11 Car Subscription Services [Comprehensive Guide 2018]

Here's what you need to know...

  • Car subscriptions are different from renting or leasing; they’re a month-to-month, all-inclusive alternative to car ownership
  • Car subscriptions are a growing trend, but right now, costs are more than the average driver is willing to pay
  • In the future, self-driving car subscriptions are expected to transform the way we get around and possibly even dissolve the need for car ownership

These days, we expect everything to be available to us at the swipe of an app, and we love having choices. With how much time most of us spend in the car every day, why wouldn’t we want the same amount of ease and choice when it comes to our vehicles?

This is where car subscription services come in. Although the luxury services are still cost prohibitive for most Americans, as they grow in popularity, the ability to choose a car on a monthly basis from third-party companies are becoming more accessible to more people.

So what exactly is a car subscription service? 

A car subscription service is unlike buying, renting, or leasing.

For a single monthly fee, you get access to a selection of vehicles from an automaker or third-party service, and this access usually comes along with insurance coverage, roadside assistance, and maintenance. Use the service as long as you want, and cancel when you’re done. Simple!

Of course, every company is going to have their own perks and stipulations, so be sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign up! We’ve pulled together a list of some of the companies currently offering subscription services, along with what they offer, so you can see what is on the market now, and what we can anticipate is coming in the future…

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The Top 5 Luxury Car Subscription Services

If you have the means and enjoy switching things up month-to-month, these five luxury car subscription services might be right up your alley!

#1 – BMW car subscription: BMW Access

With BMW Access, you have a choice of several luxury vehicles no matter what tier you pay for, although the perks do increase with increased monthly fees. Check out the three tiers BMW Access offers below to see how you can benefit from their range of services — hassle-free!

Website: accessbybmw.com

Location: Nashville, TN

All Plans Include: 

  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Taxes / fees
  • Upkeep
  • Switch vehicles
  • Concierge delivery
  • Set price

What are the Plans?

Starting price of just $1,099 per monthLowered to $1,399 per month$2,699 per month
Number of smaller BMW vehiclesLarger vehiclesM4 or M6 convertible
330i sedan5 Series sedanM5 sedan
330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid sedanX5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid SUVX5M and X6M performance SUVs
X2 and X3 SUVsThe performance-oriented M2 coupe
M240i convertible
i3 electric city car

BMW also announced that subscribers at a certain tier will now have access to vehicles in lower tiers

#2 – Porsche car subscription: Porsche Passport

Porsche Passport is the plan to have in the Atlanta area if you want to travel in luxury with access to a full garage of Porsches. However, it is only currently available in Atlanta, but set to expand to other cities if demand increases!

Website: porschepassport.com

Location: Atlanta, GA

All Plans Include:

  • Insurance
    • $1 million liability insurance policy
    • $1,000 deductible for drivers
  • Unlimited flips between vehicles
  • Full detail washes with every flip
  • No mileage limits
  • Concierge delivery
  • All maintenance and repairs

What are the Plans?

$2,000 / month with $500 joining fee$3,000 / month with $500 joining fee
Includes base an S modelsIncludes base and S models
Access to 8 carsAccess to 22 cars

#3 – Cadillac car subscription: BOOK by Cadillac

The nice thing about BOOK by Cadillac is that it’s an all-inclusive service, giving you access to a full range of the luxury vehicles in their subscription program for one monthly fee.


Website: bookbycadillac.com

Location: NYC, Dallas, and LA

All-Inclusive Plan Includes: 

  • $1800 all-inclusive fee for CT6, Escalade, XT5, ATS-V, and CTS-V
  • Delivered to customer’s home by concierge
  • One-time $500 enrollment fee
  • Monthly bill includes tax
  • Insurance, maintenance, and coverage for up to 2,000 miles per month
  • Car can be swapped out up to 18 times a year

#4 – Volvo car subscription: Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo has a different business model than the other luxury vehicle subscription services out there. Offering only one vehicle — the XC40 — for a set period of time, they are able to keep their monthly subscription fee lower and focus on concierge services some of the other services don’t offer. Check out the video below for details!

Website: volvocars.com

Location: Everywhere!

All-Inclusive Plan Include: 

  • $600 a month
  • Maintenance
  • Concierge delivery and pickup
  • Two-year agreement required
  • No price negotiation
  • One flat monthly rate with no surprises
  • Includes premium insurance no matter where you live
  • Maintenance and excess wear coverage
  • Upgrade to a new Volvo in as little as 12 months
  • Subscribe easily online or via the app
  • 15,000-mile allowance per year

#5 – Mercedes-Benz Collection

One of the newer car subscription services on the market, Mercedes-Benz Collection is working hard to compete with the rest of the field and has a great fleet of cars and options to choose from!

Website: collection.mbusa.com

Location: Enter your zip code here to find out if you’re in their service area.

All Plans Include: 

  • No mileage limits
  • All flips
  • Maintenance
  • Specialized concierge delivery and within service area
  • Insurance
  • App

What are the Plans?

The ReserveThe Premier
$1,595 per month$2,995 per month
C63 S sedan
E400 wagonG550 SUV
GLE350 SUVSL550 Roadster

Download the Mercedes-Benz Collection app!

6 Affordable Car Subscription Services for the Everyday Driver

Car subscription services are not just for the wealthy — there are plenty of options for the everyday driver! Check out the six services below to see what might fit into your budget and decide if car subscription is right for you.

#1 – Canvas car subscription

Owned by Ford, Canvas is a basic car subscription service that costs a lot less than the luxury car subscription services mentioned above. Aimed at making life simpler for the average person, you can subscribe to their service for as long as you need to receive Ford or Lincoln vehicles. Check out more here:

Website: drivecanvas.com

How Does it Work?

  • Not a new car
  • Insurance, maintenance, and warranty are included
  • More à la carte, allowing users to select different subscription lengths and mileage packages
  • Covers routine oil changes, multi-point inspections, as well as some preventive care and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items
  • First, select a subscription length from one to 12 months, and the longer your subscription, the lower your monthly fee
  • Second, choose a vehicle
  • Last, choose your mileage
  • Ford and Lincoln offered

#2 – Fair car subscription (by Uber)

Owned by Uber, it’s no wonder Fair car subscription service prides itself on providing everything to its customers via an app — completely paper-free! Check out the video below to see how it works.

Website: fair.com

How Does it Work?

  • Everything is done via the Fair app
  • No long-term contracts
  • Low price guarantee
  • Request the car you want via the app, keep for as long as you want, return the car
  • Limited warranty, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance included
  • Optional insurance
  • Three-day/100-mile return policy
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Completely paperless
  • All you need is a driver’s license and a bank account to get approved

#3 – Flexdrive 

It’s right in the name! Flexdrive is all about flexibility. That’s why they allow you to choose what you want to drive via their app — no credit check required — and choose a payment schedule that meets your needs. Check out the video and details below for more!

Website: flexdrive.com

How Does it Work?

  • Select a car via its app, pay a weekly or monthly fee — which differs from car to car
  • Pay for mileage
  • Week-to-week pricing is available
  • Routine maintenance is included, as is insurance
  • New cars not available
  • Only available in parts of Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas

#4 – Less 

Only currently available in the Bay area, Less offers a wide variety of vehicles and functions more like a traditional lease — with the exception that you are allowed to change your car once per year during your three-year contract! Check out our bullet points below for more details.

Website: lessnow.co

How Does it Work?

  • Bay Area-only service
  • Monthly discount on your lease, which it says will offset the $399 annual membership fee, which is, incidentally, the only money you pay to Less directly
  • Wide variety of vehicles — up to a dozen options typically
  • 12,000 miles per year with an overage fee of $0.25 per mile after that
  • No insurance included

#5 – Borrow 

Borrow is a unique service on our list because it only offers electric vehicles. So for the environmentally conscious, this might be just the right option for you!

Website: joinborrow.com

How Does it Work?

  • Electric car-only subscription service
  • Three, six, or nine months at a time
  • Los Angeles area only
  • Insurance not included
  • Three tiers of electric vehicles
$499/month (30 mos) to $399/month (9 mos)$624/month (3 mos) to $524/month (9 mos)Plan details not available
Fiat 500eBMW i3Tesla Model S
Nissan LeafVolkswagen eGolf

#6 – Carma 

Carma is a basic, no-hassle, straightforward car subscription service. Currently available in limited regions in the US, you have to have a clean driving record to take advantage of Carma’s services, but from there, you’ll be rewarded with a monthly plan that gives you ease and variety.

Website: carmacar.com

How Does it Work? 

  • Only available in Detroit, Chicago, and Columbus, OH
  • Must be 21 years of age and have a clean driving record
  • One monthly fee
  • Includes insurance, maintenance, and monthly flexibility
  • Change or cancel as needed
  • Monthly mile plans available

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