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Here's what you need to know...
  • If you’re interested in an imported vehicle, look into specialty car insurance companies
  • Imported vehicles are not subject to the same crash tests that non-imported vehicles go through, so it’s hard for insurance companies to gauge a vehicle’s safety
  • There are several things you can do to get lower rates for your insurance on an imported vehicle

When it comes to import car insurance, it is better to do some research and learn what it entails as it is a lot different from other forms of insurance. The article that follows details the factors you need to consider.

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Imported cars are becoming very popular in the US and the UK. This popular is because of their better specifications and performance levels. In addition, users of such cars can brag about owning a unique and stylish vehicle.

Why is import car insurance expensive?

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The problem for insurers with respect to imported cars is that there are no proper channels for checking the risks associated with imported cars.

The insurers are not aware of the type of security and safety testing that has been done on these imported cars. In addition, they don’t know whether parts and specialists are available for crash repairs.

Hence, import car insurance involves higher premiums than what is available for mass-produced cars.

What things should I consider before buying import car insurance?

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The first thing to do before shopping for import car insurance is to look around and engage in comparison-shopping.

Although this is the normal advice given to anyone looking to buy any type of insurance, this becomes all the more important when purchasing import car insurance.

It is also better to work with a niche insurer or a person who specializes in the insurance of imported cars, as he or she can completely understand the risks and factors involved.

After getting detailed quotes from various insurance companies, the buyer can decide on the most cost-effective one to meet his needs.

The buyer must know a lot about the car such as whether it has been imported from a country such as Japan, which is outside the EU, or whether it is sold according to European specifications.

The buyer must also know the factors that can drive the premiums up and down to avoid confusion later on.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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How can I save money on import car insurance?

There are various ways in which buyers can bring down their premium cost when it comes to import car insurance. The following are some of them:

  1. When thinking of purchasing import car insurance, try to get a low mileage policy if you will be driving rarely or on important occasions only. Insurers are aware that cars will be less prone to accidents when they are driven rarely.
  2. Lots of benefits can be enjoyed by having a membership with an owners’ club. This is because of their association with specialist insurers, which could help in bringing down the premium.
  3. The premium can also be lowered by keeping the car in a garage at night. This will better protect the vehicle from theft. Insurers will look positively upon those who protect their cars in this way.
  4. Cars having security devices installed will attract lower insurance premiums.
  5. The model and make of the imported car will also play an important part in determining the overall insurance price. Very expensive vehicles that have been imported from EU into the US can even be rejected insurance coverage by certain companies as they may not know how to assess its value and risk.
  6. A clean driving record can help car owners find the cheapest car import insurance. Good drivers can enjoy better discounts. A well-informed person can take up research to avail cheap import car insurance. Those without any history of fines, speeding tickets, and other violations can also enjoy cheaper insurance rates.

An important factor to consider regarding imported car insurance is that insurers have to replace the damaged or stolen parts of the vehicle in the case of an accident.

Since the spare parts also have to be procured from other countries, they will end up being very expensive. Insurance companies generally try to avoid too much spending on replacement of car parts and cut costs.

Therefore, insurers will charge owners of imported vehicles a higher premium rate because in the case of an accident they know that they will have to shell out a lot of money in repairing the imported vehicle.

Despite higher qualifications of some overseas manufacturers, other imported cars are not subject to crash-safety ratings and hence viewed as being very risky to drive.

There are so many concerns surrounding the use of an imported car and procurement of import car insurance that buyers may want to think twice before buying and driving an imported vehicle.

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