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What car insurance companies are environmentally friendly?

Here's what you need to know...
  • People are more earth-conscience these days which affects the car insurance industry
  • Most car insurance providers offer some amount of discounts for environmentally friendly car
  • Currently, there is no one insurance company in the United States that focuses on environmentally conscience insurance products
  • However, Green Insurance Company in England offers special discounts for thos who are environmentally conscience
The environment is a big concern for people today. People can help the environment by using less water, taking reusable shopping bags to the store, and driving cars with higher gas mileage.

Hybrid and electric cars have become popular because people are becoming more concerned with their effect on the environment.

Someone that wants to find a car insurance company that offers discounts for having a more earth-friendly vehicle should get quotes from multiple companies.

Don’t forget to research the companies independently at websites like A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor’s.

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What discounts are available to someone with an environmentally friendly car?


Most prominent car insurance providers today offer some type of discount for green cars.

These cars are usually hybrids or normal cars that have been converted to have a biodiesel or other alternative fuel source.

These discounts are usually between 10 and 20 percent off of the annual premium.

Most car insurance companies also share tips and tricks through their websites and mailings on the best ways to cut down on gas use and ways to improve a car to help the environment.

Currently, there is no one insurance company in the United States that focuses on environmentally conscience insurance products, but there is one in England.

Which insurance company has a main focus on environmental friendly insurance?


In England, there is an insurance company named the Green Insurance Company. with a slogan of “Green by name and green by nature.”

This company is a great example of the new trend, eco insurance which works just like normal insurance, except that it gives special discounts to people that have earth-friendly vehicles and houses.

Green Insurance began as a sister insurance company to Kwik Fit Insurance in the late summer of 2007.

The vision of the company was to grow awareness for earth issues while also providing excellent insurance coverage and offsetting one hundred percent of its policyholders’ carbon footprints.

The Green Insurance Company offsets its policyholders’ carbon footprints by supporting forestry projects throughout the world.

A carbon footprint is how much carbon dioxide a person contributes to the earth’s atmosphere during their lifetime. The main way a person creates carbon dioxide is through their car’s emissions.

Carbon dioxide is the cause of climate change and lowering their carbon footprint is one of the most proactive ways a person can help the environment.

The Green Insurance Company is an independent insurance company that provides its policyholders with many different insurance options from private insurers.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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What insurance products does the Green Insurance Company offer?

The Green Insurance Company offers much more than just car insurance including:

The car insurance available through the Green Insurance Company offers great coverage.

They also offer peace of mind knowing that, no matter how much their policyholders drive, their car’s carbon emissions are being completely offset because of the Green Insurance Company’s involvement with forestry programs throughout the world.

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