Does auto insurance cover bullet holes?

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Joel Ohman
Founder, CFP®

UPDATED: May 22, 2019

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Bullet holes can occur anywhere and at any time
  • Basic auto insurance does not cover damage from bullet holes
  • It’s important to file a police report before filing an insurance claim

If you have bullet holes in your car, you will want to schedule repairs as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the bullet holes, you might have the following:

  • a damaged car frame
  • broken windows
  • other damage

Rather than dealing with all of the expenses on your own, you could potentially file a claim with your insurance company.

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What happened?


There are all sorts of reasons as to why you might have bullet holes in your car. The important thing is to be able to identify how it happened or at least where you were when you noticed that there were bullet holes.

Some areas of the country have higher crime rates than others. If you are in an area where there have been multiple gang shootouts or a large number of riots, you might be more likely to experience bullet holes.

Insurance companies use your zip code to find the crime rates in your area.

You may also pay a little bit more on your coverage because of being at higher risk of having your car shot at and more.

How the bullet holes happened isn’t a major component when determining if insurance will pay for the claim. However, insurance will look at the coverage you have.

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Exploring Car Insurance Coverage

If you want insurance to cover damage from bullet holes, you need to have the right coverage on your policy. The basic auto insurance that the state requires you to have is not sufficient.

To understand why basic auto insurance won’t cover bullet holes, you have to look at what the state requires. The state will only require you to have liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury.

These requirements are all directly related to car accidents. If you were to get involved in a car accident, The state-required insurance will take care of damage you caused to another’s property and person.

Bullet holes aren’t part of a standard auto accident.

Comprehensive coverage is what is needed in order to be protected against bullet holes. This type of coverage is something that you can add to your policy.

Adding the coverage isn’t going to be expensive, and when you get online quotes, you can see just how much it will impact your monthly premiums.

Comprehensive coverage is what will help to protect you against all non-driving related incidents. It is essentially what will cover you for the things that you simply cannot anticipate, such as having your car shot at.

Filing a Police Report

Police officer

The moment you notice that you have bullet holes, you need to file a police report as a crime has been committed.

This report will help the police to know that there has been some kind of crime. You may have seen your car being shot at, which will allow you to give descriptions of those who were doing the shooting.

If you came out of a restaurant or store and noticed that your car has been shot up, you will still want to provide the police with as much information as possible.

The police report is an important component when filing a claim with the insurance company. Insurance companies will ask for the police report as this will help to demonstrate that there has been a crime and that the bullet holes were as a result of a crime and not your own doing.

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case and then have you visit a collision center or body shop. Some insurance companies have their own places while others will require you to get quotes from multiple shops.

Once the total level of damage is assessed and there is a cost for repair, you will be able to pay the deductible and get the repairs done on your car.

Auto insurance will take care of a lot of scenarios, including bullet holes. However, bullet holes are not covered with a basic insurance policy, so you need to have comprehensive coverage.

Getting quotes will allow you to build a more thorough policy and comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies will allow you to get a more affordable premium. Enter your zip code below to compare quote right here for free.

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