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Safeco Car Insurance Review

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Safeco Car Insurance has been an established company since the 1920s
  • Safeco clients appreciate their quality customer service and availability
  • However, there have been complaints about the price of Safeco insurance
From the time that the Safeco car insurance company was established in 1923, it has been providing many people in the country with protection.

This provider has a large network of agents nationwide so clients can easily find someone to assist them.

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Basic Types of Coverage from Safeco Car Insurance

insurance coverage for auto repairs

Here are some of the standard and additional types of protection available from Safeco:

  • Permissive user protection that gives car owners protection even when non-designated person drives the vehicle
  • Liability coverage protects policyholders from damages due to accidents
  • Physical damage protection
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Medical protection and personal injury coverage

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 425-8122 for free quotes

Pros and Cons of Safeco Car Insurance

One of the things that policyholders like about Safeco is its great customer service. There are only a few insurance providers in the country that offer 24/7 claims support.

With Safeco, clients can be assured that help will come their way when they need it most. The company is also popular because anybody can get online quotes for its products.

One thing that makes customers think twice about getting Safeco protection is cost. Many customers believe that there are cheaper car insurance plans available in the market.

However, it is important to note that price should not be your main consideration when getting a car insurance policy.

It is always a wise move to try to compare rates, services, and other important details about auto insurance as provided by different companies before you make your final decision.

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One Review for Safeco Car Insurance Review

  1. Jeremy says:
    • 33333

    I switched to SafeCo because of a friend primarily who worked for them. Initially I wasn’t too bothered with what I was paying monthly as long as it was under $100 for one car or per car and under $200 for two cars. My issue with this company started with my first claim.

    My wife was in a low-speed fender-bender in which she was at fault. I get the at-fault thing and I’m not disputing that. The claim process is where the biggest disappointment comes. With a $1000 deductible, the adjuster gave a $1300 estimate and they paid $300 dollars after weeks. I don’t even remember the length. I don’t know much about repair work or the true costs etc so I accepted it as is and moved on.

    Fast forward two years, my second claim which was on my car but very different situation. My car caught fire and the fire was in the engine compartment. The fire burned for a few minutes before I could extinguish it and caused significant damage. Wire harnesses were burnout off, the hood burnt up, alternator and who knows what else was burned. My car was towed to a repair shop and the adjuster came out and performed an estimate. The estimate: $1300 again. Even the tow shop said that they were crazy to think fire damage on a car that would need replaced wire harness, a hood, alternator, and other things would only cost $1300 dollars.

    After several days of trying to contact them, I found out the original adjuster was out of town. How convenient. They sent another adjuster out who performed the correct estimate and they totaled my car, paid out the claim in amount that I was more than happy with. However, the headache to get to that point wasn’t worth it and showed to me that they didn’t truly value me as a customer.

    To essentially say that no matter the situation or type of damage they were only going to pay $300 each time does not show value to a customer in my opinion. Of course, my rate goes up each year and this year it jumped by almost $30 a month more than what I paid in the previous without any accidents, claims, or citations.

    They can’t site my credit score as the reason for the increase as the last time I checked my score was at least a 768 and my debt-ratio is decreasing having paid off some student loans in recent months.

    With that, I feel there are other options to consider. In all honesty, I don’t feel there is an insurance company that truly cares about those they insure as they know people are forced to have insurance if they want to drive so they realize they’re going to make money regardless. Yet, I hope to find an insurance company that truly values me as a customer.

    As with SafeCo, the last 4 years or so have been ok but I believe it’s time to part ways.

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