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The Waze Carpool App (What’s all the craze?)

Remember the days when MapQuest was considered high tech? Or how about when ridesharing was defined by carpooling with your best friend in their mom’s station wagon? Thankfully, someone took mercy on our embarrassed souls and created Waze: a community-based GPS turned ridesharing app. Compare car insurance quotes now. Enter your zip code to get started! […]

What insurance do I need for my tiny house in Wisconsin?

Downsizing your living experience into a tiny home in Wisconsin can be a monumental and life-changing step to take. It may be a time when you eliminate the weight of materialism from your life, and you may even have a strong desire to get off the grid and enjoy a simpler way of life. These […]

What insurance is required for a food truck in Idaho?

Running a food truck business in beautiful Idaho can be a dream come true. It can enable you to be your own boss while earning income based on how smart and hard you work. You understandably want to make smart business decisions when launching and running an Idaho food truck, and you also want to […]

What is required to insure my food truck in Colorado?

Food trucks are increasingly popular in Colorado, and you may be excited about the possibility of launching your new business soon. However, running a food truck business requires more than developing an appealing menu and setting up shop in desirable locations in your area. A food truck business is a serious business, and it requires […]

What insurance is required for a food truck in Connecticut?

As you prepare to launch your food truck business in Connecticut, it is imperative that you spend ample time creating a thoughtful business plan before you open your doors for business. A Connecticut food truck may not seem like other types of businesses, but it nonetheless requires the same amount of planning and budgeting that […]

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in West Virginia?

West Virginia’s roads cut through some wonderful rural scenery. While driving through West Virginia can be relaxing, drivers best not take their eyes off the road for a second. West Virginia, surprisingly, remains one of the most dangerous states in which to drive. One year, 359 auto fatalities occurred in the Mountain State. An unfortunate […]

What insurance is required for a food truck in Alaska?

If you are thinking about opening a food truck restaurant in Alaska, you may have questions about logistics, legal requirements, and more. When you run a successful food truck business in Alaska, you understandably need to have a full range of delicious menu options to sell to customers, but you also need to have a […]

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Indiana?

The state of Indiana requires all drivers have proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility in order to drive legally. The Indiana BMV is required to verify your insurance status any time you are involved in a car accident, commit a moving violation that results in either a misdemeanor or a felony and receiving […]

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Florida?

Car insurance is one of the most valuable things consumers pay for, and it’s even required in many states. Some people live with the belief they needn’t pay for insurance for one reason or another, but it’s never a wise decision to drive without an insurance policy that covers at least the basics. If you […]

What is an Occasional Operator discount?

When you buy auto insurance, you typically are insuring at least one driver and one vehicle under the policy. The insurance company will assign that person as the primary driver of the vehicle. However, in the event you are insuring multiple drivers under one policy, you may be able to save money through the occasional […]

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