What insurance do I need for my tiny house in Wisconsin?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • You need to insure your tiny home in Wisconsin just as you would insure any other type of home
  • Because a tiny home is not usually site-built, it often will not qualify for a traditional home insurance policy
  • RV and manufactured home insurance are two possible options to consider when insuring a tiny home in Wisconsin

Downsizing your living experience into a tiny home in Wisconsin can be a monumental and life-changing step to take.

It may be a time when you eliminate the weight of materialism from your life, and you may even have a strong desire to get off the grid and enjoy a simpler way of life.

These may be very attainable goals associated with tiny home living, but you should still buy the proper types of home insurance to protect yourself from loss.

The following events could all cause tremendous damage to your tiny home and create a devastating financial loss:

Insurance is available for every phase of the tiny home experience, and this includes coverage for building the home, towing it, and parking it in a permanent location.

By learning more about the different types of Wisconsin tiny home insurance available, you can begin shopping around for the right types of insurance for your needs.

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Insuring Your Tiny House on Wheels in Wisconsin


A tiny house in Wisconsin is a true investment, and the last thing you want is to expose your investment or your shelter to potential financial loss.

Everything from stolen materials during the construction phase to a car accident in the towing phase or a fire while the home is parked in a permanent location can wreak havoc on the home.

Coverage is available for each stage of the process, and you should understand what each of the tiny home coverage options are for the stage that you are currently in.

Coverage during Construction

Many tiny homeowners do not think about buying insurance for a home that is not even built yet, but things like theft, vandalism, and weather damage can occur in this stage that could create significant financial losses.

Whether you are tackling the construction project on your own or you have hired a professional builder in Wisconsin to assist you with the process, buying tiny home insurance should be at the forefront of your mind.

Looking for a NOAH or RVIA certification is critical during this stage.

When you build a tiny home in Wisconsin on your own, you should hire a licensed electrician to assist with the important aspect of electrical work.

When a licensed electrician can document and certify his work on the home, you can get insurance on the home much more easily after the construction phase of the project is completed.

Strive for the NOAH certification during this phase. The NOAH certification enables you to qualify for different types of insurance as well as to park the tiny home in premier spots.

If you choose to hire a professional Wisconsin builder for the construction work on your tiny home, hire a builder with the RVIA certification, and ensure that the builder is fully and actively insured.

The builder’s insurance should protect you against losses during this stage of the tiny home experience.

Remember that if your builder has the RVIA certification, the tiny home may later be insured by RV insurance after the construction process has been completed.

There may also be construction requirements to follow to qualify for different types of insurance. For example, to qualify for RV insurance in Wisconsin, the chassis and axles must stay on the vehicle at all times during the installation process.

Your builder may provide you with more specific details for building a tiny home in Wisconsin.

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Coverage during Towing

Almost all tiny homes in Wisconsin will be towed at least a few times, and this is because most tiny homes are not built in their permanent location.

When your tiny house on wheels in Wisconsin is attached to a trailer hitch in this state, a different type of insurance is needed.

For homes that have an RVIA certification, RV and auto coverage can be used together to insure the tiny home while it is en route to its final destination.

On the other hand, if your Wisconsin tiny home was not constructed by an RVIA-certified builder, your primary towing insurance option is to bundle coverage with your auto policy.

Obtaining a trip endorsement for the towing project is usually necessary, but you may prefer to shop around and compare rates for this endorsement through different providers.

A tiny home on wheels in Wisconsin could also be insured by an inland marine policy. Inland marine insurance is designed for any mobile home on land rather than water, so a tiny home meets the requirement.

This type of insurance pays for property damage to the home as well as for liability expenses, but an additional renter’s insurance policy is needed to insure your personal items in the home, such as your appliances and furniture.

RV Insurance Requirements


If you plan to use your tiny house in Wisconsin as an RV or mobile residence rather than to park it, you may need to obtain a permanent RV insurance policy to comply with the state’s RV coverage requirements.

Be aware that the state requires all vehicles to have liability insurance, and the exact limits required when hauling your tiny house around may vary based on the weight of the towed item and other factors.

Coverage while Parked in Wisconsin

With the exception of RV insurance that is designed to be used for repeated trips down the road, most towing coverage available for tiny homes is relatively short-term in nature.

Some Wisconsin residents will take a tiny home to different locations on a regular basis, similar to the use of an RV.

Others have plans to permanently park the tiny home in a desirable location, and both tiny home insurance and mobile home insurance can be used to insure the structure in this case.

Tiny home insurance in Wisconsin is only available through specialty insurance providers rather than traditional home insurance companies.

Keep in mind that this information does not usually cover the potential theft of the tiny home or liability.

If you opt for a mobile home or manufactured home insurance policy for your Wisconsin tiny home, understand that this is a personal property policy rather than a type of real estate policy.

Losses can occur at any stage of the construction or usage processes with a Wisconsin tiny home. If you plan to build or buy a tiny home, you need to carefully analyze all relevant insurance options before making your next move.

If you are still in the construction phase, keep in mind that the certifications for your home or the builder could affect your insurance options for the tiny home at a later date.

Comparing rates for all coverage options is a great way to keep costs as low as possible when insuring your tiny home. Use our FREE quote tool to find auto insurance quotes today!

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