character code is a unique identifier of your vehicle. The easiest way to find your VIN number is to check the driver’s side of your vehicle where the dashboard meets the windshield.

If you don’t see it there, open the driver’s side door and look for a sticker on the inside of the door frame.

Step #7 — Save Your Progress


Saving your progress by entering your email address will allow you to stop and gather any information you’re missing or just come back later.

Step #8 — Add Drivers

Once you’ve input all of your household’s vehicles, you’ll be asked to provide information about the drivers of each car. If it’s just yourself, that’s fine! Make sure the names and date of birth displayed are correct, then enter your driver’s license number or social security number to proceed.

Word of Advice: Although State Farm is a secure site, it’s better to keep your SSN to yourself unless you’re buying a policy. Since you can enter your driver’s license number instead, we recommend going with that alternative.

Step #9 — Get Help if You Need It

On the left-hand side of the screen, during any time, you can access help by requesting a call from an agent, calling State Farm directly or reading through FAQs. Remember that you can save your progress at any point and return to it when you’re ready. It takes time to find quality coverage, and it pays to research.

Step #10 — Get Your Personalized Quotes

By entering your contact information, you’ll get an up-to-date State Farm quote that you can compare with quotes from other companies.

If you like what you see from the start, it’s a good idea to weigh the offer against at least three other car insurance quotes. You can mix and match offers from big brands and local agencies to guarantee you’re getting the best deal.

Enter your zip code below to compare quotes from several companies. Shopping around can help find your best option for coverage and price.

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