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Top 25 Best Car Pranks

Here's what you need to know...
  • There are endless possibilities for car pranks
  • We don’t recommend actually trying any of the following
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The car is one of the greatest inventions in human history.

It has also been the brunt of more pranks than any other human invention. There are literally hundreds of car pranks out there, and here we present you the 25 best — for informational purposes only, of course!

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1. Zip It, Zip It Good

This one is simple, yet hilarious. Tie a zip tie to one of the driveshafts; the sound of the tie smacking against the car body makes all the noise you need to make your friend paranoid he’s about to lose an axle.

2. From Tailpipe to Bagpipe

Equally simple: attach a whistle to the exhaust. This chestnut has dozens of varieties. We found versions that use duck calls, kazoos, harmonicas…even a vuvuzela, as in this video.

All you really need is something that needs air to make a sound, and duct tape. Voila!

3. Ball Pit on Wheels

Sure, you fill their car with live weasels, but filling it with little plastic balls is a lot less likely to get you arrested. It’s also cheaper. This prank happens to be why we recommend you don’t drive a car with a sunroof or tinted windows.

This prank happens to be why we recommend you don’t drive a car with a sunroof or tinted windows.

4. Squeal of Delight

Yeah, with friends like these, we’d have a very good startle reflex too. We especially like how this one doesn’t involve any cars actually moving: just the old-fashioned fun of terrifying your friends.

5. Sticky Situation

Forgive the “Yakety Sax” soundtrack, but this prank is a classic, surprisingly fun to do, and fairly harmless: the notes don’t damage the finish and peel right off. Of course, you will need several trash bags to get rid of them all…

6. Something’s on Top of Your Car!

We’ve all forgotten something on the top of the car, but this method is sheer genius. Why not go tooling down the highway, with a suitcase seemingly left on top of your roof? Well, aside from getting pulled over. OK, maybe don’t do this on the highway.

OK, maybe don’t do this on the highway.

7. An Exhausting Prank

This prank is great to pull on somebody who clings a little too much to their terrible junker. The back pressure caused by the collecting exhaust will temporarily shut off the engine; don’t worry, this will kick in before they get anywhere near the road.

It won’t be immediately obvious when they’re in the car, but will be immediately so (and hilarious) when they’re outside it. Be cautious when attempting this prank!

8. Snowed In

Hey, that snow has to go somewhere!

9. Paper or Plastic? Or Both?

Filling the car with newspaper and Saran Wrapping it seems just a little cruel. Better to just Saran Wrap it. Or maybe cover it with newspaper instead.

10. Is There Nothing Duct Tape Can’t Do?

This one is great simply because it’s so easy to build off of. After all, there’s no reason a bunch of other seemingly solid objects couldn’t be stuck to the duct tape and be pulled along with it.

11. The Tape That Binds

Although they don’t show it in this clip, the Mythbusters discover that, yes, duct tape will hold a car securely in place. Even at 20 mph.

12. Horn Swap Surprise

It is, in fact, very possible (and even relatively simple) to hook up a train or boat horn to your car in place of its usual horn. Of course, it does tend to catch pedestrians and other drivers a little bit off guard.

13. Legos Can Do Anything

All right, so building a replica of your boss’s car out of Lego is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to manage. It also happens to be really, really funny.

14. A Flat Note

See, this is why you don’t take notes like this at face value.

15. A Deer Friend

Believe it or not, this is actually fairly easy to do at home: you just need a taxidermy deer and a servo motor. Oh, and of course a speaker in the deer’s mouth. See, why resort to Hollywood when you can just imitate their pranks at home?

See, why resort to Hollywood when you can just imitate their pranks at home?

16. Stopping Short

This is why we always insist on driving whenever our friends take us somewhere. For a bonus scare, wait until you have to tap the brakes at a stop sign and then hear your passenger scream like a little girl.

17. Bottley Harm

Why, yes, if you leave a small empty bottle underneath a tire, when it breaks, it will sound exactly like a tire blowing out. Why do you ask?

18. Move It!

Sometimes the old jokes are the best jokes: simply relocating somebody’s car to elsewhere in the parking lot will go a long way towards fraying their nerves (and cracking you up). Just be sure to tell them where it is after you’ve had your fun.

19. Brake the Horn

For the more technically inclined, there’s this classic: hooking up a horn to the brake lights. Even better when you have a friend already inclined to slam the horn for no reason; it teaches them a little lesson, and you have some harmless fun at their expense.

20. Sideways Parking

You can really throw someone for a loop by parking their car sideways in a garage!

21. We Only Have the Safety of Your Stuff in Mind

If you don’t feel like moving your friend’s car, you can simply keep all their valuables safe for them by opening all the doors and taking them out of the car. You’re a good Samaritan!

22. Where’s the Love?

It is very, very important that your friends know how much you love them … and that everybody else knows how much you love your friends. VERY important.

23. DOH!

This is a pretty tame example of fun with GPS, but remember: many GPS systems have many different voices that can be paid for, downloaded, and installed without the owner’s knowledge. Like, say, Homer Simpson.

24. A Friend in Need Is a Friend to Prank

Well, we suppose this teaches him an important lesson. Namely, get some new friends.

25. Ol’ Smokey

And, of course, if all else fails, you can just use a smoke bomb.

There were a lot of bad jokes here.

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