National Rental Car Insurance Review [2024]

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs National car rental insurance better or Enterprise? Both are similar in terms of rates and ratings. Enterprise does have more locations, but National has some better perks with its National Emerald Club program. Is Enterprise cheaper than National car rental insurance? Enterprise’s CDW coverage is cheaper on average than National, but average…

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Noblr Car Insurance Review [2024]

Company Details
Address: 1 Union St Suite 210
City: San Francisco
State: CA
ZIP Code: 94111
Phone Number: 1-877-236-6257
Year Founded: 2015
AM Best Rating: N/A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Noblr is a new company that offers a usage-based auto insurance program in eight states. Noblr car insurance rates are calculated in part based on your driving behaviors, such as how far you drive each month. These driving behaviors, combined with the usual factors affecting your rates, determine how affordable Noblr car insurance is for…

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Northern Assurance Car Insurance Review [2024]

Company Details
Address: One Beacon Lane
City: Canton
State: MA
ZIP Code: 02021
Phone Number: (781) 332-7000
Year Founded: 1836
AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Northern Assurance Car Insurance is one of the lesser-known insurance companies on the market today. Based in Massachusetts, it is a member of the White Mountains Group, which is affiliated with OneBeacon Insurance Companies. (read our “Massachusetts Bay Car Insurance Review” for more information).Read More: Compare the Best Car Insurance Companies OneBeacon Insurance is a…

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Omaha Indemnity Car Insurance Review [2024]

Company Details
Address: 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza
City: Omaha
State: NE
ZIP Code: 68175
Phone Number: 800-205-8193
Year Founded: 1909
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

This car insurance review is about Mutual of Omaha, the company that took over Omaha Indemnity and absorbed it into their company. Does Mutual of Omaha have car insurance? Unfortunately, Mutual of Omaha does not sell car insurance. This Mutual of Omaha car insurance review will explore other options this company does offer. If you’re…

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OneBeacon Car Insurance Review [2024]

Company Details
Address: 605 Highway 169 North Suite 800
City: Plymouth
State: MN
ZIP Code: 55441
Phone Number: 781-332-7000
Year Founded: 2001
AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

OneBeacon Car Insurance is not a car insurance company. Based out of Massachusetts, OneBeacon is a well-known name and is the parent company that offers different types of insurance coverages. To learn more about price quotes from other insurers, use our free online quote tool by entering your ZIP code today.Read More: Compare the Best Car Insurance…

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Progressive Car Insurance Review [2024]

Company Details
Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Road
City: Mayfield Village
State: OH
ZIP Code: 44143
Phone Number: 440-395-8811
Year Founded: 1937
AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)

Does car insurance seem like a foreign language to you? Flo has been translating insurance into plain English for Progressive for over 10 years. Have you paid attention to Flo and Jamie? Have you considered Progressive because of its funny commercials? Are you fluent in insurance speak yet? Sound familiar? Progressive is another of the…

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Progressive vs. AAA Car Insurance Comparison [2024]

Is AAA or Progressive auto insurance better? Check out this Progressive vs AAA car insurance comparison and decide for yourself! Be sure to check out our full Progressive auto insurance review and our AAA auto insurance review. Enter your zip code above to get started on comparing personalized car insurance quotes from top companies in…

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Progressive vs. Farmers Car Insurance Comparison [2024]

The battle between Progressive and Farmers Insurance is one of progressivism versus conservatism. Read on to decide for yourself who wins the battle of Farmers vs Progressive and then be sure to enter your zip for a free car insurance comparison!Read More: Compare the Best Car Insurance Companies A Brief History of Progressive and Farmers…

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Progressive vs. Travelers Car Insurance Comparison [2024]

Both Travelers and Progressive are good choices based on driving record, but if you have a teen driver, you must keep reading. In our Progressive vs. Travelers car insurance guide, we examine rates by your specific demographics: age, gender, marital status, driving record, and credit score. We also compare discounts offered by both companies and…

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Progressive vs. USAA Car Insurance Comparison [2024]

Progressive and USAA insurance companies are highly respected insurance providers with a long history. USAA is a membership based organization catering to military personnel and their families, while Progressive is open to just about anyone. USAA offers additional financial services as well as traditional insurance protection. Read through this comparison and then use the free…

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