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Here's what you need to know...

  • Hagerty offers specialty insurance for collectors of specialty, classic, and antique vehicles
  • There are a few restrictions, but if they agree to insure your vehicle, it typically will cost less than going with a mainstream auto insurer
  • It’s always in the customer’s best interest to compare rate quotes from several companies before deciding which one to use

Hagerty Car Insurance is a very exclusive provider. The company began offering auto insurance services in the country only in 1991 and they only cover specialty, antique and classic vehicles.

Car aficionados who want affordable coverage for prized automobiles can rely on Hagerty to provide them with specialty car insurance policies at a fraction of the price of regular car insurance plans. Read this review and then compare car insurance rates today!

What does Hagerty cover?


It’s critical to understand what your insurance providers cover. Hagerty offers a competitive package with their policies.

  • Clients get the full agreed value coverage amount in the event of a total loss.
  • Plan holders can pay a single liability fee even if they have several classic cars to insure.
  • There are a wide variety of deductibles available for clients.
  • Clients can pick any repair shop to handle repairs of insured vehicle.
  • In-house customer service is available and can process claims daily from April to October.
  • They offer medical reimbursement for plan holders and their families for injuries incurred during car shows.
  • Automatic insurance coverage of as much as $50,000 for any new addition to your car collection.

The people behind the company are vehicle collectors, too, so they know what a car collector is looking for in a car insurance plan.

Aside from the standard Hagerty auto insurance, clients can also purchase special coverage and add-ons in their policies in cases where:

  • the insured vehicles are undergoing restoration
  • in transport overseas
  • used for business or promotional use
  • a policyholder uses their vehicle during foreign trips

These special types of coverage could be accommodated by other car insurance companies but at a much higher premium rates than Hagerty.

The company also provides a wider range of benefits for its clients. In fact, many plan holders think that Hagerty provides them not only with auto insurance coverage but also that feeling of being a member of an exclusive and elite auto club.

Some of the free services include flatbed towing, emergency roadside rescue, concierge services and also a free subscription to the Hagerty magazine.

Problems with Hagerty Car Insurance


One of the main problems you might encounter with Hagerty auto insurance is that the company has a lot of restrictions.

  • Even if you own a classic car, it does not necessarily mean that they will agree to cover it.
  • Aside from the type and model of the vehicle, a major consideration in deciding whether to cover it or not is how frequently the vehicle is used by its owner. If you only have one collectible car and you use it every day, the company may refuse to cover it.
  • Also, drivers with at least two minor traffic violations within a period of 36 to 72 months may not qualify for any auto insurance plan from Hagerty.
  • Lastly, the company will also look into how a car collection is being kept by its owner. If you do not have a fully enclosed and secure area to store your classic car collection, you may not be eligible to get auto insurance from this company.

All in all, Hagerty Insurance offers valuable coverage at a great price if a vehicle can meet the company’s requirements.

The company also provides great customer service, fast claims and even additional benefits. Then again, it is still wise for a car owner to request quotes from different car insurance companies.

It pays to compare rates, product features, and after-sales services of different auto insurance plans before getting one.

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