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Tag Archives: auto insurance for sports cars

6 Facts About the 2018 Porsche Panamera Sports Turismo

Porsche has been a brand name that’s synonymous with both sports cars and luxury since 1938. Interestingly enough, Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the renowned car manufacturer, started as a chief engineer at the manufacturer’s now biggest competitor, Mercedes-Benz. When he decided to make his own plant, he developed several designs under different brand names […]

6 Facts about the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin is one of the most coveted and elite automotive brands in the world. This British company was founded in 1913, and its modern models are well-known for blending incredible style and luxury with power and performance. The 2018 Aston Martin Vantage is one of the models that this automotive manufacturer has altered in […]

5 Facts About the 2018 Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz is a popular luxury automobile manufacturer that is based in Germany, and it is known for the slogan, “the best or nothing.” The company has been innovating true automotive masterpieces since 1926, and one of its most stunning modern models is the S Class. If you are thinking about buying the 2018 Mercedes […]

5 Facts About the 2018 BMW 5

When the BMW X5 was released in 2000, it became the first SUV or crossover model created by this legendary automaker. While the model turned heads and enjoyed great sales right from the start, BMW was not satisfied with the features and style of the X5. Over the years, the X5 has enjoyed both minor […]

The Cost of Driving Like a Tech Elite

The word technology combines the Greek words technē (art, craft) and logos (word, speech) and means “discourse on the arts, both fine and applied” and first appeared in the English language back in the seventeenth century. In our modern day, we are surrounded by technology . . . from self-driving cars to refrigerators that write grocery lists for […]

How do I find car insurance for turbo cars?

If you have a need for speed, a turbo-charged engine is probably on your must-have list as you shop for a new car. While several other features and amenities might matter to you, the single most important factor that will be considered by an insurance company when determining your premiums is the fact that the […]

Saab Car Insurance Rates

Saab has been a premium automobile manufacturer located in Sweden, in the business of producing automobiles since 1945 under the brand “Svenska Aeroplan AB” (Swedish Aeroplane Corporation). This company was established to build aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. Sweden, as you know, has been determinedly neutral even through World War II. After WW II, […]

2012 Top Rated Sports Cars

When it comes to sports cars, there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you are a collector, a racecar driver or just the average driver looking for a new and sporty ride, a sports car could be your answer. Before making your decision, you should consider additional costs like the following: car insurance gas mileage […]

Car Insurance Costs for the Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is a top-of-the-line sports car unsuitable for the garage of the average middle-class American. Needless to say, driving a high-priced vehicle means you can expect insurance rates to be thousands of dollars annually. Remember that insurance companies base their premiums on a number of factors that are combined to calculate their risk. […]

World’s Most Expensive Cars for 2011

Most people in the world don’t have the financial resources available to buy one of the most expensive cars in the world, but those who do may be interested in our list of the 10 most expensive cars for 2011. The cars on this list are not the most expensive cars that have ever been […]

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