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Progressive vs Farmers

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Both Progressive and Farmers are well-established companies in the United States
  • Progressive seems to have much better customer service ratings
  • Farmers offers higher prices but better home and life insurance policies
The battle between Progressive and Farmers Insurance is one of progressivism versus conservatism.

Read on to decide for yourself who wins the battle of Farmers vs Progressive and then be sure to enter your zip for a free car insurance comparison!

A Brief History


Both of the companies have been well-established in the United States since the 20’s and 30’s.

Progressive’s marketing campaigns centers on memorable characters such as the girl in the Progressive car insurance commercials: Flo, who paints the company in a friendly and liberal light.

Farmers Insurance has been relatively quiet concerning major advertising campaigns. The inheritance factor of Farmers as an insurance company provides a steady flow of new clients.

Grandfathers and fathers pass the insurance company onto their children.

Comparing Customer Service and Products

Progressive boasts that it offers the best service for the lowest price and has been overwhelmingly favored by both customers and critics.

Progressive has won a consistent amount of customer satisfaction awards ever since the 90’s.

The Progressive website shows a list of their competitors giving honest quotes as a way to help promote customer trust and relationships.

They even automatically email their customers when they could be getting a better deal at another company and offer a policy builder to customize a policy for as low as $10 a month.

Farmers offers comparatively higher prices, making Progressive the cheapest between these two insurance companies.

Farmers provides better home and life insurance policies while Progressive soars above Farmers in the auto insurance department.

Do your own comparison of Farmers and Progressive along with many other companies.

To get car insurance quotes from many top companies like Progressive and Farmers then enter your zip to start comparing car insurance quotes now!

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