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Here's what you need to know...

  • Windshield car insurance depends on where you live in the United States
  • Windshield coverage also depends on how much your car is worth to you
  • There are many factors to consider before purchasing windshield coverage

The following answers to typical questions related to this topic will help you make an informed and financially wise decision.

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What is the history of the windshield?

A woman driving with one hand on steering wheel.

It is hard to imagine cars without windshields today, but in the early years, the majority of cars did not have them.

A windshield was considered a luxury feature and was sold separately. The majority of drivers simply wore driving goggles to keep dust and debris out of their eyes.

At that time, cars not only did not have windshields, they also had no roofs or side windows.

Like the windshield, a top and side curtain could be purchased and installed separately, but the top only covered the driver’s side and the car was still completely open to the elements.

Within a little over a decade of cars being invented, they started being built with glass all around as a way to keep the passengers safe and dry.

This change made driving more commonplace and an enjoyable pastime, instead of just a method to get from one place to another.

Since more glass was being used in the production of these cars, changes were made to the way the glass industry manufactured the glass. This made it more efficient and much quicker to keep up with the demand.

The advancements to windshields continued in 1927 with the invention of safety glass. Up until that point, windshields were made out of regular glass that would shatter in an accident, often causing the driver more injury than the accident itself. Safety glass was a car safety breakthrough.

By introducing a film between two layers of glass, the windshield could break but the glass would not shatter. While the middle layer has been improved upon over the years, the basic concept is still the same today.

Since the late 1960’s, all cars in the United States have been made with this type of laminated safety glass.

Perfecting curved glass for windshields and windows has allowed for the advancement of car design. Solar glass, which absorbs heat from the sun, has caused car interiors not to be quite as hot in the summer months.

For more on the history of auto safety glass, you can search online.

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What should you do if your car’s windshield is damaged?

If you have coverage for your windshield and that windshield is damaged, the first step is always to call your car insurance provider.

If the damage is covered by the insurance policy, most car insurance providers can arrange quick service, including same-day service.

Not all windshield damage means the entire windshield needs to be replaced. In most cases, small chips and cracks can be repaired quickly without replacing the entire windshield.

If these small cracks are left for a long period of time without being repaired, they will eventually become large cracks. After a windshield crack exceeds six inches, the entire windshield will need to be replaced, which is much more costly than a simple repair.

Is it easy to get windshield car insurance coverage?

Driving a car

In all states the option to having your windshields covered is available. The state you dwell in will determine the price, amount, and coverage you can or will want to get.

What you need to understand is that you have to purchase comprehensive insurance coverage, no matter in which state you reside, in order to have any sort of windshield protection.

Without comprehensive coverage if you crack are break a windshield the money will come directly from your pocket.

Will I have windshield protection if I only purchase my state’s required insurance coverage?

The majority of states only require that a driver have some fixed amount of liability protection in the case of a traffic accident to pay for injuries to property or individuals.

Having a damaged windshield unfortunately will not fall under that type of coverage.

You need to make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle and then ask your agent on how you go about getting additional windshield protection.

How much windshield protection will I have if I purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan?


This depends on the the type of deductible you want many times. Windshield protection will fall under comprehensive covers. Comprehensive and collision insurance are not the same thing.

Comprehensive coverage is used for situations, other than collisions, when you car is damaged.

For example, you would be covered if your car is vandalized, stolen, in a flood, fire, or due to hitting a deer or other animal.

The amount of your deductible will determine how much coverage you have. The higher the deductible, the more affordable the insurance, but also the more out of pocket you will need to pay in the case there is damage to your vehicle.

If your deductible is $1000, and fixing your windshield costs $250, then you will need to pay for that entire repair out of your pocket; thus, you most likely want to make a claim because your insurance rates possibly could go up.

Also, some states offer free windshield replacement by law as long as you have the required comprehensive coverage. Others require you to purchase additional windshield protection if you don’t want to have to go out of pocket ever for windshield repair or replacement.

Is it true that windshield car insurance coverage is free?

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What people are saying when they boast to having “free” windshield protection is that either they reside in the states that do provide free window replacement as long as they have purchased comprehensive coverage for their car.

Those states are:

  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • South Carolina

In numerous areas around the country a cracked windshield becomes what is known as a no-fault insurance claim and will not cause your rates to go up, and the deductible for this situation will be waived most times than not.

Moreover, some states have a zero deductible in terms of windshield or glass repair. But remember you need to purchase some amount of comprehensive coverage in order for these benefits to be realized.

In some states, if the only part of the car that needs to be fixed is broken glass then you may have only a $0 to $250 deductible to worry about.

What’s the difference between full windshield (or glass) coverage and repair coverage?

Mechanic standing in front of car with two wrenches in hand. Car repair.

In most comprehensive coverage plans, you are covered for repairs made to your windshield. Meaning that if you don’t need to replace the entire window then you are covered.

If you want to make sure you have full glass coverage for your vehicle, which will cover both repairs and replacement, then you will want to invest in full glass coverage.

Usually if the crack is less than the size of a quarter than a repair can most likely be done to the window and no replacement is needed.

As long as you are not exchanging our one window or glass plate for another, you are repairing the scratch, chip, or crack to your window.

If my car is in an accident will my window get fixed without a deductible?

If your windshield alone was damaged, then most likely you will have a very low or zero deductible for this repair, depending upon the coverage you have.

If your car has other damages along with the windshield then that will fall under your collision insurance coverage and a deductible will most likely come into play before determining your out-of-pocket expenses.

Whether or not you think windshield coverage is the correct option for your current situation, you need to compare the car insurance quotes of the U.S.’s top providers by typing in your ZIP code below!

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