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Here's what you need to know...
  • Insurance for a Ford Galaxy averages around $1,300 annually
  • To keep rates down, consider adding extra safety features or anti-theft devices
  • The vehicle received great safety ratings overall

The Ford Galaxy minivan is a curious vehicle, not to be confused with the Ford Galaxie full-sized sedan manufactured between 1959 and 1974.

The Galaxy minivan was originally produced in Portugal as a minivan for the European and Japanese markets, but it wasn’t brought to the U.S. market because Ford already had the Aerostar and Windstar models.

So determining car insurance costs for a Ford Galaxy requires figuring out exactly what it is you’re driving.

If we’re discussing the European Galaxy, determining insurance costs might be a little difficult because there’s no American vehicle to compare it to.

But in 2010, Ford decided to manufacture the Galaxy for the American market, as a cargo van only, after being out of the minivan market for a couple of years.

Beginning in 2011, the Galaxy has also been available as a passenger vehicle. We can get a rough estimate of insurance costs for the passenger model based on numbers provided for the cargo model.

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Does car insurance costs more for a passenger van?


In short, a cargo van is almost always more expensive to insure than a passenger van. This is because cargo vans are typically used for business purposes and rack up more annual mileage.

It stands to reason that the more miles a vehicle is driven, the greater the risk of an accident. As risk goes up, insurance premiums go up proportionally.

Cargo vans also tend to be driven by multiple, unrelated drivers, which adds to the cost of insurance.

Based on 2010 numbers for the Galaxy cargo van, you could expect the car insurance cost for a Ford Galaxy passenger van to be in the neighborhood of $1,300 annually. This price may go up or down depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

But in all likelihood, prices for insurance will be similar to those for the cargo van version, as well as other minivans from Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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How does safety translate into car insurance costs?

The 2010 Ford Galaxy, sold under the model name Transit Connect, scored exceptionally well considering the fact that Ford hasn’t made a U.S. minivan since 2007. All eight models of cargo vans scored five stars for both front and side impact.

Passenger vans that were also tested scored five stars for side impact and four stars for front impact.

Since the passenger models had not yet been brought to market at the time of the test, it’s unclear whether the tests were conducted with prototype vehicles or with their European counterparts.

The good news from the crash tests is that Ford re-entered the American minivan market with a very safe vehicle.

With the addition of front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, side impact bars, daytime running lights, and seatbelt pre-tensioners, Ford’s attention to safety lowers the risk of these vehicles and keeps insurance premiums down.

How much does driving history affect insurance costs?


The cost of ownership studies frequently cited in determining insurance premiums only take into consideration the mechanical aspects of a specific vehicle.

In other words, all the various costs of ownership tied to your car do not take into consideration how safely you drive.

Even a car with the lowest total cost of ownership can be subject to high insurance premiums, costly repairs, and traffic tickets if the driver of that vehicle behaves recklessly behind the wheel.

After asking how much car insurance costs for a Ford Galaxy, the next question should be how to keep those rates as low as possible.

The key to keeping insurance rates low is always to drive within the limits of the law, avoid accidents, and protect your vehicle from unnecessary risk.

Though you can’t do anything about things such as your age and past driving history, you can do other things today that will bring down the price of insurance.

Consider things like parking the car in a garage, adding an anti-theft system, and keeping the vehicle parked during bad weather.

With a moderate amount of effort and conscientious driving on your part, you can avoid unnecessary increases in your insurance premiums. Remember, the cost of your insurance depends heavily on the risk you pose to your insurance company.

The safer you are, the less you’ll pay.

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