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Here's what you should know...

  • The Kemper Corporation has been bought out by larger companies throughout its history, but still maintains a strong financial standing
  • Kemper Car Insurance offers standard auto insurance plans and umbrella coverage options
  • Efficient and fast customer service and saftey discounts are two of Kemper’s strongest assets

Kemper Car Insurance has maintained its high-quality service and integrity since it was founded in 1926. This has held true even as the company was bought out by larger corporations over the years, most recently Unitrin in 2002.

Below you’ll find an overview of Kemper Car Insurance’s offerings and discounts.

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Product Offerings

Red Office Folder with Inscription Car Insurance.

Kemper Car Insurance offers different types of car insurance for its clients. There is full and liability auto coverage, as well as umbrella coverage that includes home, life, and personal insurance.

On the downside, these types of coverage are all that can be expected from this insurance provider. If you want flexibility and specialized car insurance coverage, you won’t find it with Kemper’s standard plans.

Kemper Car Insurance Discount Programs


Kemper Car Insurance prides itself in providing customers with very competitive rates. In fact, the company has a good discount program that can help bring down the cost of auto insurance coverage.

Clients can get discounts for various reasons, including instances where prospecting plan holders get multi-car policies or when they are able to complete driver training courses. Installing safety and security devices like airbags, automatic seat belts, anti-theft gadgets and anti-lock brakes also entitles clients to discounts.

Lastly, there are special rates for young college students who no longer live with their parents.

Kemper’s High-Quality Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, clients can rely on Kemper Car Insurance. The company continually strives to provide top-notch service to its clients. Kemper is one of the few companies that have phone agents dedicated to answering queries and processing claims 24 hours a day.

A testament to its efficiency and great customer service is the fast response to Hurricane Katrina after the devastation to the Gulf Coast in 2005.

Aside from this, Kemper also invested in online technologies that make claims and payment processing, reviewing of accounts, and claims tracking a lot faster and more convenient for policy-holders. In a bid to be a green company, Kemper also gives its customers an option to receive paperless billing.

Stable Company and Strong Financial Background

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Kemper Car Insurance consistently gets Stable or A- rating from reputable insurance ratings company like AM Best. This company has a strong financial background, but on the downside, some people are still wary about the number of times that Kemper got acquired by different companies. Who knows if it would be acquired by an unreliable insurance group in the coming years?

So, despite the fact that Kemper is a well-recognized brand in the United States, it is still prudent to compare its products and services with other similar companies before deciding to get coverage. You want to make sure that the plan you are getting will provide you with what you need.

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