If your child gets a learner’s permit, do you have to add them to your auto insurance policy?

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UPDATED: Dec 31, 2016

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Here's what you need to know...

  • You probably do not need to add a teen with a learner’s permit to your insurance, but you should check with your insurer to make sure
  • You should take this life-change of your teen starting to drive, to reexamine your existing coverage limits. Circumstances may have changed drastically in your life since you last looked at your coverage
  • Adults with learner’s permits may be viewed differently by an insurance company than a teen with a permit

The answer to the question of whether a child with a learner’s permit needs to be added to the parents’ auto insurance policy depends on the new driver’s age and living situation.

Each car insurance company has its own rules about whether and when new drivers should be added to an existing car insurance policy.

The most basic situation is that, as long as the adult driver who owns the car is covered, the child will be, too. However, some companies require notification.

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Teen Drivers with Learners Permits


In a situation where the driver is a teen living with both parents, he or she may not need to be added to an existing insurance policy right away.

It’s a good idea to check with the insurance company to find out when a new driver needs to be added.

Since the person with the learner’s permit will be operating the vehicle under the supervision of a licensed driver, he or she will probably be covered until obtaining a full driver’s license.

Teens with divorced parents who spend some time with each one may need to be added to each parent’s car insurance policy. Even if the new driver spends

Even if the new driver spends very little time behind the wheel of a parent’s car, the insurance company considers whether they have access to the vehicle when deciding who must be on the policy.

Adults with Learners Permits


When the new driver is an adult living with his or her parents, the situation is a bit different. The insurance company may insist that the individual is added to any existing car insurance policies right away.

Rather than assuming that a new adult driver would be covered, it’s a good idea to contact the insurance company when the individual obtains the learner’s permit. That way, if the policy needs to be changed, the policyholder can deal with it right away.

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Review Insurance Coverage

When a policyholder is thinking about adding a new driver to his or her insurance policy, it’s a good time to review the type and level of coverage on the vehicle.

Many people don’t think about whether their current level of coverage has kept up with their needs.

A young person who has recently learned how to drive and who has bought his or her first car may be more concerned with being able to cover the cost of car payments and insurance than the level of coverage they have.

Over time, life changes may mean changes in car insurance coverage. Getting married, buying a house, and starting a family means that the policyholder may need to increase the level of coverage he or she has in place.

By the time a parent has a child old enough to learn how to drive, he or she may have accumulated a number of assets that need to be protected.

If it’s been some time since the level of insurance coverage in place has been reviewed, now is the time to contact the insurance company or an independent insurance agent for help.

Working with an agent is a good idea since these individuals can shop the market to find the best combination of a good level of protection and an affordable price for his or her clients.

The agent can also offer advice about what level of coverage the customer should be looking at for his or her situation.

Another option car insurance customers can consider when considering making changes to an existing policy, including adding a new driver, is to do the legwork themselves.

The Internet makes it much easier and more convenient for car insurance customers to gather general information about car insurance coverage and get their questions answered.

Here are some easy ways to get answers:

  • A quick e-mail to a car insurance company, including the insured’s name and policy number
  • A phone call to the company’s customer service department

It’s a good idea to consider quotes from several insurance companies when reviewing coverage options.

Each company sets its own standards for determining levels of risk and coverage rates, and the amount charged can vary greatly, depending on the insurer.

Taking some time to consider options when a life change occurs makes good sense, and it’s probably a good idea to evaluate the car insurance coverage on an annual basis, anyway.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes for Learners Permits


Depending on the insurance company involved, a person who has recently obtained a learner’s permit may not need to be added to a car insurance policy right away.

The rules may be different for teens learning to drive than a young adult who is living with his or her parents.

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