Swindon Car Insurance: Living in Swindon and Car Insurance in the UK

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UPDATED: Jun 28, 2017

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Swindon has been cited as the second safest place to live in the United Kingdom
  • For car related crimes, Swindon is even lower than the rest of England
  • Insurance is required in the UK, and being without insurance is cause for your driver’s license to be suspended

A large town in England, Swindon is just over 80 miles west of London. Car insurance may be cheaper as a result of being a low crime town.

Since Swindon is a safe place to live because of low burglary rates, insurance rates tend to be lower. This affects all insurance, from homeowners insurance to car insurance.

Of course, car insurance is not as cheap for people racing at the Abbey Stadium speedway. The Swindon Robins is an elite speedway racing team from Swindon. Speedway car racers require special insurance.

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Car Crimes Statistics that Affect Swindon Car Insurance Rates


The population in Swindon is approximately 190,000 people, out of which there are 82,000 households.

In general, the crime rates are comparable to those in all of England, with most crimes being slightly lower and a couple of crime categories being slightly higher.

For car related crimes, Swindon is lower than the rest of England.

In 2009, only 10.8 persons out of 1,000 experienced an offense against their vehicle. The English average is 11.1 persons, which is significantly higher when you calculate the statistics for the entire population.

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Neighborhood Statistics Affect Swindon Car Insurance Rates

Location is more than just a buzz word for real estate. Your location plays heavily into your car insurance costs.

If you live in a high-crime neighborhood, you will pay more for your car insurance regardless of what kind of car you have and how excellent your driving record is.

The central neighborhood in Swindon is generally comprised of couples in their 20s and 30s, with a medium education level and on average, a medium income.

They are one car households with mortgages and few children if any.

Many of the people who live in Swindon have satellite TV, and most are internet savvy.

They use the internet for online shopping to purchase many of their household items, such as books and clothes, and they also use it to buy their car insurance.

In general, if your neighborhood is considered safe and you live in a location where there are few or no children, your car insurance rates will be lower.

Living in a high crime neighborhood or in a neighborhood with two car households and multiple children place you in a higher risk category, and you will pay more for your car insurance because of it.

Small News in Swindon: Car Insurance Headlines

 image source

image source

While many car related headlines in big towns discuss fatal car crashes or stolen vehicles, the news in Swindon is more subdued.

One of the major new stories a few years ago did not relate to a car being stolen, but rather items from a car being stolen.

Four teenagers were seen leaving a crime scene after stealing several jackets and a navigation system from someone’s car. The car was parked outside the owner’s home.

Since the total theft cost less than the insured’s deductible, chances are this never made it as an insurance claim.

Another insurance related news story in Swindon tackles car insurance fraud. Swindon is famous for its multiple roundabouts, and in 2009 there was a report of a car accident that was a potential case of insurance fraud.

The person that was supposedly at fault claimed the case was fraudulent. She said that the other person caused the accident by allowing his car to get hit.

The insurance company raised the person’s insurance premiums until the dispute was resolved. Ultimately, the person who was initially held responsible was no longer viewed as such and her car insurance rate was returned to its original status.

Her rates were further reduced another 40 percent for being claims free for over two years.

Some headlines in Swindon are about drivers without car insurance and others are about speeding motorists.

In the UK, insurance is required and being without insurance is cause for your driver’s license to be suspended.

Speeding is also not tolerated and can cause your insurance to go up in rates.

Car insurance in the UK is similar to that in the states. If you live in Swindon, car insurance may be cheaper than in other parts of the UK.

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