What is breakdown coverage?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Breakdown Coverage is a good option for saving money on car repairs
  • This coverage is typically all-inclusive
  • If you take frequent road trips or commute a great deal for work, Breakdown Coverage could be a good investment for you

Lots of motorists think that basic roadside assistance and car warranties alone will keep them safe.

Unfortunately, most roadside assistance programs only kick in if you break down a certain amount of miles away from your home. On top of that, many roadside assistance programs will only give your car a jump if the battery is dead.

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Car warranties can cover everything from faulty shift gears to engine replacement.

However, if your car breaks down before you get it to the shop, you will have to figure out how to get it there. Then, you will need to call a friend or a taxi to shuttle you around until the car eventually gets fixed.

Breakdown coverage can provide peace of mind for people who commute, families on vacation, or new or young drivers.

There is just no way to tell when or why your automobile may begin to have problems; this makes traveling safely is so important.

Car troubles can happen out of nowhere, so plan ahead to prevent being stranded.

Reasons People Choose Car Insurance with Breakdown Coverage


There are several reasons for purchasing Breakdown Coverage, including:

  • Long Distance Road Trips – If you and your family decide to take a trip in your car, breakdown coverage will give you assurance and lessen stress.
  • Bundled Insurance Policies – You can save lots of money on your insurance if you purchase multiple policies from the same insurer.
  • Frequent Commutes – Driving your car over large distances multiple times a week can take a serious toll on your car. Breakdown coverage can provide you with an alternate means to get to work if you car breaks down.

What do you get with breakdown coverage?

Breakdown coverage isn’t a one-time benefit. Most policies allow you to use your coverage on multiple cars anywhere from four to six times a year.

You don’t even have to be the driver to qualify. That means that you can be the passenger in someone else’s car and still use your breakdown coverage to get help.

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Just to be clear, standard and premium breakdown coverage does pay for all qualifying car repairs.

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, a service person will assist you in identifying the problem.

If your car cannot be jump started or otherwise fixed easily, your car will be towed to the nearest convenient location.

You will ride along in the tow truck and either get dropped off at home or at the repair shop.

Premium and standard breakdown coverage will also provide you with a rental car until the repairs have been made.

If you use your breakdown coverage just one time, you will find that you have already saved money. The cost of a tow can be hundreds of dollars, and if you want the service person to provide on-site analysis, that will be an additional charge.

Ways to Save on Car Insurance with Breakdown Coverage


Here are some of the simplest ways to save:

  • You will first need to get a few quotes and compare what different insurance companies have to offer. If you have a history of accidents or an unusually high number of claims, you might end up paying more.
  • Try your best to go at least six months without any additional penalties to qualify for a no claims bonus discount; in the meantime, you can still get a breakdown coverage policy.
  • Paying upfront for the entire year of breakdown cover is a sure way to save the most money.

Major Benefits of Breakdown Coverage

Businessman pressing an Benefits concept button.

If you invest in a great breakdown coverage policy, all out-of-pocket expenses associated with your car trouble will be paid.

This means that if you are on a time-sensitive business trip and your car breaks down, your additional travel expenses will be paid for you.

Everyone doesn’t travel with the cash or credit necessary to pay for major repairs, so breakdown coverage can provide emergency cash assistance.

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